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There are many reasons why St Kitts citizenship is a good option for business people. Experts recommend investing in a Nevis nationality because it brings considerable advantages at decent costs.

Asset protection was always necessary but is particularly so in our times. Our century is marked by hyperinflation, unemployment, war, and other factors that promise to bring a financial collapse in not such a distant future. Moreover, this has been increased by world crises like the Covid-19 pandemic, an event that struck the whole world and caused governments to implement draconian restrictions. How many of these restrictions were actually justified is a matter of opinion, but the bottom line is that the measures existed and, although they were softened, they still prevail. Even after the high curve of the pandemic is over and even when the virus seems to be under control, some countries still have restrictive measures when it comes to movement. For example, places like restaurants or bars must close at a given time and there are restrictions as to what activities can one do.

There's also the matter of precedent. In 2020 many countries applied strict restrictions even preventing one from leaving or entering the country, and no one can predict whether this is happening again soon.

Why get Nevis nationality

From these statements, we can conclude that we need to establish a Plan B strategy, and this includes a second place where you can live legally. There are many things that you can do to diversify your assets but Nevis citizenship, or whatever citizenship you choose, is step one. The reason is simple: physically you have to be somewhere, and you can't afford to be limited to only one government, state, set of regulations, laws, etc. The ideal strategy is the one that includes at least a couple of passports besides the original one, but we have to start somewhere, and St Kitts and Nevis citizenship is not a bad option. Next, we mention only a few of the perks that come with being a St Kitts citizen.

A second citizenship quickly and safely

You can achieve the Nevis nationality in only four to six months. The jurisdiction also offers a fast-track application option through which you can get your citizenship in less than 60 days. This is one of the fastest programs in the world and, needless to say, it's much faster than traditional citizenship options. In this case, you only need the money and an impeccable character, and you've got yourself a second citizenship. Keep in mind that a thorough due diligence process is carried out for each case.

Travel visa-free and widen your opportunities

The St Kitts nationality is a great option for you to travel visa-free to more than 150 countries in the world. This includes top cultural and business centers like the European Union countries, Ireland, The United Kingdom, the Caribbean, and the Commonwealth nations. Citizens also have the opportunity to get long-term visas to the US.

This is not a minor advantage for a business person who travels often. Forget about long processes before your business trip or before going on vacation. This citizenship opens a lot of opportunities that, in many cases, you wouldn't be able to access if it weren't for the Nevis citizenship.

Here are some of the countries that accept Nevisian citizens visa-free:

- Argentina

- The Bahamas

- Belgium

- Brazil

- Chile

- The Cook Islands

- Curaçao

- Denmark

- Estonia

- Finland

- Germany

- Iceland

- Liechtenstein

- Luxembourg

- Malta

- Mauritius

- Montenegro

- Panama

- Russian Federation

- Singapore

- Switzerland

- Taiwan

- Turkey

- Vanuatu

- Uruguay

Advantageous tax system

If you're still wondering why get a second passport, consider your tax obligations. Avoiding tax is illegal so this is not an option. However, what many people don't know is that it's possible to design structures that will, in the end, allow you to pay less tax and thus make better use of your assets. In Saint Kitts and Nevis, for example, some taxes don't exist like wealth, income, or inheritance tax. It's worth noting that you have to know how to make use of this advantage, in other words, organize your affairs so that you can lower your tax burden legally. For this, you need a tax expert but not just any tax expert: you want someone qualified to handle international taxation. Luckily, Mundo has many experts in this sector.

Straightforwardness and simplicity

Saint Kitts and Nevis value investors and simplify things for them, so applicants don’t need to visit the country to qualify for citizenship. The most important things are the investment and the due diligence process. Remember that you have to prove that your funds come from a legal source and that your character is impeccable. This means you can't be involved, not now nor in the past, in any illegal or shady activity.

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Nevis citizenship requirements

Non-refundable donation

Individuals that want to obtain St Kitts citizenship can apply with a donation to the SGF (Sustainable Growth Fund) of Saint Kitts and Nevis. The minimum investment is $150,000 for a single applicant and $195,000 for a family of four members.

The main advantage of this option is its straightforwardness. All you have to do is make the deposit and comply with the due diligence process, but you don't have to search for a property and don't have the responsibility to maintain or sell this property in the future. On the other hand, this is a one-time donation that you won't get back. Mundo recommends deciding based on the family’s needs at the moment.

Costs for a single applicant:

- Donation: $150,000

- Due diligence: $7,500

- Processing fees: $750

- Legal fees: $25,000

Price: $183,250

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Costs for one main applicant plus his/her spouse:

- Donation: Main applicant: $150,000; Spouse: 25,000

- Due diligence: Main applicant: $7,500; Spouse: $4,000

- Processing fees: Main applicant: $250 for each applicant; Spouse: $250

- Legal fees: the legal fees equal $25,000

Price: $212,222

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Family of four members (main citizenship applicant plus spouse plus 2 children under 16)

- Donation amount: Main applicant: $150,000; Spouse: $25,000; dependent 1: $10,000; dependent 2: $10,000

- Due diligence: Main applicant: $7,500, spouse: $4,000; dependent 1: $4,000; dependent 2: $4,000

- Processing fees: Main citizenship applicant: $250; spouse: $250; dependent 1: $250; dependent 2: $250

- Legal fees: $25,000

Price: $240,500

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Real estate investment 

Further, there’s an option to acquire St Kitts and Nevis citizenship by purchasing a property, i.e., through a real estate investment. Only government-approved projects are accepted, and the minimum is $200,000. The owner (investor) must keep this property for seven years before being able to sell it as a condition to obtain citizenship. Alternatively, you can buy a 400,000-dollar property, in which case, you can sell it after five years.

The real estate option is more complicated because it requires you to research, choose the property, and maintain it, but in the end, it's a much better investment. You can get returns from rental income or let the property gain appreciation and sell it in a few years.

Real estate investment CBI process

Stage 1: Choose your property and enter into a purchase/sale agreement. The project must be approved by the government.

Stage 2: Sign the agreement with our experts.

Stage 3: Transfer a deposit to reserve the property.

Stage 4: Pay the due diligence fees.

Stage 5: Submit your application and the required documents to the CIU.

Stage 6: Once the due diligence process has been completed (it usually takes 90 days) you will receive approval.

Stage 7: Pay the remainder of the real estate value. Once the developer notifies the CIU about the completed payment, you will be able to pay the remaining government fees.

Stage 8: A certificate of naturalization will be issued in your name.

Stage 9: Our experts submit this certificate together with your passport application to the corresponding office.

Stage 10: Once your passport is issued, we send it to you via courier.

If you want to get Nevis nationality through real estate investment here are your options:

Sole applicant

- Real estate investment: $200,000

- Government fee: $35,050

- Due diligence: $7,500

- Processing fees: $750

- Legal fees: $25,000

Total: $268,300

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Applicant plus spouse

- Real estate investment: $200,000

- Government fee: Main applicant: $35,050; spouse: 20,050

- Due diligence: Main applicant: $7,500, Spouse: $4,000

- Processing fees: $1,500

- Legal fees: $25,000

Total: $293,100

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Family of four members (applicant plus spouse plus two children under 16)

- Real estate investment: $200,000

- Government fee: Main applicant: $35,050; spouse: 20,050; dependent 1: 10,050; dependent 2: 10,050

- Due diligence: Main applicant: $7,500, Spouse: $4,000; Dependent 1: $4,000; dependent 2: $4,000

- Processing fees: $3,000

- Legal fees: $25,000

Total: $318,700

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Here are some other advantages of the St Kitts citizenship that are worthy of attention:

- Quick path to citizenship through the fast-track alternative.

- No need to get a visa to the most important hubs of the world.

- No tax on worldwide income.

- You can include dependent children under 30 years of age.

- You can include dependent parents over 55 years (they must be living with the applicant).

- You can include dependent children or parents who are physically or mentally challenged.

- There are no requirements for physical residency.

- Traveling to the country during the process is not required.

- No education/degree requirements nor interview.

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Nevis citizenship requirements: documents


- Application form (C1) for all applicants. If you apply with children under 16 both parents must sign. If only one parent has custody you have to submit an affidavit of consent.

- Signature certificate form (C2) for all applicants. The same principles apply.

- Six photographs taken within the last six months.

- Medical form (C3) showing results from an HIV test.

- Passport forms.

- Investment confirmation (C4), only for the donation option.

- Confirmation that the funds have been deposited into escrow, only for the donation option.

- Copy of a purchase sale agreement, only for real estate option.

- Copy of an escrow agreement, only for real estate option.

- Certificate of title or deed of conveyance after the deal has been closed, only for real estate option.

- Confirmation of fund deposit into escrow, only for real estate option.


- Passports for each applicant. They must show all the person’s information, photograph, and expiration date. If any of the applicants have more than one passport, they must submit this for each of them. Copies must be certified.

- Copy of national ID. Copies must be certified.

- 6 passport-sized photographs taken within the past six months (no sunglasses, you can wear tinted prescription glasses as long as they are still visible, full close up, the head must cover 70-80% of the photograph, head and shoulders, look straight at the camera, no head covering, mouth closed and neutral expression, the image must not be altered in any way, 35x45, good quality paper, all photos must be exactly the same, one of them must be attached to form C2).

- Copy of a birth certificate.

- Police record from the country of citizenship or from whichever country where the individual has lived for more than a year in the past ten years. The record must be less than six months old.

- Copy of military record. It must be certified. Only if applicable.

- Copy of name change, only if applicable.

- Reference letter issued by a bank. It must be no older than six months and original.

- Professional reference from a public notary, attorney, or chartered accountant. It must not be older than six months.

- Proof of residence (utility bill or written confirmation from a bank, accountant, or lawyer).

- Certified copy of marriage certificate, if applicable.

- Certified copy of divorce certificate, if applicable.

- Bank statements from the past 12 months.

- Any additional documents required by the CIU.

- Proof of source of funds (if employee, the applicant must submit a letter of employment or copy of a job contract including salary, dates, and title; if the applicant is a business person they must prove to be the owners of the business through current registration or shareholders register). If the applicant has gained earnings from other transactions like inheritance, property sales, or gifts they must provide the corresponding documentation.

Other documents

- Professional services agreement. 

- Power of attorney in our favor (drafted by us).

Why get a second citizenship with Mundo 

These are the main requirements to obtain St Kitts and Nevis citizenship. The next question is why you would choose Mundo over other providers, and the answer is simple: we partner with the best.

Mundo has many partners but our main one is also our parent company, a firm that has been providing financial services, trustee services, and citizenship by investment for almost 30 years. We've grown together with this company and now we share the same team of experts specializing in investment migration, trusts, international companies, bank accounts abroad, and global investments.

With our state-of-the-art portal in four different languages, we reach practically every market, and thanks to our history in the business sector we have valuable partnerships all around the world. 

Moreover, Mundo has a special alternative for our readers. These types of offers are exclusive, so we don't usually publish them on our site. In any case, rest assured in the knowledge that we can offer you special migration packages that were proven to be convenient. 

In this context, we can provide best-in-class advice and help you acquire your Nevis nationality in a way that’s fast and safe. Contact us and get to know your Mundo representative. 

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