The new Casco Viejo in Panama

$ 110 USD

Mundo´s experts came up with the beautiful idea of building a new Casco Antiguo. This is going to be a unique neighborhood in the style of the 1920s, where everything is and will be thought exclusively for the comfort of pedestrians.

Forget about sitting in your car for hours of traffic jams and welcome a land where people will be able to take walks, and children will be able to play on the streets with their grandparents.

Say hello to a happier and healthier way of life!

We offer a master-planned community of 262 hectares, inspired in beautiful colonial cities like Cartagena de Indias, Sevilla and Casco Antiguo in Panama. This community will have houses, low buildings, malls, restaurants, squares, parks, schools, a sports club, health centers and more.

It will be quite easy for the residents of this community to get around as it will have wide sidewalks, bikeways and a trolley.

Under the new town building concept, this neighborhood will be built for the pedestrians´ comfort, in the northern part of Panama City–Panamá Norte– which is a constantly developing area.


Let´s talk about numbers

  • 12 schools nearby - 5km
  • 1km from Corredor Norte
  • 5km from the metro station
  • 12km from the airport
  • 7km from Santa María
  • 12km from the city center

Improved lifestyle

In this new neighborhood you will travel back in time and enjoy the beauties of the colonial era, when life was simpler and quieter, when people used to walk freely, rode the trolley and simply enjoyed each other´s company in parks and squares.


Places and facilities

Plaza Panama Will be the first square of the neighborhood. It will have leafy trees so you can walk under the shade on a summer day and playground for the little ones.

The sidewalks will be wide for the pedestrians´ comfort and the balconies will be continued so that people can walk safe from the rain when there´s bad weather.

The second square will be called Plaza Fundadores and will have a direct connection to commercial facilities like shops, cafes, restaurants and stores. This is the ideal place where you can enjoy a meal with the family, go shopping or a cold Balboa with a friend.

If you love nature, this project will surprise you because it includes a river with big parks where you can enjoy a microclimate, all within a walking distance from you home!



  • Modern infrastructure supported by an innovative concept
  • Designed by an international prestigious firm
  • Sports and tuition facilities (schools and sports club)
  • Easy mobility for pedestrians (wide sidewalks, trolley, bikeways)
  • Spaces and infrastructure to cater for elders, disabled and children
  • 12 km from Panama City´s center
  • The 8th line of the Panama metro will be built nearby
  • Sense of community
  • Close contact with nature and healthy lifestyle
  • Direct and convenient access through Panama’s Via Norte
  • A mix of residential and commercial land use compared to other projects
  • High impact in the country and region creating jobs and economic dynamism
  • Promoted by a prestigious developer


All these characteristics are the perfect conditions for culture to thrive, and we expect to host music festivals and other events of interest for the community.

We have land lots for sale for different developers, but all the construction must follow a strict urbanization code, and every project will be run by the Committee, thus guaranteeing the construction of the perfect neighborhood for people to enjoy.

Every project will be built under the same standards that consider the pedestrians the most important factor when it comes to town planification.


Project Description

Entire Property

262 hectares (includes sellable + common areas)

Phase 1-8

  • 101 hectares of sellable area
  • $347 average price/m2
  • $350 million in sales

Phase 9

  • 80 hectares of sellable area
  • $110 average price/m2
  • $88 million in sales

Executive summary

The team is looking for a strategic partner to participate in their unique and innovative real estate development here described, alongside a first-class development team with renowned industry experience. The partners are looking to allocate up to 7.5% of the total project equity.


  • A 262 ha (647 acres) real estate development in Panama City’s northern sector
  • Sale of land parcels to developers, commercial centers and institutions
  • Mixed-use


Panama City, northern sector of the city.


New Urbanism: the project will be a walkable community in a flourishing natural context, designed for pedestrians, allowing convenience and comfort to meet their basic needs and ensure a high life quality level.


Search for a strategic partner to acquire shareholder participation


Up to 15% participation in the project, equal to up to 7.5% participation in the Investments ownership vehicle.

Expected Return

18% IRR

Country overview

  • Total Population: 4.1M
  • Labor Force: 46%
  • GDP Growth: 5.3% 
  • International tourist arrivals (end of 2017) 2.11 M
  • Unemployment rate: 6.1%
  • GDP centered in highly developed services sector: 75%
  • Banking and Financial Institutions: more than 80
  • Inflows from Foreign Direct Investment: 5.5bn
  • International tourist arrivals (end of 2017): 2.1M
  • GDP accounted to Canal & essential to global trade: 10%
  • Investment in Tocumen Airport expansion to handle demand efficiently: +800M
  • International tourism inbound receipts: $4.15 bn
  • Contribution to GDP from tourism sector: 11.6%
  • Boost in cargo tonnage during first year of canal expansion: 22%
  • Increase in ship arrival from 2016-2017: 14%
  • Metric tons of load moved by National Port System (2017): 86.9 M
  • Largest trade zone in the world: 2nd after Hong Kong
  • Of total employment held by tourism-related positions: 12%


Business model

The main objective is the sale of land parcels to commercial centers, institutions, and developers

We handle the development of all common areas and offer developers the opportunity to purchase land plots and parcels, including the following attributes:

  • Parks, rivers & plazas
  • Walkable urbanism
  • Flat Land
  • Architecture guidelines
  • Horizontal property
  • Sanitary Conduit
  • Pluvial Conduit
  • Electric & Com. Conduit
  • Drinking Water Conduit



About the developer

Mundo works with the best and most prestigious developers in Panama and in the world.

Our primary focus is to develop authentic communities focused on pedestrians under the principles of new urbanism. This concept was brought to Panama from the United States in the 80s by our developers, and it was considered a revolutionary project in those times.

Mundo´s partners have participated in the development of some of the most exclusive and active zones in Panama City.

For this reason, you can rest assured knowing that your investment lies in the hand of the best professionals in the area.

We highly recommend investing in Panama and especially in this unique project which offers great returns, being a new neighborhood in the heart of Panama.

If you want to invest in the new Casco Viejo in Panama City, please contact us and ask for a consultation.

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