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Open a Bank account

Banking has always been about the quality and depth of relationships and the level of qualifications and integrity of the relationship manager.

Open a Company

The corporate world is rapidly changing. Mundo’s unique and boutique services combine a team of highly qualified corporate lawyers and consultants with our partner’s corporate providers around the globe to offer you a whole and personal experience in all your corporate needs.    

Obtain a Financial license

Mundo’s team has experts around the world that are able to provide detailed advice and establish financial licenses and funds. 

Create a Trust

A properly drafted trust is the cornerstone of Mundo’s asset protection and intergenerational wealth strategy.

Every Latin American family and individual should have an asset protection strategy using a trust somewhere in their structuring and wealth planning.

Establish your family office

An appropriately dedicated and established family office is essential for high-wealth individuals and families. It helps to protect personal, financial, and intergenerational freedom.

Obtain Citizenship

There are only a few economic citizenship or citizenship by investment programs in the world today that can be acquired by investing in a fund, real estate, project, or direct donation.

Send us Your task

Mundo is proud to say that we have created a wide network of experts all around the world. These experts include professional in the areas of real estate, banking, investment, immigration, trust, companies, licenses, crypto and other financial tools.

Online Business/Merchant account

The transformation to online delivery of goods and services is of course inevitable and has now been accelerated due to the Coronavirus.

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