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Banking has always been about the quality and depth of relationships and the level of qualifications and integrity of the relationship manager.

Today, this is even more important since it is only with the right documentation and high-quality-trained staff that your process can be fast-tracked from months to weeks.

Our specialized banking team will provide you with the following services.

·   Initial pre-approval of your bank account with applications to over 30 partner banks in several jurisdictions, including Panama, St. Lucia, Puerto Rico, Armenia, Georgia, Russia, Switzerland, United States, Singapore, Hong Kong, and many others.

·      Personalized services in helping you prepare the full packet of documentation. We act as your representative in all application stages from pre-approval to final opening.

·   Assistance in choosing the right corporate structure and establishing a business plan. We help you answer bank questions.

·      Opening of a corporate account.

·      Opening of a brokerage account.

·      Opening of a fund, Fintech, or financial services account.

·      Card programs (credit and debit) and white label.

·      Merchant accounts.

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About us

Mundo has a dedicated team of banking relationship officers and affiliates with over 40 top banks and bankers around the world. As an example, our Panama headquarter shares an office with the representative of Belize’s top banks. Further, our banking experts’ worldwide network can solve many complex problems and issues by finding the right jurisdiction.

As a busy business owner, investor, or professional intermediary (lawyer, wealth adviser, accountant), and reader of Mundo, you want fast, cost-effective, and expert advice one click away and a relationship manager who can quickly and effectively respond to your needs.

We know that if you choose us, you will always receive the best services, prices, and quality. We combine the technology of Latin America’s best online portal with the personal attention of a dedicated team representing over one hundred of the world’s top experts in corporate services.

You will be assigned a personal relationship manager who will always make sure that our experts are meeting your needs and requirements. Our team is dedicated to excellent service.

Mundo is a unique investment, wealth, and corporate portal founded over six years ago by NTL Trust (the oldest trust company in Nevis established in 1994). Its associated offices span the globe. NTL and Mundo have partnered with experts worldwide to provide the highest quality of expertise and services in the corporate and wealth planning field.

Combined with NTL’s Latin American team, the Mundo group has its team of experts and lawyers in Panama trained to assist our clients and agents in all corporate service aspects. We exclusively represent many of the world’s top corporate and banking experts in Latin America.

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