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Australia is one of the countries that perfectly demonstrates that immigration promotion and economic openness are vital to make the country grow and have an innovative business environment. The Commonwealth of Australia is the biggest island and the sixth biggest country in the world. Since the 20th Century, this island has been one of the most cutting-edge countries on the planet in its economy and technology.

This country knows that it needs capacitated personnel to boost its economy and improve its nationals’ quality of life. With this in mind, these are some of the advantages of Australia’s economy:

-Australia's geographical position and its distance from other major economies of the world have allowed it to generate important commercial ties with countries throughout the region, broadening the spectrum of investment opportunities.

Mundo’s Freedom Rating: Australia

Mundo’s Country Rating is an index whereby our team of specialists analyzed a combination of elements regarding different kinds of freedom, giving special attention to personal, financial, and business freedom. Today, we want to talk about our ratings for one of our countries: Australia. The rating for each category goes from 1 to 10.

Political Stability: 10

Australia is a country belonging to the British Commonwealth of Nations. It is composed of a Constitutional Monarchy with a parliamentary system of government, with Queen Elizabeth II of England as Head of State, and a Prime Minister as head of government, who comes from the legislative bench that holds a majority in Parliament.

Companies & Structures in Australia

Australia is a more than prolific destination to start a new company, or even as the right place to expand an existing one. This country has established itself as one of the most stable for business on the entire planet, helped by great political stability, a state respectful of private property and with low levels of corruption, and of course, as one of the freest economies in the entire planet (3rd in the Heritage Foundation's Index of Economic Freedom 2021).

The global situation caused by the Covid-19 outbreak has led to a re-evaluation of the most business-friendly destinations, as not all countries have been able to cope with the crisis in the best possible way. However, Australia is among the countries that have done the best in terms of control, to the point of recording entire months with a fairly low number of cases.

Funds & Trusts in Australia

Being an entrepreneur, investor, or even a family man, the protection of assets, property, and even money, is one of the main concerns. In addition to this, when you own some capital, it is more than understandable that you want to have those resources generating profits, instead of being stored and exposed to taxes, lawsuits, bankruptcy, etc.

We have already talked about the excellent conditions and opportunities that Australia offers for investment. Thanks to its great economic openness, different types of companies and businesses you can start, and its broad tax policy, establishing your capital in the sixth largest country in the world is a great idea. 

Banking Services in Australia

Australia is one of the countries with the greatest openness and opportunities for foreign migrants. This long-standing policy has allowed this country to position itself as one of the great economies of the world, thanks to the migration of foreign talent that have considerably enhanced the different economic and business ecosystem of the country.

Being an entrepreneur, it is necessary to have all the necessary knowledge about the destination where our capital and investments will be made. The freedom to do business, the potential of these businesses, and also, but not least, the institutions where those resources will go, i.e. banking services.

Financial License in Australia

Starting a new business in any country implies the need and the duty to comply with the different requirements and regulations that the country has. In some places, the authorities will be more flexible than in others, but in general, the rules must be complied with.

In Australia, if you want to start a business in the financial field, you will have to apply for a license with the Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC). This process may sound a bit complicated, but always remember that our group of experts in Australia will make this process much more enjoyable and simple for you, as they will accompany you during every stage.

“Australian Financial Services License” (AFSL) is the name of the license to which you should apply, no matter if your business belongs to different fields of the financial field. 

Residency & Citizenship in Australia

In our previous articles, such as "About Australia", and "How to Immigrate to Australia", we indicated the great environment and the enormous opportunities that as an investor or as a worker you can find in the sixth largest country in the world. Although it's great geographical distance from the West might scare some, let us tell you that this great country can be the path to your and your family's success.

Australia has several visas for both investors and qualified personnel wishing to relocate to this country to work. We have previously applauded the commitment and constant pursuit of merit that Australia has set as a flag, so we assure you that you will move to an environment that promotes development and advancement.

An Expat’s Life in Australia

Australia is one of the preferred countries for ambitious workers and entrepreneurs looking to turn their lives around and get to the next level. This country, known among other things for being the largest island in the world, is one of the most migrant-friendly. 

Australia has long supported foreign nationals in times of crisis and needs, benefiting also from the talents and skills they may have to grow and develop the Australian economy and other sectors, on which many of its visa and residency programs for foreigners are based.

Australia combines a long list of opportunities for those who wish to move to its territory, with an enviable natural beauty that will undoubtedly make those who arrive in the country feel that they are in a different land. 

Real Estate and Investment

Australia boasts one of the largest and freest economies in the world, thanks to a series of policies that highlight the promotion of competition, respect for private property, and very low levels of government corruption, which makes its different economic sectors worthy of monitoring by firms and investors from all over the world.

In addition to this, Australia has a real estate market full of opportunities to generate profits and benefits for whoever wants to, and more importantly, can enter this niche.

Investing in real estate will not generate immediate and explosive profits and wealth, but it will be a stable and steady source of income from rental property transactions, which, with the right property, can be more than desirable and profitable.

Australian Government Agencies

The Commonwealth of Australia is set as a federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy. Under this form of government, the Head of State is Queen Elizabeth II of England, while the national affairs of the world's largest island are conducted by the Prime Minister, elected by the coalition with the largest number of seats in Parliament.

This country has an elaborate ministerial system, among which the following should be considered when doing business:

Attorney’s General Department

This is the office responsible for the administration and enforcement of justice in Australia, at the local, regional and national levels. Since 2019, this organism has also ruled industrial relations.

Latest News about Australia

Supporting Australia’s FinTech Sector

The Morrison Administration has been in charge of boosting the business system and fintech solutions in the country, seeking to considerably increase investments, and thus create new jobs in Australia.

The Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment, Dan Tehan, stated that, as a result of different treaties with countries in the region, as well as with the United Kingdom, Australia has become more than an attractive destination for investors in a wide variety of areas, especially in the fintech solutions sector. 

For the Australian government, the implementation and empowerment of this type of business have opened the doors to innovation and evolution in business, with the many benefits that this entails. 

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