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A properly drafted trust is the cornerstone of Mundo’s asset protection and intergenerational wealth strategy.

Every Latin American family and individual should have an asset protection strategy using a trust somewhere in their structuring and wealth planning.

Our experts have been providing high-quality trust services and advice since 1994, which is over 25 years of trust knowledge. 

We can provide trust and foundation services and advice in most jurisdictions. Our dedicated team based in St. Kitts and Nevis and Madeira delivers one of the most cost-effective and efficient asset protection mechanisms on earth.

We provide a complete service, including:

  • The drafting of a trust, taking into account all of the individual’s and family’s wishes and needs for a perfect intergenerational asset protection strategy.
  • The appointment, if necessary, of a dedicated wealth adviser for the trust to assist the trustee when it comes to the investment, following a strategy developed jointly with the client. 
  • An accounting package.
  • A banking package. 

We also have experts who can provide advice and structuring in many other jurisdictions, including the United States. 

Over 500 top international law firms around the world use our trust services and trusts for their clients. We are happy to work with lawyers, accountants, bankers, and professional intermediaries as their trust providers.

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About us

At Mundo, we can provide services for any investor, business owner, or professional intermediaries, such as accountants, lawyers, and wealth advisers. With us, you will receive expert advice in no time.

We work along with the oldest trust company in Nevis, NTL Trust. Together, we have offices in every corner around the globe. We represent the top corporate professionals in Latin America, and we have expert partners worldwide who help us offer the finest services.

To make sure you get the best attention, we’ll provide you with your own relationship manager, who will focus on ensuring your requirements are fulfilled.

Mundo is a portal dedicated to offering the best banking and corporate services. We combine our technology with personalized attention; this is the secret to our success.

Choosing us means that you will get the best quality services, but also the best prices. We do not have any hidden fees. You will receive deals made for great companies, but pricing set for smaller businesses.

The corporate and wealth planning field is a tricky one. Make sure you protect and grow your assets by having the support of experts.

At Mundo, our team is dedicated to service. We are trained to assist you in any aspect you require as a direct customer or agent.

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MARCH 3, 2022  15:00 GMT
How to create
a Family Office
in 5 easy steps
A conference on how to establish your own family office by some of the world's top experts including financial products and invetments, second passports, trust and family office companies, usually only accessible to family office advisers.
This conference gives you detailed insider knowledge that will cost you a fortune in consultancy fees.