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If you open a bank account in Nevis, you can really boost your company’s development. Moreover, you can move funds into a particular sector of your business. Mundo has been working with excellent banking providers for a long time and we have gained quite an experience in the field. Hence, we are ready to name the most important advantages of abroad banking in our favorite jurisdiction: the island nation of Saint Kitts and Nevis.

7 benefits of Nevis banking

Take your first step towards international living

If you already have Nevis residency, you are ready to start life as an expat. If you don't have a residency here or if you are planning to acquire one someplace else, a Nevis bank account will always be a valuable asset.

Opening a foreign account paves the way towards an international lifestyle, making new opportunities possible for you and your family. These banks generally have a better privacy ratio, higher returns, and further options to diversify your wealth. Multicurrency accounts are an excellent example of how to diversify your assets abroad.

Protect your assets with Nevis banking

A Nevis offshore bank account is a great tool to avoid consequences of legal procedures. Even if you're accused of something unfairly, the lawyer will try to find your weak point. In such a situation, your assets are in great danger because they can be the target of the lawsuit or simply, they can be frozen until the lawsuit is settled, which can take years. If you open a bank account in Nevis, you can avoid this problem. It's worth noting that an offshore account is not necessarily out of reach, but it does add an extra protection because the lawyer, claimant, government, etc., will have to go through a foreign legal system to reach the assets.

For several years now, we have recommended our readers to choose several accounts abroad. The reason is simple: we have seen many cases in which clients doing completely licit activities have lost their accounts overnight. Even offshore accounts can be at risk, so the same old diversification rule applies: open as many accounts as you can in as many currencies as possible.

Nevis banking as a powerful tool to diversify your assets

A great advantage of an overseas account is the possibility to have funds in multiple currencies. You can even transfer parts of your capital to a corporate account and keep liquid assets in different currencies, preferably in different jurisdictions.

There are many banks out there that can offer up to 15 currencies so you can rest at ease. The forex market is volatile, but this strategy gives you a heads up.

However, keep in mind that holding companies also need to comply with substance requirements: you'll need a website and, in many cases, a physical office and employees. In other words, you want to estimate all the costs before you decide to create a holding company.

Access new investments

If you are a global investor, you probably like to invest in international properties like houses, apartments, condos, and other real estate options, in which case a Nevis bank account is very convenient. Moreover, some countries offer other means of investment that are much easier to access if you have a bank account in the country or in an international hub. One of the greatest advantages of Nevis is that it doesn't tax worldwide assets, which means you can set-up your tax residency here and invest in vehicles and properties all around the world.

Expand your business

With several bank accounts abroad, you can widen your client base giving them more payment possibilities. The truth is that not all payment methods are available in all countries, and this is not only a matter of legislation but also culture. If you want to enter a certain market, you want your services to be available through a payment gateway with which clients are familiar. In this sense, a Nevis offshore bank account, or in any other jurisdiction, depending on your market target, becomes vital.

Enhanced security

Although Nevis is part of the CRS, it still brings higher security. These banks are usually financed by the maintenance fees and transactions. On the other hand, onshore banks are supported by loans which means that as soon as you deposit your funds they are transferred to other people. Thus, offshore banks have almost 100% of real capital which protects you from bank runs and keeps a high liquidity ratio.

Innovative services

In essence, offshore banks offer innovative products of the highest quality and extremely functional. Managing your business from abroad is easier than ever thanks to new technologies, state-of-the-art security, and user-friendly platforms.

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How to open an offshore account easily 

Opening a Nevis offshore bank account is easier than you think. After paying the fees and passing the due diligence, you'll be able to enjoy the perks of offshore banking. In this section, we present to you the requirements for opening both personal and corporate accounts.

Nevis offshore bank account: Personal 

- Passport (certified copy).

- ID (notarized copy).

- Application form.

- Proof of source of the funds (initial deposit).

- Tax residency certificate (CRS form for non-US persons, W-9 form for US individuals).

- Utility bill (it can also be a telephone bill) to prove your place of residency. It can also be a rental agreement or a credit card statement. You can send it as a scanned image or a PDF. It must be not older than 90 days. If the applicant is a student, he/she must present a letter from the university/school. 

- Bank reference letter.

- Personal reference letter.

Price*: $1,500

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Nevis offshore bank account: Corporate account

- Application form.

- Proof of residency which can be a utility bill, a phone bill, a rental agreement, or a credit card statement. The format can be either a PDF file or scanned image.

- Certificate of incorporation or any equivalent document.

- Certificate of good standing or any equivalent document.

- Articles of incorporation.

- Operating bylaws.

- Corporate resolution and mandate for account opening.

- Latest audited financial records.

- Proof of source of funds (initial deposit).

- Bank reference letter.

- Trade reference letter.

- Tax residency certificate (CRS form for non-US persons, W-9 form for US individuals).

- Utility bill not older than 90 days.

- Proof of ownership or shareholders.

- Certified copies of the passports and national IDs of the signatories, beneficial owners, and managers.

- Bank statement not older than 90 days.

- Current mortgage/lease agreement. 

Price*: $2,500

*Important: These prices are only legal fees, and they don’ include any bank fees, deposits, or other kinds of fees. 

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Open a bank account in Nevis with Mundo 

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