Buying Real Estate in Australia with an Attractive ROI

$ 521825 USD

Mundo is pleased to inform our esteemed readers that our team of legal professionals in Australia has formalized an alliance with one of the most prestigious real estate developers in Australia that to date has more than 30 projects and a 100% completion rate.

Our alliance with this respected real estate developer allows us to get you preferential access to one of the best real estate investment opportunities in Australia. In this case with a deposit starting from $20,000 you will be able to acquire a modern property that will provide you with a net ROI of 5% per annum.


Why Buy Property in Australia?

At MUNDO we have always had Australia on the list of our favorite jurisdictions because of the consistency they have maintained over the years in promoting both skilled immigration and pro-business, free-market policies. 

It is no surprise that today, after almost 30 years, Australia is a favorite immigration choice for people from most countries in the world, which has meant significant population growth for the Australian nation. And of course that population growth means more people are renting and buying property, so real estate prices have appreciated at healthy rates over the past few years. You can see where we're going, right?

Among our readers one of the most common requests has always been how to find real estate investment projects in Australia to back your money in a stable market, with favorable laws and levels of growth and appreciation that other countries can't even dream of having. Today we present the best opportunity when it comes to buying property in the Australian jurisdiction.

Before we jump right into describing the project and the acquisition process, let's look at some of the most popular reasons to invest in real estate in Australia:

1. The real estate market is booming: people who have invested in real estate in Australia are now enjoying very significant market growth. As the Australian government makes progress in controlling the Coronavirus pandemic and the world reopens up, demand for living space has risen again in the country's major urban centers. To be precise, the average home value in Australia has risen 15.8% so far in 2021 alone, and further growth is still forecast.

2. Political stability and legal certainty: buying a property is surely one of the most serious commitments you can make, so it is absolutely necessary to make sure beforehand that the country you are going to invest in has a government that respects private property and economic freedoms in general. 

Fortunately, Australia, being part of the British Commonwealth, will not give you any headaches or worries when it comes to respecting your political-economic freedoms. Your investment will not be at risk, as the Australian government maintains an openly pro-business and pro-investment stance that provides peace of mind to foreigners investing capital in this country.

3. It has favorable legislation: although it is true that each state and territory in Australia has its variations in terms of laws related to real estate, they generally follow the same line that protects buyers and sellers alike. The duties and obligations of property or land owners in this country do not exceed what we are used to seeing in other jurisdictions, so you will have no problem regardless of whether you decide to live in Australia or not.

Our Real Estate Investment Offer in Australia

The opportunity we present to you on this occasion consists of a building with commercial and residential units designed from the ground up to provide its investors with sustained value over the long term. 

Our real estate project in Australia is located in one of the favorite destinations in the city of Melbourne. To be specific, the project is located in the CBD, one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the Australian capital and is surrounded by retail outlets, luxury restaurants, markets, shopping and entertainment centers. 

Opportunities in this neighborhood with such a low entry price do not come along very often, so we estimate that availability to participate in the purchase of a property in this project will dry up quickly.

Project Features

Three unit types available

  •  One-bedroom apartment
  •  One-bedroom apartment + Studio
  •  Two-bedroom apartment

Amenities of the highest level: the real estate developer did not skimp on amenities. This building will make you feel in one of the most exclusive and best designed places you have ever experienced.

Among the list of amenities there are:

  • Internal gardens and terraces
  • Infinity pool
  • Virtual golf course
  • BBQ area
  • Fire pits
  • Amphitheater
  • Game room
  • Playgrounds 
  • Exercise areas and jogging track
  • In-house cinema
  • Private pavilions, etc.

Prime location: the building is nestled between the sea and parks filled with greenery, but also provides access to Melbourne's most relevant points of interest quickly.

Protected ocean views: the developer behind this project raised the bar when it came to balancing functionality and aesthetics to achieve a project with stunning ocean views. This plays in tandem with the project's location, which is surrounded by areas where regulations prevent the construction of tall buildings. That means our project is and will be the only one in the entire neighborhood with sea and city views protected by Melbourne's planning law.

Deposit required

  •  One bedroom apartment: $20,000
  •  One bedroom apartment + S: $25,000
  •  Two-bedroom apartment: $35,000 


456 (Stage 1)








$506,500 - $4,800,000



now selling








                                AVERAGE SIZE (M2)          



1 Bed 1 Bath





1 Bed 1 Bath + Study





2 Bed 1 Bath





2 Bed 2 Bath





3 Bed 2.5 Bath 1 Car





3 Bed 2.5 Bath 1 Car






Penthouse 4 Cars





Estimated ROI: rental return on investment for the first 4 years is guaranteed at 5% net (annual).


What is the Process for Buying a Property in Australia?

If you've made it this far, you're probably wondering how to participate in this unique property investment opportunity in Australia. 

You will be happy to know that the process to buy a unit in this ambitious project is quite simple and consists of only 6 steps, of which the first one is as simple as contacting our team.

Let's review the process:

1. Contact our team to meet your Client Relationship Manager: this is the person who will be in charge of accompanying you throughout the process to ensure that everything goes smoothly and clarify any questions you may have.

2. Log in to our web portal to manage your investment information: from our platform you will be able to access all the information about your investment, including the status of the process.

3. Preparation of contracts and agreements: there are some formalities that involve the local government, but don't worry, our team of experts will support you throughout the process.

4. Inspection of the units: this step consists of inspecting your property prior to delivery to ensure that everything is in order. If for some reason you cannot be present for the inspection, we can use a reliable third party.

5. Notification for delivery of the unit: in this step you don't have to do anything except follow our notifications. Our team will notify you when your property is ready for occupancy.

6. Delivery: this is the moment you have been waiting for, in this step we work with our legal team to deliver your title deed, keys and manual of your unit.

Questions & Answers

Q. Tell us about the developer and their history.

A. R Corp has more than 20 years’ experience breaking ground as one of Australia’s largest private development companies. Our 100% completion rate and the 30 residential, commercial and retail buildings we’ve created across Melbourne from East Melbourne’s Tribeca to Metropol in St Kilda are a testament to this. We’ve also delivered to our clients and over 4,000 residents alike, bringing our vision to life for a city we love, through progressive neighbourhoods for tomorrow’s generations.

Q. Why is it a good time to invest in the country right now?

A. Historical low currency swap rate and mortgage borrowing rate. Especially with the Melbourne apartment market offering up to 100% stamp duty concession before 1st July 2022. 

Q. What are the property laws like in terms of investor protection and how do you acquire the title?

A. The whole 10% deposit will stay in the vendor solicitor’s trust account and no more funds needed to be paid prior to the settlement. The Australian governmental regulator will audit the vendor solicitor’s trust account on the yearly basis.

Q. What protections are there for preconstruction buyers?

A. The project is already under construction and goes with the original schedule. 

Q. Tell us some of the advantages of this project. 

1. Protective view line 

2. 4 year 5 % net rental guarantee 

3. The best service in the Melbourne apartment market. 

4. Emerging location only 5 mins away from Melbourne CBD. 

Q. How does it compare with other projects in the area price and value for money?

A. No other project on sale in this area. 

Q. Is financing available?

A. Yes. Please contact your MUNDO specialist. 

Q. Can you buy it with crypto and if so how?

A. No. 

Q. Can you acquire residency /citizenship with the purchase and if so how (only for projects that offer this)?

A. No.