Investment opportunities

The Legends of Saint Petersburg project implies the transformation of the shopping complex «Perinnye Ryady» and creation of a new urban area - an educational theme park and attraction shall help significantly add diversity to the tourist program. A next-generation museum right in the historical and cultural downtown of the city would encourage the city residents to study the history of their hometown.
90800000 USD
Russia, Saint Petersburg
This project is located in Leningradskaya oblast, near Saint Petersburg, Russia’s second-largest financial center.
The project is being sold as one single land plot. Its main advantage is the possibility to place in Zh5 zone of high-rise blocks of flats with a height of 25 floors, while the general building restriction in the Leningrad region is of a maximum of 12 floors.
52000000 USD
Russia, St.Petersburg
In this project, we’re offering the possibility to enter in a lease agreement with KIA, (the Committee of property relations of Saint Petersburg).
The property has a total area of 2026 sq meter divided into two floors. The building has four entrances: two from Nevsky Prospekt and two from the courtyard.
14000000 USD
Russia, St.Petersburg
Russia is an industrial giant with one of the biggest economies in the world and a friendly and dynamic business environment. It provides you with direct access to dozens of markets, from the Far East to Central Asia, the Balkans, and Europe. It also promotes business through a wide array of free zones and a friendly tax regime.
120000000 USD
Russia, Saint Petersburg

Today, Mundo presents an exceptional investment opportunity in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

The palace is located at the intersection of Bolshaya Morskaya and Gorokhovaya streets (Address: Bolshaya Morskaya 32), right in the heart of the Northern capital.

10000000 USD
Russia, Saint Petersburg

By investing in the reforestation program, supported by the government, Panama offers the possibility of acquiring permanent residency for the investor and the whole family. There is also the chance to apply for citizenship after 5 years of permanent residency.

194950 USD
Panama, Boquete

Mundo´s experts came up with the beautiful idea of building a new Casco Antiguo. This is going to be a unique neighborhood in the style of the 1920s, where everything is and will be thought exclusively for the comfort of pedestrians.

110 USD
Panama, Panama

Royal Palm is a beach front residential project with an innovative architectural design; located in Playa Gorgona, just 50 minutes From Panama City and minutes away from Coronado.

This is an excellent choice if you love the beach but still want to be close to the city for study, work, or other purposes.

175000 USD
Panama, Panama

Generation tower is a unique and innovative concept located in Costa del Este, Panama. This project will run as a Condo for short- or long-term stays. It is intended for tourists, visitors, and business people. 

185500 USD
Panama, Panama

For those that are young or simply love to party, Bern has created Panama´s first smart city Air B and B licensed apart hotel complex. Located in the hottest part of Panama´s banking and business district and in the center of Panama´s nightclub, shopping, and restaurant hub, Uptown will be a super tech complex with small 50-130 square meter apartments.

175000 USD
Panama, Panama
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