About Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the most important financial hub in the Far East, which makes it one of the most important in the entire planet.

Hong Kong is the dream of anyone who believes in the free market. Hong Kong was the freest economy in the world according to the Index of Economic Freedom for 25 years in a row, and just last year it fell to the second place. The city is an example of fiscal health, and even after some time of social unrest, it continues to thrive as a global investment hub. Why? Aside from its free economy, it is the most solid entryway to the biggest market in the world, China. It is the only place in mainland China that allows free capital flow, and despite some difficulties, it continues to be a semi-autonomous region under the One Country, Two Systems principle. Thus, it has enacted strong business laws paired with a common law system that allows investors to breathe easy knowing their assets are safe in Hong Kong.

Mundo’s Country Rating

Mundo's country rating is essentially a freedom index whereby our team of specialists rates a combination of freedoms, including freedom from violence and personal attacks, financial freedom from high taxes and other government levies, and business freedom from government interference.

Banking in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the best banking destinations in the planet. It is the most important financial hub in the Far East and one of the freest economies in the world. We would not be a serious provider if we did not have experts in Hong Kong. But we do, and we can help you open a corporate bank account. In fact, for premium clients that can open a bank account with $2 million, we can help them do so remotely.

So, why should you have a bank account in Hong Kong?

  • Hong Kong is China’s entry door. It is the only place in Mainland China that allows free flow of capital and half of China’s FDI flows through Hong Kong.
  • The Hong Kong Dollar is the ninth-most traded currency in the planet.
  • Fully whitelisted with OECD compliance
  • The most important banks in the world are present in Hong Kong and generally have high liquidity levels.
  • Incorporating a business only takes a couple of days
  • Hong Kong is the biggest free port in the world
  • It has a territorial, low-tax system
  • We can open remote bank accounts for VIP clients that open an account with a minimum of $2m.

And through our partners in Hong Kong, we are offering an unbeaten package that includes:

  • A duly registered company in Hong Kong with all its documents
  • A bank account in Hong Kong
  • A crypto wallet

Such a package generally costs $6000, but we are offering it for just $2740.

Corporate services in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the most important financial hubs, business centers, and trading port in the planet. It is the largest free port in the world, surpassing even the Colon Free Zone in Panama. Plus, its unique status with China thanks to the One Country, Two Systems regime has made it the top entryway to China.
China is the largest market in the world but is hard to enter there. Hong Kong is the easiest way to do so. It is the only part of Mainland China that allows free capital flow, which means that over half of the FDI in China flows through Hong Kong. 
Further, Hong Kong led the Index of Economic Freedom for 25 years, and only moved to the second position last year. Thus, it is well-known as a free market paradise and one of the most important financial centers in the entire planet. The fact that, even though Hong Kong is a city with less than 10 million inhabitants, the Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) is the 9th-most traded currency in the world, proves it.

Wealth Management and Forex in Hong Kong

Wealth management is an activity that varies depending on what you want to do with your resources. If what you want is to accumulate wealth and gain profit from your capital, it can be an interesting yet complicated task. 

Today, there are dozens of alternatives for people to invest and try to gain more profit from their assets or resources, and choosing between one of them could be crucial to the success of people that want to see their wealth grow. 

Also, investors have more options to look into opportunities outside their home country, so they have even more possibilities to consider fulfilling their will of increasing their wealth. 

And one of the best options to do so is Hong Kong. This city is one of the biggest financial centers of all the world. There are plenty of new business opportunities in which individuals can venture profit from their wealth. Some of these activities are becoming increasingly popular among the investors that want to keep up with modern economic trends.

Currently, there are many ways in which you can invest in international markets through technology. This kind of investment is becoming a trend today all around the world, especially in Hong Kong.

One of these current trends gaining more and more followers day by day is international currency investment. Known as "Forex" (which is an acronym that stands for Foreign Exchange), this kind of financial venture involves buying and selling various currencies from around the world to obtain profit from those transactions. 

In recent years, this new trend has grown exponentially in Hong Kong, with the region becoming one of the biggest forex centers worldwide. It has some of the most important and innovative broker's centers (offices that conduct the operations between buyers and sellers of international currency) in the world. Like any other economic activity, you will need to be continuously informed about the state of the market minute by minute to know each currency's value in real-time.

Why should Hong Kong become your Forex destination?

  • It is a fully whitelisted jurisdiction with one of the most reputable regulators in the world.
  • Top financial technology and telecommunications in the world.
  • First-level tax system. It is territorial, and the corporate tax rate is a two-tier system between 8.5% and 16.5%
  • Hong Kong has some of the best service providers on the planet.
  • A simple combination of licenses can allow you to operate a wealth management and Forex business easily
  • The process is transparent, yet stringent. It is a good balance between simplicity and compliance.

E-Money license in Hong Kong

The ever-growing world of technological advancements is improving all human activities, making people's lives better by connecting individuals worldwide, reducing the time and costs of economic activities exponentially, and giving new work opportunities through digital platforms. 

Regarding this matter, Hong Kong is one of the leading forces behind technology development in the economic field. Many improvements in this topic are due to the economic liberties entrepreneurs and businesses can enjoy in the territory.

Given that local businesses can now offer their products in worldwide markets, individuals could face problems regarding the payment of the services or products they are offering. With the ever-changing world of currencies and their value in international markets, customers and entrepreneurs' difficulties regarding the agreement of a method and currency to finish the transaction.

In Hong Kong's case, this field is becoming one of the most thriving and growing industries today, with entrepreneurs joining the trend of "electronic money" trying to exploit all of its potentials: from exchanging international currencies to creating alternatives for the payment of local services in the region such as public transportation and phone booths. The digitalization of currencies around the world has become an opportunity to make a successful business in Hong Kong, known as one of the most competitive territories around the world, to start businesses today.

And there are many reasons why:

  • Hong Kong is simply one of the best places to do business in the world. It led the Index of Economic Freedom for 25 years in a row.
  • It has a simple, beneficial tax system: income under HK$2 million is taxed at 8.5%, and over that, it is taxed at 16.5%. Plus, the system is territorial, meaning you only pay taxes for your Hongkongese income.
  • Hong Kong has one of the best IT structures in the world.
  • The UK will probably lose its preeminent status as the best EMI jurisdiction in the world after Brexit. Hong Kong is in a good position to take a portion of that market.

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