Establish Your Family Office

An appropriately dedicated and established family office is essential for high-wealth individuals and families. It helps to protect personal, financial, and intergenerational freedom.

Mundo has a dedicated family office team comprised of wealth advisers, fund managers, immigration specialists, private bankers, and trust and insurance specialists.

We provide you with a single one-stop team specialized in advising and establishing family offices in a range of jurisdictions including:

  • A fully established family office in Nevis.
  • A fully established family office in Montenegro.

  • A fully established family office in Panama. 
  • A fully established family office in Singapore. 
  • A fully established family office In Cyprus. 
  • A fully established family office in Malta. 
  • A fully established family office in Portugal. 

Our family office services involve providing a unique package called “Forever Free”.

The above structures are combined with our wealth advisory team, which works with wealth managers and experts in all the above jurisdictions to assist in your family’s wealth strategy.

Mundo’s portal has special investment projects for family offices via investment opportunities in many areas, including real estate, Fintech, startup, and angel investments, IPOs, Crypto, precious metals, and many others. This service sources and delivers unique opportunities for family offices to strategically co-invest in various areas.

If you seek to minimize costs, we can provide you qualified lawyers, wealth advisers, and professionals to help you manage your family structures either on a full, part-time, or contracted level, thus significantly decreasing costs.

Mundo works with wealth managers, lawyers, fund managers, bankers, accountants, and other professionals who help families, and it has affiliation programs offering you an unparalleled level of support and service.

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About us

Mundo was founded over six years ago by the oldest trust company in Nevis. We offer a unique portal for investment, corporate, and wealth management services. 

We are able to offer you quality in expertise and services thanks to one successful combo: best Latin American portal technology and personalized attention of a dedicated team.

We can help any investor, lawyer, business owner, or wealth adviser, to receive expert and cost-effective advice with just one click.

Choosing us means getting the best prices and quality. At Mundo, our team is loyal to service. We are trained to assist you in every aspect of your process.

We have expert partners in every corner of the globe and we represent, exclusively, over one hundred top experts in corporate and banking services.

With Mundo, you will get a relationship manager who will make sure you have everything you need.

Having the support and help of experts during this procedure will set a difference in the outcome. It’s best to have guidance during the journey.

Choose us and see for yourself the excellence of our services.

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