About the Cayman Islands

Almost everyone has heard the name "Cayman Islands". Have you ever wondered why? Easy. This island is the king of kings when it comes to tropical paradises and financial freedom, our favorite combination.

Known as the turquoise paradise, these three semi-virgin islands are part of the British overseas territory. This piece of heaven is barely 264 km2 and is located in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, right between Jamaica and Cuba, where it welcomes cruise ships loaded with tourists and offshore investors who stop by every day on its main island, Grand Cayman.

Accompanying the main island are the two jewels that complete the most stunning trinity in the entire Caribbean: the islands of Little Cayman and Cayman Brac.

This dream place attracts tourists and investors alike because of its beauty and its advantages, such as the fact that there is no income tax on its territory. 

Mundo's Freedom Rating

Mundo's country rating is essentially a freedom index whereby our team of specialists rates a combination of freedoms, which include freedom from violence and personal attacks, financial freedom from high taxes, business freedom from government interference, and especially from socialism and communism.

Political stability: 10

One of the most essential aspects you should know in-depth about any country you are going to do business in is how high its level of political stability is. It is no use for a jurisdiction to have favorable laws if there is a danger that a statist government will come in and ruin the whole picture. 

The Cayman Islands are fortunate to be a British overseas territory, which means that their political system is inherited from the British crown. In plain English, political instability is not a thing in this jurisdiction. The Cayman Islands' political stability is one of the main reasons this territory is the destination par excellence for asset protection strategies of investors and high net worth individuals from all over the world.

Corporate Services

The Cayman Islands company gains its mystique and allure from several intangible factors that make it as essential to your corporate strategy as well tea is to having high tea at Tiffany's. 

Like the British Virgin Islands, the Caymans Islands has been the incorporation centre of choice for the head offices and holding strictures of many of the world's largest companies, banks, financial institutions, and family offices. 

Unlike many of their poorer cousins who tried to emulate the Caymans’ corporate regime, our jurisdiction has highly trained legal professionals and an excellent banking system which is highly liquid.

Many offshore jurisdictions in weaker countries have regulators afraid of the OECD, not so the Caymans. 

So, if you want a well-regulated, highly competent, and most importantly, completely tax-free corporate system, you need to look no further than the Caymans.

Financial Licences

We would like to set the tone of this section by giving you in advance the reasons why the Cayman financial licences are superior to those in any other jurisdiction. Here we go:

  • To begin with, we tell you that the Cayman Islands have no direct taxes;
  • This jurisdiction has a banking system that stands face to face with the most sophisticated jurisdictions in Europe and Asia;
  • The world's largest financial services companies have a presence in Cayman territory;
  • This jurisdiction is home to 70% of the world's registered funds, according to some estimates;
  • The Cayman jurisdiction’s reputation as the international financial centre par excellence attracts a steady flow of investors to the Islands;
  • There are various licences available to you: from banking licences to digital asset management licences such as cryptocurrencies;

  • Speaking of digital asset licensing, in the Cayman Islands, there is a type of licence called a sandbox, which is one of the most advanced and favorable legal frameworks for regulating this type of activity;

Funds in the Cayman Islands

Investors who have an eye on the Cayman Islands generally consider establishing an offshore fund.

In fact, some estimates indicate that this jurisdiction is home to about 70% of the world's funds.

Today, the Cayman Islands is one of the world’s leading offshore jurisdictions and is particularly renowned for establishing investment funds.

Additionally, Cayman Islands entities are customarily used for transactions of all types, including equity, debt, insurance, capital markets transactions, mergers and acquisitions, and joint ventures. 

The Cayman Islands have no direct taxes of any kind.

There is no corporation tax, capital gains tax, profits tax or income tax.

The above advantages work like a magnet to attract hedge funds, which are tax free and can pay profits to their investors without making the deductions that other jurisdictions require.

Residency in Cayman Islands

How can you protect yourself from the growing insecurity in which many countries in the world are immersed?

One essential way is by relocating to a jurisdiction that guarantees you the lifestyle you desire and the possibility of obtaining an advantageous second citizenship after a qualifying period.

Due to its unique status as a British Overseas Territory, The Cayman Is-lands remain one of the few places on earth where residents can apply for a British Passport after completing the formalities of being granted residen-cy and living on the island for five years. 

The combination of having the right to obtain what is probably the most prestigious citizenship in the world today and having tax residency in an in-ternational financial center with the best tax policy imaginable is like the marriage between a Caspian Sea caviar and a bottle of the finest Cham-pagne Extra Brut. It is an option for those with the most extremely discern-ing tastes.

Banking in the Cayman Islands

We are excited to tell you that Mundo and one of the most recognized banking experts in the Cayman Islands have joined forces to offer you a truly compelling opportunity.

Just for our distinguished readers, we are offering a package that combines corporate and banking services in the Cayman Islands. In other words, it has never been easier to have the help you need to open a company (no matter what its legal structure is) and a bank account in this turquoise paradise.

The natural goodness of the Cayman Islands made it worthy of the name "turquoise paradise". And in the same way, their incredible banking system has given these islands the title of "the Swiss of the Caribbean".

It is worth noting that in the Cayman Islands it is not uncommon for banks to allow you to open an account without visiting their offices. Almost all communication is done through email and video calls. This is very convenient. 

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