Avoiding death and taxes

I am not writing this section as a writer but as a reader. During my career, I wrote three books and countless articles, and I revised a huge amount of content. Nonetheless, few times in life have I enjoyed a revision so much as with ‘Avoiding Death and Taxes’. The author is a dear friend of mine and he entrusted me with the revision of his opera prima, which is now available through Mundo. 

Avoiding death and taxes: The book 

The first thing the book does is make us question the very roots of our beliefs, especially when it comes to money, the economic system, and the government's role in people’s lives. You’ll find yourself taking a journey that spans the Ancient Roman Empire, the Inquisition, the Second World War, and Soviet Russia to end up in the 21st century. Here, we analyze the current education system and the financial and economic forces that run the world. 

But this is only the beginning: to find a solution, first, we need to understand the problem. This is how ‘Avoiding death and taxes’ presents a carefully crafted strategy to generate immense wealth and protect it in perpetuity. 

Avoiding death and taxes: What you will find here 

Thus, the book presents a 6-stage plan that consists of the following:

  • Step 1 – Second citizenship
  • Step 2 – Tax residency
  • Step 3 – The trust
  • Step 4 – The company
  • Step 5 – A safe haven
  • Step 6 – Security and cyberspace

Step 1: Second citizenship

This is the first step towards freedom because it will give you flexibility regarding citizenship. Having only one passport represents a risk as you are bounded to only one government that can decide the rules willingly. The more passports you have, the higher the chances to relocate if one of these governments decides to withdraw your travel documents, impose crazy taxation, or establish draconian restrictions on movement. 

Step 2: Tax residency 

Tax residency must be carefully planned as this will determine the amount of tax you pay. The mechanism is complex but I will try to explain it in a few words. The key to this step is finding a jurisdiction that doesn’t levy tax on worldwide assets. But there is more to it than just getting the residency. Most of these countries demand a certain stay period and you must meet certain conditions to get this status. In the book, this is explained in detail. 

Step 3: The trust 

A well-drafted trust or foundation in the right jurisdiction is vital for the protection of your assets. Governments are not the only danger to your wealth. An angry ex-spouse, irresponsible heirs, or creditors can finish off your fortune in a matter of days. Find all the mechanisms to protect your assets effectively in ‘Avoiding death and tax’.

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Step 4: The company

Here, the author teaches you how to make the best and most profitable investment. We are not talking about bonds, golds, crypto, or real estate (although these may be included in the equation too) but an operating company. This section will teach you why a company is the most powerful money-generating structure and how to establish it from scratch. 

Step 5: Escape 

This is a luxury that you can afford once you have the company running and the previous steps already solved. You’ll learn about the importance of having a place where you can take shelter if things get ugly, which can happen at any minute. Considering the events that have happened during the past two years, this is something worth your attention. 

Step 6: Security and cyberspace

This is the more exciting part of the book as it shows us the importance of cybersecurity and the enormous advantages that we can get from this century’s disruptive technologies. DAO, blockchain, and crypto are the future and you will be wise to include these in your strategy. 

About the author

Eugene Freeman is a friend, a lawyer, a husband, a father, and a wealth management expert. Since his early career, he was committed to human and financial freedom, helping others to achieve the same goals. As a brilliant lawyer, he has crafted impeccable trust deeds that ensured the safety of many rich families around the world. 

Now, Mundo has the pleasure to count Eugene among its panel of experts, and he contributes regularly with articles, insights, and revisions. 

What Eugene loves more in life (besides his family) is creating wealth, and, through ‘Avoiding death and taxes’, he teaches others how to apply the same concepts he does to generate a fortune, protect it, and pass it on to the next generations.

Making your dreams come true is possible. If you dare to dream and take a step beyond what society has taught you to be, get a copy of this book and start right now. There is no time like today to start a challenging but beautiful journey towards ultimate freedom and happiness. 

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