Your Income Generation Opportunity through Gold Commercialization

$ 100000 USD

The world economy is constantly evolving and we all know it. It is increasingly necessary to explore new investment and development options to continue generating profits and significant income. Nowadays, businesses and their success vary and fluctuate according to a myriad of factors and elements, so having your resources, capital and savings protected is a must.

With this in mind, we would like to introduce you to an investment option that is self-sustaining, stable, generates great profits, and most importantly, is quite affordable for you. We are talking about gold investment. Through it, you can access a variety of investment alternatives that generate fixed income for set periods.

Why Investing in Gold Is a Good Idea?

There are several reasons why investing in gold could be beneficial for you and your assets, and we are going to name a few for you:

1) Great Stability

In times when there is a lot of uncertainty, gold retains its value and not only that; this mineral acts as a way of escape for scenarios of tension and economic disorders. When this happens, in most cases, gold will outperform other investments.

2) Increasing Demand

In recent times, there has been a huge boost in the demand for gold. A lot of countries has made of mineral one of its main investment opportunities. There are a lot of investors who are beginning to see gold as an investment class into which funds should be allocated. There are already several gold-based investment funds around the world that are already generating large profits and earnings, so the demand for gold is growing.

3) Portfolio Diversification

One of the main pieces of advice made by investors who have achieved great benefits is to find investments that are not correlated to one another. Gold has historically had a negative correlation to stocks and other financial instruments, for example, so this is a good point of start. People see gold as a way to pass on and preserve their wealth from one generation to the next, so this type of investment is a great choice.

As we just said, gold investments have risen in the last few years, and that is why we’d like to talk to you about an opportunity to gain great benefits and income through corporate bonds with great potential. We'll tell you what it's all about, but remember that you can always contact us to learn more about it, and how you can receive the important benefits generated.

Private Corporate Bonds

These bonds are a great investment opportunity because they provide an annual nominal interest rate on capital, designed to provide investors with a fixed quarterly income on their investment. Where is the money coming from? It’s provided by the profit margins obtained in the process of commercialization of physical gold abroad and the income collected in said operations. In other words, you are going into a buy/sell process.

Who Is This Bond for?

This opportunity becomes available to our select clients and cannot be easily found elsewhere due to the requirement of mines for massive cash flow and the difficulty of borrowing from the traditional banking sector.

This bond is mainly for risk avoidance. If you are an investor who wants to keep your assets and capital safe, take a look at this article. The bond has a high level of effectiveness in mitigating risks, regardless of its nature (political, business, changes between different types of currencies, etc.).


Some Highlights

  • The bond has a physical guarantee of the capital of 105% always backed by physical gold (your investment will always be insured).
  • There is no direct exposure to the market (your investment will be protected from the market’s volatility).
  • There is no currency exchange rate risk.
  • It has an 8.5% annual fixed yield payable quarterly.
  • The bond has a two-year maturity.
  • The bond has a total amount of $10,000,000

Here is how the bond works and the minimum investment requirements:

The minimum investment required for this bond is at least US$100.000. This has an expiration set at two years after the issue date. As you can see, it does not require a huge investment, and for the great benefits it can bring to you, it is a more than reasonable and promising investment.

Regarding how does the bond work, our partners essentially purchase Dorre (raw gold) from mines in fixed futures contracts at discounts and then melt the gold into bars through their association with mints.

After that process, the Issuer assigns 100% of the funds raised to a minimum ratio of 1:1 for the purchase of physical gold Bars Dore in the custody of third parties from registered AAA sources. In other words, every dollar you invest in will contribute to buy physical gold bars and then start to generate profits.

Our partners have the knowledge, contacts, and the most outstanding gold inventory and proposition of the highest quality gold to ensure the maximum return on this bond.


How to Participate in This Opportunity?

This bond has a Private Placement (which means that it is exempted from registration on the Superintendence of Security Markets). It is important to know that his private placement offer can only be made by the issuer, to no more than 25 people, of which only a maximum of 10 investors can be accepted for the sale of said bonds.

This means that it is not an offer open to anyone who may be interested, but on the contrary, it is targeted and can be purchased by a small number of investors and entrepreneurs.

Our partners know perfectly to whom to direct their proposal, so if you are selected, you will only have to meet the minimum investment required to start receiving the benefits of this bond.

How Safe Is This Bond? 

Unlike other trading operations (shares, stocks, and other financial instruments), the ones with gold have great stability, which will allow the issuer:

  • To Ensure the return on investment offered
  • To keep in safe custody physical gold, which establishes a tangible guarantee.

With the commercialization process, the issuer mitigates the volatility of the gold spot market prices, and regarding physical security, the best custody and transportation procedures are in place to guarantee the correct development of the processes and, subsequently, the operation of the bond in general.

No matter what, your investment will be secured, and at the maturity of the bond, even if it didn’t perform as expected, you will receive the total amount of your investment.

Having a variety of investment options is never a bad idea. Especially investing in unrelated fields so that an eventual underperformance of one investment can be offset by the good performance of another. Options such as the Private Corporate Bond are quite positive and beneficial to keep your resources and savings growing and generating profits. Through these mechanisms, your money is not tied up in a bank account waiting to be spent or diminished by different commissions.

Why MUNDO’s Partner?

Our expert represents a partnership of a US-based LLC for selling of physical gold and Panama-based financial group for the bond from the commercialization of raw gold between the mines and the refineries.

Through our partner we can offer you:

  • private corporate bonds that provide a contractual annual nominal interest rate on capital, designed to provide investors with a fixed quarterly income on their investment, which is achieved by the profit margins obtained in the process of commercialization of physical gold abroad and the income collected in said operations;
  • purchase of physical gold and silver which can be held in custody on your behalfwithin our partner’s vaults with the highest security standards worldwide; 
  • support service every day of the year and permanent support channels such as email, telephone and WhatsApp with the best advice, service, confidentiality and response time;
  • best insurance cover to protect all the logistics for the physical gold transactions.

Contact us today to let our panel of experts help you learn more about this great investment option that promises to give you great returns and benefits. We will be waiting for you to help you start this new project.