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Gibraltar is located in Europe, specifically at the bottomm of Spain to the south of the Iberian Peninsula, but even so, it is an English colony, that is to say, although it is not an integral part of the United Kingdom because it is far from it, it is a territory under the sovereignty of the British Crown. 

In only about 7 km2, approximately of habitable area, live around 34000 Gibraltarians. Gibraltar's economic activities are based on the service sector, specifically the financial sector, tourism, shipping, and telecommunications including e-commerce and online gaming.

Temperatures in Gibraltar can reach up to 40 degrees in the summer (general staying in the lows 30s) with lows of an average of 10 degrees in the winter months. There are over 300 days of sunshine. There is easy access to several sandy beaches in Gibraltar where many people spend their free time in the summer months.

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Political Stability- 8

The political stability is quite high in Gibraltar as the governance of the state comes entirely under the parliament overseeing the British Overseas Territory. Here, the Monarch of the UK is the constitutional head of state and this ruling is represented by the Governor of Gibraltar. The Chief Minister who is elected is actually not the head of the government. Gibraltar is not subordinate to the UK, however, the UK is responsible for the defense and external affairs of Gibraltar. After 2006, Gibraltar had its own self-government and constitution.

Companies and Structures

Gibraltar is a British transatlantic territory that is self-financing and governing. It is widely recognised for its multifaceted economy and suave range of services.

Gibraltar is the popular choice for industries and corporations to have an off-shore set-up. The vibrant lifestyle mixed with sturdy economic growth and a favourable tax system gives the companies solid ground to stabilise.

The infrastructure is strong and judicious regulation only adds to the many benefits of setting up the camp here. Gibraltar is hosting various big corporations right from gaming to crypto. It is a safe choice for spreading the business internationally.

Funds and Trusts

Over the years, Gibraltar has developed into a reliable and almost ideal location for servicing funds and establishing trusts. The British overseas territory enjoys a highly technical fund jurisdiction, experienced professionals of the industry, good tax advantages, an approachable regulator, and a dedicated association.

The Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC)

The aim of the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission is to protect customers, enhance the reputation of Gibraltar as an advanced financial services center and promote great business.

The GFSC supervises a broad range of firms, such as auditors, banks, e-money institutions, payment service providers, fund service providers, professional trustees, investment firms, etc. 

Financial Licenses

Gibraltar combines a warm, Mediterranean climate and a vibrant lifestyle with robust economic growth and a favourable tax regime. It has a great international reputation for stability and efficiency, thanks to its well-developed infrastructure and cautious regulatory framework. Gibraltar's tiny population and close-knit community allows for quick time to market and easy access to the jurisdiction's key decision makers. For these and other reasons, Gibraltar is home to a number of important organisations from a variety of industries, including insurance, gaming, real estate, and cryptocurrency, and is the jurisdiction of choice for foreign companies seeking to establish a strategic European presence.

This ease of doing business is also reflected in the financial licenses that Gibraltar offers. The financial licenses are mainly of two types. To know more about the financial licenses available in Gibraltar, read on!

Banking Services

Gibraltar is a British overseas territory that enjoys the Mediterranean climate along with an advantageous tax system. Sharing a border with Morocco and falling at the southern tip of Spain with only a narrow strip of land attaching them makes the Gibraltar community a closely knit one. This certainly makes for a rapidly growing market and banking services in Gibraltar are quick and easy to access without complications from higher-ups in the jurisdiction. Despite its often turbulent scenarios, the country's economic status and infrastructure always remain intact.

Such capability to maintain a stable financial environment and prosperity has brought global recognition to Gibraltar. Sturdy as the Rock of Gibraltar, the country's economy ranks as the fifth-best in the British territories. Thanks to these reasons, this small country is a host to several high net worth individuals (HNWIs) and corporations ranging from gaming to cryptocurrency and even insurance. If you are thinking of setting up your assets as a Gibraltar company, here is what you should know.

Real Estate and Investments in Gibraltar

Purchasing real estate in Gibraltar is quite expensive due to the country being quite small, and hence their lack of land supply. Housing Advisory Council is the body that deals with the housing market of Gibraltar. 

The majority of the real estate found in Gibraltar arent big establishments but rather small properties and apartments. The facilities provided to them are shared and are usually supervised by a management company. 

The company’s job is to adhere to all the needs of the establishment and ensure that everything is working fine. Running costs are paid by the occupants of the establishment. 

Who Can Purchase Real Estate in Gibraltar? 

The real estate capital of Gibraltar is a place quite a few people wish to invest in due to the various boons that come along with it. Buying real estate in Gibraltar is quite similar to the procedure allowed in the UK. 

Residency and Citizenship

Who Needs and Who Doesn’t Need Residency in Gibraltar? 

Gibraltarians and British inhabitants as per HM Government can live in Gibraltar with no kind of residency permit. Any excess occupants (EU and non-EU) ought to apply for the permit of residence if they would like to remain in the domain for more than half year. A non-Gibraltarian man married to a Gibraltarian woman does make a difference for residency, and a woman married to a Gibraltarian man requires the permit.

EU and Non-EU inhabitants ought to apply for residency under the Immigration Control Ordinance. EU citizen and residents can apply for residence permit based on property rental or purchase contract. 

Expat's Life in Gibraltar

Gibraltar is located at the tip of Spain on a small British Territory that is surrounded mostly by water. Though this land may not stand out as an expat destination, it surely is quite well known for offshore banking. 

Even though the surface area of Gibraltar is quite small, tourism is constantly flourishing. This in turn raises jobs for the locals of that area regularly. 

Furthermore, living in Gibraltar is quite comfortable as well as easy to adjust to. Its economy, as well as its booming tourism industry, make sure of this.


Gibraltar is known for its Mediterranean climate and is especially quite a bliss for those who crave the warm weather. The sunny days and mild winters are what Gibraltar provides to its residents throughout the year. 

Latest News about Gibraltar

Gibraltar is considered to be one of the most prime locations for opening and setting up a business of your own in today’s date. There are a multitude of reasons behind that with the major ones being Gibraltar's lax tax laws, ease of company creation and amazing investment opportunities.

In the post pandemic period where the world has undergone a drastic economic change and many countries in the world are still recovering from their economic losses, Gibraltar is one of the only territories that has not only survived the ordeal with ease but is also making hasty recovery with whatever losses they did incur during the process. 

As matters stand, Gibraltar continues to be many businessmen’s top choice when it comes to multiplying the value of their assets.

Government agencies in Gibraltar

Before you decide to go ahead with your business and investment venture in Gibraltar, it is important you take a look at the various government agencies present in the country. These government agencies are a crucial part of Gibraltar’s business economy and will help you facilitate in setting up your own business companies and investments in the country. 

We at Mundo are experts in finding the best business solutions for you and that is exactly why we have written this extensive guide listing the top government agencies in Gibraltar. These agencies cover the most important aspects of Gibraltar’s economy and business. Let us find out what these agencies are and what role each one of them has.

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