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If you want to register a company in Seychelles, here you’ll find a great port of entry to this country. We’re talking about a breathtaking island country in the Indian Ocean with everything a tropical paradise must have: great waters, pristine sand, and excellent weather. 

Parallelly, the country is home to a convenient corporate regime available for all foreigners that have decided to open a company in Seychelles. Luckily, Mundo provides a variety of corporate services abroad. 

Seychelles company formation: more than a tropical paradise 

The territory has 115 coralline and granitic areas with a total area of 455 square kilometers. Seychelles is quite a unique place and not only for its Seychelles company register. Here you’ll find cool natural wonders like the largest coral atoll in the world and the oldest mid-oceanic islands on the planet.

When it comes to population, the country has 87,000 inhabitants who mostly live on the three main islands (Digue, Praslin, and Mahé). All in all, this is a world-class touristic place with soothing beaches and awe-inspiring, stupendous landscapes. But in Seychelles, you can find more than this. 

 Why open a Seychelles offshore company 

Easy processes 

Opening a Seychelles offshore company is easy and straightforward. Actually, this is one of the easiest registries in the whole IBC industry. Incorporations are usually made within 24 hours with English being the main language for the business sector. Another great advantage is the absence of minimum capital required, being an incredibly flexible option. However, the standard authorized share capital is $50,000 with the minimum share capital being $1. No par value, registered shares, redeemable shares, preference shares, and shares with or without voting rights are allowed. 

Top-notch confidentiality 

When you look for corporate services abroad, you want to make confidentiality a priority. Obviously, you’ll have to report to your home country according to the local legislation, but confidentiality goes beyond this. Some people wish to keep a low profile and don’t like their names being stated in public records. In Seychelles, the only name appearing in public records is the initial director, but shareholders, UBOs, and other directors won’t be listed. 

Convenient fiscal regime 

Seychelles is one of the few nations in the world with territorial taxation. Hence, your foreign-derived income is totally free of taxes in Seychelles. There are also no capital gains, stamp duties, and interest taxes and business transactions are exempt. 

However, to access the benefits of this legislation your company must not generate income in the country. Also, it can’t own property, and, in some cases, it may need a specific license. A member of the IBC is not subject to tax on the income generated from the company. Finally, remember that you still may be taxable in your country of residency according to your tax status and the local legislation. 

Amazing flexibility

The requirements to maintain your Seychelles offshore company are quite flexible. IBCs only require one shareholder and one director, and they can be the same person. Nationality is not a restriction either and there’s no obligation of appointing a local director. 

Also, a company in Seychelles (IBC) that doesn’t generate income inside the country is not required to file taxes or undergo auditing. They are, however, required to keep accounting records. The annual meeting does not have to be in the country but can be held via video or phone call. 

Low maintenance 

Yearly maintenance requirements are super easy to follow, in other words, your Seychelles offshore company will be easy to maintain. The renewal fee is quite accessible and annual tax filing is not required if you don’t generate local income. So, all you have to do is have one meeting by phone and pay the necessary fee and you’re good to go for another year. 

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Our corporate services in Seychelles


  • To complete the KYC and the order form. 

Moreover, each important person of the company, i.e., Beneficial Owner, Shareholder, and Director must submit the following documents to register a company in Seychelles:

  • A certified copy of passport or another ID document (this can be

a nationally-issued ID)

  • Copy of a document that proves the individual’s place of residency, i.e., a utility bill or bank statement
  • Reference letter or bank statement (it can be a copy or the original version)

Corporate seal is not required.


Basic package

Filing of Articles of Incorporation: $610

It includes:

• Company Formation

• Certificate of Incorporation

• M&A

• Appointment of 1st Director

• Director’s acceptance letter

• Minutes of the first meeting

• Register of directors and Shareholders

• Share certificates

• First year RO/RA

• Maintenance of Registers

Due Diligence fee: $50

Total: $660

Standard package

Filing of Articles of Incorporation: $820

It includes:

• Basic Package 

• Bound set True Copies of Constitutional Documents with Apostille 

Due Diligence fee: 450

Total: $870

(A bank charge service of $90 will be included in any invoice issued by Mundo’s provider)

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Seychelles company formation: Audit and accounting 

A Seychelles offshore company must keep financial statements, which are considered to be vital to reflect the company's true financial condition. It must:

  • Correctly explain all the transactions
  • Allow determining the company's financial condition at any time and with sufficient accuracy
  • Allow the preparation of complete reports

Also, the IBC must keep:

  • Copies of all resolutions of the directors, members, committees of directors, committees of officers
  • All minutes of meetings of directors, members, committees of directors, committees of officers
  • Register of directors and officers
  • Committees of members

Accounting documents must be kept at the registered office of the company, or any other place (anywhere in the world) and the registered agent must be notified about the change of place within 14 days. The accounting documents include "documents relating to the assets and liabilities of the company including revenues and expenses, sales, purchases, and other transactions."

Please remember that the accounting documents must be kept for 7 years from the date of their preparation and the penalty levied on the company for violation of these requirements is $25 per day. If it’s proven that the director deliberately violates these rules, he/she will also be levied $25 per day. Finally, an audit is not required.

Disclaimer: All the fees and requirements in this article are viable till the date of publication and may change as they depend on many factors. For an updated set of requirements and fees, please contact your Mundo expert. 

Why open a company in Seychelles with Mundo

We can give you the best in the international business sector. Mundo’s experts are part of a prestigious financial group that has been helping entrepreneurs and businesspeople for almost three decades. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for more information as well as asking for a bank account to complement your company in Seychelles. We work with several banks in onshore and offshore jurisdictions so that you can manage your finances and run your IBC accordingly.

Our corporate services in Seychelles are top-notch because they come with experience, knowledge, and commitment. Mundo is an international publication for the nomad capitalist and anarcho-capitalist businessperson that doesn’t compromise when it comes to his/her finances. Going out of your comfort zone may seem like a leap of faith at the beginning, but it’s the best way to achieve your financial goals. 

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