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Cecilia Kleiman

Writer and tranlsator

Cecilia is a writer and translator with a degree in musical composition, specialized in harmony and counterpoint. She currently writes and translates for the financial website Mundo and is the creator and manager of the creative writing blog de Poetas y de Locos.

Cecilia has remarkably performed as writer, editor and translator. She masters different languages such as Spanish, English, and Russian. She has achieved C1 level certificates in English from the Cambridge University of England and in Russian from the Udmurt State University of Russia. At both educational centers, she achieved perfect scores on reading and listening comprehension.

Having read authors like Fyodor Dostoyevsky and James Joyce in their original language, Cecilia got a deep insight into the structure and understanding of the languages she masters. For this reason, it is fair to say she has excellent proofreading and editing skills.

Cecilia has a wide experience when it comes to business, financial, corporate, banking, and immigration topics, as well as in the writing, reading, and translation of these.

Email: editor@mundooffshore.net

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Denys Yuzhakov

Russian Editor

Denis Yuzhakov, from Ukraine, is a successful financial expert. He has more than 10 years of experience in working in the financial sector, in various capacities and in various financial centers. He was engaged in the organization and implementation of various projects both in Ukraine and abroad. Being an investor himself, he will prompt and help you understand different types of investment projects or help organize your own.

If you want your business to thrive and expand to the European market, then Denis is the best advisor for you. Currently, Denys is responsible for the Russian content of Mundo.

Email: editor-russia@mundo.expert

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Wang Lee

Chinese editor and head of Chinese and Asian marketing team

Lee was born in China and currently lives and works in mainland China.

He holds a master's degree in economics from the Belarus State University, and later obtained an Economist Certificate from the People's Republic of China. Besides, he has a bachelor's degree in law. In order to enhance his language skills, Lee took a two-year English translation course while working in Hong Kong and obtained a CATTI translation qualification certificate.

He also has wide work experience, including a seven-year experience in telecommunications business. During his stay at China Telecom, he has worked as Project Manager, Key Account Manager, and Business Development Manager. He has traveled to many countries during this period and has a rich international perspective.

Later, Lee was transferred to the Legal Department of the China Telecom's overseas headquarters (in Hong Kong), and was responsible for the establishment of overseas branches and other legal affairs. During that time, Lee accumulated a lot of practical skills such as registering and setting up companies in different countries and opening bank accounts.

After his return to mainland, he established WELLTHINK, a legal translation company, focused on providing certified translation services and also drafting legal documents for clients.

Lee joined NTL Group since 2019, and he manages a team of NTL in China that specializes in developing customers and partners, analyzing markets, translation, and other daily affairs.

Luigi Wewege


Luigi is the Senior Vice President of a prestigious bank headquartered in Belize, Central America, Principal of a financial consultancy firm focused on digital banking and FinTech solutions, and serves as an Instructor at the FinTech School which provides online training courses on the latest technological and innovation developments within the financial services industry.

Outside of his main roles, Luigi additionally serves as a Mentor at FinTech Go a startup accelerator for financial technology companies, as a Team Member of the FinTech Portfolio the world's 1st member-owned FinTech innovation ecosystem, and as a speaker for the Silicon Valley Innovation Center. Luigi is also the published author of The Digital Banking Revolution which is available in audio, kindle, and paperback formats throughout all major international online bookstores.

This prestigious expert is one of Mundo´s best writers and often contributes and publishes his articles not only on Mundo, but on the best financial platforms.

We are proud to present Luigi as Mundo´s representative for Belize.


Contact Luigi

Andrey Lijachev


Russia family office

Andrey is a professional lawyer, who specializes in the field of asset management and is the partner and CEO of a Family Office in St. Petersburg, Russia under the management of an international company.

Andrey also holds a certificate of a financial market specialist in the management of investment funds, mutual funds and non-state pension funds from the Federal Financial Markets Service. He has years of experience running private investment funds (PIF’s). Among the fields of his expertise we finds capital structuring and asset diversification, succession planning, tax residency planning and tax liquidation as well as company formation.

Having professional experience working with banking institutions and specialized management companies of the Central Bank of Russia, he offers support in the establishment of mutual investment funds.


Contact Andrei


Manuel Barrachina



Financial and wealth management


Mr. Manuel was born in Spain and is currently an Asset Manager for an investment bank in Panama. He joined the entity in December 2017 as an Investment Officer and then got promoted to Manager of the Financial Markets Division.

Prior to this position, he held several leadership positions in commercial and investment banking in Madrid, Barcelona, and Panama. Among them, he was Junior Manager of FIBANC in Barcelona and Zaragoza, and Regional Asset Manager at Banco Mediolanum, Aragon, Spain.

Manuel holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of Wales U.K., a Master’s degree in Wealth Management from the IEB in Madrid; he is certified as a European Financial Advisor (EFA) by the European Financial Planning Association (EFPA), and is licensed as a stockbroker in the Republic of Panama.


Contact Manuel


Aldemaro Fonseca


Advisor for Latin America and Spain


Aldemaro Fonseca is an entrepreneur based in Panama. He is currently NTL´s head advisor for LATAM and Spain Markets.

He originally graduated as an Electronic Engineer and Project Manager, but he devoted his entire career to business and has successfully founded and managed several companies which operate in different fields.

He has been dealing with financial licenses processing (Forex, Securities Broker, Banking, E-money, Investment Manager, Asset Management, electronic games, Cryptocurrency Exchange/wallet, Hedge Funds and Money Remittance) and is also a wealth management expert with a global approach in different jurisdictions. 


Aldemaro currently offers advice to several family offices worldwide and is also the CEO of a Technology Company based in Panama.


Email: manager@ntlwealth.com

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Illya Kun


Residency expert


Illya studied Business & Administration with focus on International Finance and Risk Management of Financial Institutions in “La Sapienza”, in Rome (Italy).  


After graduation, he did his practice in an accounting studio in Rome and, before working for Mundo, he offered his services as external consultant in Tecnic Panama. Fluent in Spanish, Italian and English, this talented professional currently offers consultancy and immigration services. He is our expert in Panama and works as a residency manager of the Panama Residency Program.


Email: illya@ntlwealth.com

LinkedIn: Cick here


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