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Mundo is proud to say that we have created a wide network of experts all around the world. These experts include professional in the areas of real estate, banking, investment, immigration, trust, companies, licenses, crypto and other financial tools.

For this reason, we can help create tailored-made solutions and structures for each of our readers, combining different jurisdictions and services.

Do you need to hold your assets or your company within a trust? Do you need a passport for your whole family plus an asset protection tool? Do you need a legal tax residency with a company and a corporate bank account? Do you need a bank account for your crypto business? Do you want to expand your business and reach the Asian or Latin American market?

Thanks to our wide network of experts we can offer solutions for each case. All you have to do is send us details of your particular situation and we will help you design the structure that fits your needs. Also, through our network you will also be able to access more clients and co investment options.

With Mundo you have unique B2B and B2C opportunities.

Join our network and send us your task right now. The future is in your hands, and Mundo will stand by you during the whole journey towards your personal and financial freedom.

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MARCH 3, 2022  15:00 GMT
How to create
a Family Office
in 5 easy steps
A conference on how to establish your own family office by some of the world's top experts including financial products and invetments, second passports, trust and family office companies, usually only accessible to family office advisers.
This conference gives you detailed insider knowledge that will cost you a fortune in consultancy fees.
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