A pre IPO for your Family Office: Connectic+, by AllianceAPI

$ 3000000 USD

As you may already know, an initial public offering (IPO) refers to the process of offering shares of a private corporation to the public in a new stock issuance. Therefore, if you know to choose correctly, you can find a golden investment. The first round of investment into a new start-up is the kind of investment Family Offices love, if the product is right, as they can add many figures on their accounts. This is why we would like to introduce you to an outstanding pre IPO that is going for its first-round private equity: Connectic+, by AllianceAPI.

We are introducing Connectic+ now so you are not too late to read about the next possible baby unicorn. Let us show you how this company has developed and articulated an effective growth and business strategy while taking “innovation” to the next level.

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Why a pre-IPO?

As we have mentioned before, this first round of investment in a new startup can be like finding a diamond in the rough, if you know what to look for. Family Offices love it right away if the product is right. In that sense, you should be aware of how the tech stocks are flying through the roof and many pre-IPOs are emerging with the full potential of growth.

Nowadays, computers and smartphones are not the only devices connecting to the internet. Day by day any kind of objects going from light bulbs, passing through TVs and door locks; all of them are increasingly being brought online. That is when investing in the Internet of Things (IoT) starts to make sense. IoT refers to the online networks of devices and objects, which communicate with other devices in the same network via connections to data centers.

The tech industry is vast, including gadget makers, software developers, wireless service providers, streaming services, semiconductor companies, and cloud providers, and so on. Any company that sells a product or service that has many hallmarks of technology is probably in the tech industry. Likewise, any company that manufactures consumer electronics, sensors, or chips for industrial or commercial purposes, has at least some exposure to IoT technology. Connectivity has become an essential part of our lives.

Therefore, when looking at the opportunities of investment in a pre-IPO of a company that works in the area has to be something to consider if you are looking to get some money in the mid and long term. Once a pre-IPO in this sector appears, it can represent the future baby unicorn, thanks to the environment and sector in which it is developed. Recognizing this before others is the reason why a pre-IPO can become one of the best investment options you can look at. 

Sample Commerce Categories

  • Travel
  • Music Streaming
  • Mobile Airtime
  • Restaurants / Pubs
  • Books
  • Doctors Appointments
  • Shopping
  • Food Delivery
  • Banking

Why this one?

Many reasons; but let's only name the most important ones. First, there is a growing interest in IoT companies and AllianceAPI is well-positioned in the space generating interest from companies such as Galanz (Walmart) and Noise (Bragi). Connectic+ is a universal API platform that enables consumers and businesses to access real-time, standardized commerce, as well as smart devices using their customizable UI platform-agnostic Voice Al with internet/5G, enabled devices and wearables such as headphones, watches, phones, tablets, and computers.

In other words, it is a global software solution for inter-connecting API platforms across different industries and sectors. This enables the robust loT connection capabilities of different devices within the loT eco-system.

Second, as businesses are embracing the adoption of internet-connected devices, AllianceAPI's Connectic+ in conjunction with a multi-platform Voice Al and UI service has positioned itself to provide fast interconnectivity services in a wide range of products. Something you must be aware of is that Connectic+ can connect to any other active API platform. By offering interconnections to different platforms among diverse industries this company expects to generate millions of interactions and integrations with every contract.

Similarly, when looking at a new pre-IPO of any company, you need to consider their consolidated alliances, since it represents a clear indicator of how big it can become in the future. In that sense, AllianceAPI is expected to generate over 5 million device integrations with a SkullCandy contract, generating massive market adoption. Specifically, this is a contract executed with Gigaaa Voice-AI to build the first smart headphones with SkullCandy and Bragi OS.

Additionally, Alliance API's Connectic+ is expected to generate over US 2M in revenue in 2021, with positive EBIDTA. They have also built a partnership with Telefonica to increase IoT adoption in the EU being the fourth largest ISP and are currently in talks with Salesforce and SAP to innovate IoT technology in the USA with robust real-time data. Other projects to be mentioned of this company include the following:

  • Integrated Voice-AI, one of the key features that will revolutionize the way the Consumer interacts with the internet and brings Smart Cities to reality.
  • They are in conversation with Hyundai’s autonomous vehicle project (M.E.C.A) to ensure high efficiency in their EV self-driving cars enabled with Connectic+ IoT technology 
  • B2B Patent Pending Connectic+ will be licensed globally protecting data privacy and globally compliant for fast adoption.
  • Building first-ever AI-enabled smart trash bin enabled with Connectic+, in a pilot project at San Diego Airport.

The cities of the future can benefit a lot from the projects of AllianceAPI. Yes, AllianceAPI with its unique agility to connect with different platforms and handle vast amounts of data in seconds, has positioned itself to provide services for Smart Cities and Smart Environments by connecting all smart devices. Currently, this company is making possible the concept of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to improve operational efficiency, share information with the public and provide a better quality of government service and citizen welfare. 

Particularly, Connectic+ delivers a powerful default API framework compatible with any B2B IoT environment. Connectic+ collects global live data stream through its 4 API components (Internal, Composite, Partner and, Open) and then processes the data in its datahub to construct a robust real-time metadata index from a large pool of global data creating the most unique user profiles. It uses unique data profile indicators as well as 20 unique syntax digital identifiers including voice verification for security against breaches while reducing development and maintenance costs by ~40%. Appealing, right?

As if this was not enough, AllianceAPI also has projects oriented towards the development of the cities of the future. Among them, we can mention these:

  • In conversation with Idea and Vodafone, joint venture VI to build smart Construction in India.
  • Executed contracts with different government agencies to provide IoT interconnectivity services for Smart Cities.
  • Strong diversified team with team members in Japan, South Korea, Germany, and the USA with work experience in fortune 100 companies as well as many startups; worked together on many successful projects in the past 8 years.

Why could this be a unicorn and what is their competition?

Unicorn valuation of AllianceAPI's Connectic+ could be expected within the next 5 years depending on their traction and clients' adoption. In fact, it is not too optimistic to say that the potential is there since their numbers are very favorable.

However, we can recognize that this is a sector with growing competitors. But, what makes AllianceAPI unique is the fact that their technology can be implemented in all platforms and all jurisdictions since they are not attached or fed into any proprietary platform. Particularly this is what makes their technology agile and nimble in terms of costs and adoption.

For instance, Google can't work in China, but AllianceAPI could. Likewise, Facebook is hard to implement in India, but AllianceAPI is already in talks with GoNoise (the biggest wearables company in India) to implement its technology in their smart devices. The latter could be also replicated in Russia, the US, and any other major economy in the world. Due to their nimbleness, they are also universally compliant since they do not manage their data, although they have access and control to the Metadata generated by the transactions that occurred in its platform.

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Why now?

Now, after we have introduced you to the potential of AllianceAPI and Connectic+, you may be wondering about the numbers and details of dates for this pre-IPO. The first round is expected to close in February 2022, which means that there are only a few months left to take advantage of this opportunity.

The investment amount sought for this round is USD 3,000,000, at a pre-money valuation of USD 12M. This means that the price per share is USD 1.20. There are also 2,500,00 Units in the company of just straight equity (No option, Convertible notes, or warrants); this is representative of 20% equity in the company. You can find all the information summarized in the following table:

The proceeds for this round according to AllianceAPI's models would provide a runway for 24 months. In that time they should expect to have at least over 30M in revenues. This valuation is based on the multiple of revenue, which would put them at a valuation of around 100 million. With no further dilution, its shares should be worth at least

USD 8, generating a multiple of 600%. In this regard, they are in talks with several vehicles to do a possible RTO (Go Public Transaction) in Canada. Likewise, this company could get listed in the US through a SPAC or IPO About the use of the proceeds, the following graphic can explain it in detail:

If this is appealing to you, do not think about it for much time, and get in contact with our team. Further details and figures can be provided for you to take advantage of this unique pre-IPO for your Family Office. Get deeper into the world of IoT, connectivity, and tech stocks. Welcome to the world of AllianceAPI and Connectic+!

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