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Online Business/Merchant account

The transformation to online delivery of goods and services is of course inevitable and has now been accelerated due to the Coronavirus.

You have unique products and services to deliver but do not have the time or staff to spend countless hours on an online payment and promotion strategy.

We are here to help you thrive in the online payment space with solutions you never knew existed.

Our online promotional offer and package includes:

Starter Package:

Ø    Website review for full SEO and promotional links including multilanguage translation and capability and/or development of web sites for each jurisdiction including hosting. 

Ø      Company plus bank account plus payment system

Ø      Crypto account linked to exchange

Ø      Merchant account

Ø      Paypal and other payment system inclusions.

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Advanced Package:

Ø  Creation of your online store with SEO optimization in each language plus (optional) access to Mundo ́s network of SEO experts in multiple jurisdictions, but especially United States/China/Latin America/Europe/Russia and Brazil.

Ø   Advice on best jurisdiction for incorporation plus company banking and payments services plus Merchant account.

Ø    Debit card program for your clients (optional)

Ø    Ownership of your online business via your own foundation or trust

Ø    Crypto account

Ø    Link to payment service solutions (personal and corporate) such as PayPal.

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