The Cayman Islands company gains its mystique and allure from several intangible factors that make it as essential to your corporate strategy as well tea is to having high tea at Tiffany's. 

Like the British Virgin Islands, the Caymans Islands has been the incorporation centre of choice for the head offices and holding strictures of many of the world's largest companies, banks, financial institutions, and family offices. 

Unlike many of their poorer cousins who tried to emulate the Caymans’ corporate regime, our jurisdiction has highly trained legal professionals and an excellent banking system which is highly liquid.

Many offshore jurisdictions in weaker countries have regulators afraid of the OECD, not so the Caymans. 

So, if you want a well-regulated, highly competent, and most importantly, completely tax-free corporate system, you need to look no further than the Caymans.

Some advantages offered by the Cayman Islands:

  • No capital gains tax, corporate tax, withholding tax, property tax, payroll tax, or employee income tax;
  • No exchange control allows free transfer of funds to and from the islands, in any currency, with equal freedom to open and maintain accounts in any currency;
  • No reserve asset requirements;
  • Confidentiality of financial and banking information by law;
  • Competitiveness in the Euro markets;
  • A first-level banking environment with a range of products to cover any need;
  • An economy that admits excellent investment opportunities in various industries; and
  • The political stability that comes with being a British overseas jurisdiction.

Why the Cayman Islands?


In the Cayman Islands, the law recognises as an offense any disclosure of official information relating to the company and its beneficiary other than the information required by a court order concerning the company's criminal activities. This guarantees the protection of your data.

Open a company in one to four days

The time it takes to incorporate in the Cayman Islands truly lives up to its reputation as an international financial centre. In relation to any company, incorporation times are one to four days, can you believe that?


In the Cayman economy, investors are assured that placing assets in the Cayman Islands offers them the best opportunity to maximise their assets with the added value of confidentiality, unparalleled professionalism, and efficient regulation. 

This assurance comes from high ethical standards within the government and among financial service providers, in addition to transparent and fair laws and regulations.

Corporate structures

Generally speaking, there are four types of companies in the Cayman Islands.

These are:

  • Ordinary resident companies;
  • Ordinary non-resident companies;
  • Exempt companies; 
  • Limited liability companies (LLCs); and
  • Foundation companies.

One or two of the above types can apply for special economic zone designations.

Although having their own legal personality (like companies) without share capital, LLCs are managed by the majority of their members (as partnerships).

Some other things to consider are:

  1. Name of company: the name can be any word that does not duplicate another company’s name;
  2. Director: there is a minimum requirement to have at least one director;
  3. Share capital: there is no minimum share capital requirement;
  4. Shareholder: there is a minimum requirement to have at least one shareholder; and
  5. Registered office: having a Cayman Islands registered office is a legal requirement.

Exempt companies in the Cayman Islands

Most investors in the Cayman Islands choose to open an exempt company; this legal entity may apply for a 20 year tax-exemption on all income if taxes are ever imposed in the Cayman Islands. 

The process of incorporating this type of company could not be more straightforward:

An application for incorporation of a company is made by submitting signed copies of the memorandum and articles of association to the Register of Companies. Once a company is formed, the first meeting of directors deals with administrative matters, including:

  • Approving the appointment of directors (and/officers);
  • Approval of the transfer of the shares held by the subscriber to the memorandum;
  • Approve the end of the company's fiscal year;
  • Assign accountants, bankers, lawyers, etc. to the company;
  • Adopt the seal, if applicable (but not common these days); and
  • Approval of the application for a Tax Exemption Certificate under the Cayman Islands Tax Concessions Law (if applicable).

If you want to know more about setting up your business in the Cayman Islands, don't hesitate to contact us to meet our experts! We have a team of professionals who can take care of all your corporate affairs on the island. 

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