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The most common thing today has been the creation of digital banks, replacing in a sense the traditional banks and exchange institutions, taking this sector to a new level of development. So, here is the platform that we would like to present.

MUNDO’s Offer

The platform has an infrastructure that is large enough for its clients to make and receive payments in more than 130 countries and in over 50 foreign currencies without high fees or hidden costs for international transactions.


Who is the Platform for?

The financial platform is created for legal entities: small businesses and larger corporations to develop on a more global level than they would with a traditional banking service. It is a perfect solution for:

  • importers or exporters
  • online store holders
  • companies trading with customers overseas,

and many other businesses with global ambitions.

Through this platform you will be able to:

  • open bank accounts, domestic and international, in minutes
  • start accepting payments online in seconds
  • store and manage funds across the globe
  • build the best FX rate into your customer pricing and transactions
  • program your domestic and international payouts
  • safely issue and manage cards
  • create your own payments and financial products

Why MUNDO’s Partner?

  • almost ten years in the market
  • over 1,000 people across 19 international offices in 11 territories 
  • holds an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) license and is duly licensed and registered in the following jurisdictions: Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States
  • raised over US$700m to date, and proud to have the trust and backing of world-leading investors 
  • recognized in Forbes' Cloud 100 in 2020, and placed in the Top 50 of KPMG’s Global Fintech100 two years in a row
  • day-by-day growing clientele
  • using newest and safest technologies


The Platform’s Advantages

  • 130+ countries covered with 50+ currencies available
  • fast: Convert and withdraw funds into your home currency in seconds
  • reliable and secure: money is held securely in a ring-fenced account, data is stored and protected behind multiple layers of authentication
  • no need to visit any bank branch
  • integrated with global online marketplaces like eBay, Shopify and Paypal
  • dedicated cards issue 
  • zero monthly fees, no minimum transactions. Our global accounts are fee-free to open and maintain
  • with no monthly payments and minimum FX costs for transactions

How to Onboard?

Setting up an account with our partner is quite simple, since with all the automation of the platform the process is agile and fast.

The steps to do this are:

  • enter your first name, last name and business email
  • choose the password
  • provide the name of the business and the place where it is registered
  • enter the phone number of your choice
  • accept the terms and conditions

Once this process is done, the next step is to verify the account in order to access all the functions provided by the platform.

In Mundo we are always looking forward to giving assistance and proper information in this regard, so do not hesitate to contact us or open your account directly with our partner.

If you want to get a more detailed information on the platform, read this article and watch the explainer video or DOWNLOAD THE BROCHURE

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