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There are very few structures as beneficial as an offshore company, especially if it’s registered in Nevis. The modern entrepreneur needs to think big and organize his/her business most efficiently and, in the 21st century, this means going global. 

Particularly those who are interested in international operations are facing ever-growing challenges as the regulations become stricter. However, this should not stop you. Complying with all regulations is possible, especially if you work with dedicated professionals. Keep reading to find out why a company in Nevis may be the solution. 

Why open a company in Nevis 

Nevis is one of Mundo’s favorite jurisdictions for many reasons and one of them is our close connection to this island, but that’s not it. Although we have been offering corporate services in Nevis for quite a few years, our preference is not based only on emotional factors, but simply on facts. 

Easy registration

Establish your company easily and fast. Remote incorporation is possible so that you don’t have to put other matters on hold to travel. Once all the documents and forms are submitted properly, you’ll have your company in Nevis running in 2 or 3 days.

Appealing tax system

Nevis is widely known for its low tax fees and territorial tax system. Even though you probably will be taxed in your country of residency anyway, at least you won’t be paying taxes in Nevis. You also have the option to become a tax resident of Nevis in which case you’ll be exempt from tax on your worldwide income. 

Nevis doesn’t apply income, wages, or dividend taxes. Moreover, it doesn’t tax IBCs on accumulated earnings, which means that your company can grow in perpetuity. 

Top-notch asset protection

Thanks to its nominee director options and its protective corporate laws, Nevis is the ideal jurisdiction for asset protection. After all, it’s not a coincidence that one of the most secure trusts in the world comes from this jurisdiction. If you’re wondering why open a company in Nevis, make sure to consider the protection of your assets. 

Perfect environment for e-businesses 

E-businesses can benefit greatly with the proper company registration in Nevis. We’re talking about e-learning sites, consulting services, and e-commerce platforms. The simplicity of running a company in Nevis remotely is priceless and something to consider when finding the right country to register your e-business. 

Moreover, although many associate Nevis with a tax haven, it’s not such a thing. Nevis is on the whitelist of the European Union, which means that you can make international transfers hassle-free. 

High level of privacy

Nevis’s corporate law offers 100% of confidentiality. Unless there is a link to terrorism or after proving beyond reasonable doubt that there is fraudulent activity, names remain confidential. 

The articles of incorporation only state the authorized capital, the legal address, and the name of the registration agent, and this information is kept within the registry and the registration agent only. 

Is company registration in Nevis starting to sound like a good idea? Ask your questions!

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Our corporate services in Nevis: Fees and requirements 

Nevis IBC


- Minimum one shareholder and one director (which can be the same person). 

- Nominee services are allowed.

- Shareholders can be either natural or legal persons.

- Shareholders, directors, and secretaries can be of any nationality. 

- The company management can be carried out remotely, signing contracts and performing bank operations from abroad. The meetings can be held in any country. 

- IBCs must keep accurate reports reflecting all the incomes and expenses and their reasons as well as assets, liabilities, and other transactions. 

- The records must reflect the true financial condition of the company and explain every transaction. 


- Passport copy (certified).

- Proof of address (certified). This can be a utility bill.

- Fill out the KYC form.

- Reference letter (professional).

- Proof that the source of funds is legal. This can be a reference letter or a bank statement. 

- CV

- Due Diligence Affidavit (we provide you the template).

- Criminal records Affidavit (we provide you the template).

*All these forms and documents must be provided for each UBO, shareholder, and director.

Incorporation time frame

Company registration in Nevis can take between 3 and 7 business days once the documents and forms are duly submitted. The time frame can be longer due to unforeseen factors regarding the registry, especially after COVID-19. 

Price: from $1,994

This fee includes:

- Name Reservation (recommended) and registry filing fee.

- Renewal of name reservation (optional and only if the reservation period has already expired).

- Filing of Articles of Incorporation (includes a certificate of incorporation, government filing fees, endorsement certificate, articles of incorporation, designation of the registered agent, signed transfer, signed bylaws, signed first minutes, signed consent to act, signed director resolutions, register of directors, register of shareholders, signed share certificate).

- Due Diligence.

- Courier Service (average).

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Nevis LLC


- The control of an LLC is the responsibility of the manager and is separated from the beneficiary’s interest.

- The owners (members) can be of any nationality.

- Possibility to pass the management to a third party thus enhancing privacy.

- The LLC is liable for its own debts and obligations, being the owner’s and the company’s assets separated.

- Sole membership is allowed

- Excellent joint venture vehicle. 

- An LLC is a ‘pass through’ structure which means it doesn’t pay tax, instead the tax burden is passed on to the members as personal income. 

- Different levels of membership allowed.

- Nominee services are allowed 

- The information of members and managers is held by the registry agent and not shared in public records. 

- The articles of incorporation only include the registered address and the agent. In other words, it’s only a mechanism to prove that the entity exists, but it doesn’t reveal the identity of members and managers. 

- The authorized capital is $10,000 but there is no minim or maximum capital stipulated. 

- The LLC must keep accurate records stating the financial position of the entity. Every transaction must be explained satisfactorily, and the records need to be available so that the financial position can be proven at any time.


- Passport copy (certified).

- Proof of address (certified). This can be a utility bill.

- Fill out the KYC form.

- Reference letter (professional).

- Proof that the source of funds is legal. This can be a reference letter or a bank statement. 

- CV

- Due Diligence Affidavit (we provide you the template).

- Criminal records Affidavit (we provide you the template).

*All these forms and documents must be provided for each UBO, member, and manager.

Incorporation time frames:

Registering a company in Nevis takes approximately 3-7 business days after all documents and forms have been submitted. These dates may be delayed depending on the registry, workload, national holidays, COVID-19 measures, etc. 

Price: from $1,625

Our fees include:

- Reservation of the name (recommended) including registry fees.

- Renewal of the name reservation if expired.

- Filing articles of organization including certificate of incorporation, government registration fee, certification of formation, endorsement certificate, articles of organization, designation and acceptance of registered agent, assignment of organization rights, appointment of managers, resolution, signed consent to act as manager, operating agreement, register of members/managers, register of capital contributions, certificate of ownership. 

- Due Diligence.

- Courier Service (average).

Note: We can add additional documents for an extra fee like a notarized set, apostilled set, certificate of incumbency, certificate of good standing, and others. Feel free to discuss this with your Mundo representative and find out more about your options. 

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Company registration in Nevis: why choose Mundo 

Mundo is proud to say that our parent company was established in Nevis in 1994, therefore it has almost 30 years of experience in this jurisdiction. Since Mundo was born and grew along with this company, we have a tight connection as well. 

Our parent company is a leading provider of citizenship by investment in the Caribbean and Vanuatu and corporate services in Nevis, including trusts. To their 30 years of experience now we add Mundo’s, which is an international publication in various languages. 

Our mission is to spread out the company’s services and make new connections adding partners to our network. Hence, we can offer a wide range of products that can be combined in a unique structure consisting of asset protection and wealth development. 

If still you are not convinced with Nevis, we are happy to consider other alternatives and help you find the right jurisdiction for you. We can also open a bank account for your company. 

In this context, we offer our corporate services in Nevis, one of the best jurisdictions to bank, incorporate, and do business in the world. Contact your Mundo representative for more information. 


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