About Seychelles

Seychelles is considered to be paradise on Earth with its glorious beaches lining its shores, covered by the Indian Ocean from all sides. For many people, Seychelles is the prime location for their vacation and honeymoon. The island country is one of the smallest countries in the world and has the lowest population in the African continent. 

While Seychelles might be more expensive than your average tourist spot, the privacy and peace the country offers is unparalleled and can’t be seen anywhere else on the planet. If you want to enter a paradise with stark blue waters, a golden beach, and a community that is as diverse as it is generous, then Seychelles is the place you are looking for. 

The country also presents amazing business opportunities to people that wish to start a business there as there is practically no taxation for business or their revenue. 

Mundo's Freedom Rating (0-10)

Mundo's country rating is a freedom index where all the ratings are given by the expert team after considering all aspects of the country. Here, these ratings are given on the basis of how free a country is free from violence, personal attacks, taxation, government interference in businesses, socialism, and communism. Now that you are familiar with this unique rating system, head on to explore how well Seychelles, which is an Indian Ocean archipelago does!

Political Stability: 8 

Seychelles finally could breathe freely in 197s as it got independence from the British. Thankfully, from then, it's been following multi-party democracy by adopting a new constitution in 1993.

Companies and Structures

When it comes to the business world, the Seychelles are considered to be one of the world’s entrepreneurs’ most favorable locations for opening business and setting up their own companies because of the advantages the country offers. 

Setting up a company in Seychelles is one of the most profitable things you can do as a business organization. 

Apart from that, Seychelles’ business structure is also seamless enough to allow all kinds of businesses and companies to thrive in the country. Add to that the ease and quickness with which you can create a new company here, and you have an amazing chain of islands that is brim-full with countless business opportunities. 

Reasons to Register a Company in Seychelles

There are several reasons why you should consider starting your own business in Seychelles and why it might be just one of the most profitable ventures you do.

Trusts in Seychelles

When it comes to having reliable trust funds that can manage all your capital for you in the most efficient way possible, Seychelles just might be the perfect choice for many business owners and investors out there. A Seychelles trust fund is one of the most optimal ways of investing in the resources of the country and the trust industry of Seychelles is reputed throughout the world to be a well-established one. 

Let us find out how these Seychelles trust funds work, what their structure is and what regulations they have in place to keep everything under control. 

What is a Trust in Seychelles? 

A trust is not an entity of itself but rather a specific legal relationship which is widely recognized by most common law jurisdictions around the world. 

Government Agencies in Seychelles

There are various government agencies in Seychelles that overlook the administration of business the company. These agencies include: 

Financial Services Authority (FSA) - The FSA, or Financial Services Authority Seychelles, is a government agency that was established under the Financial Services Authority Act, 2013. The agency acts as a regulator for all services that do not concern themselves with a bank in the country of Seychelles. 

Seychelles Revenue Commission (SRC) - The SRC, or Seychelles Revenue Commission, is an independent government agency that was created in 2010 to supervise the collection of all government incomes in a seamless and transparent manner. 

Seychelles Port Authority (SPA) - The SPA, or Seychelles Port Authority, is a government agency of the country that was created after the Seychelles Ports Authority Act 2004 came into place.