In our previous articles, such as "About Australia", and "How to Immigrate to Australia", we indicated the great environment and the enormous opportunities that as an investor or as a worker you can find in the sixth largest country in the world. Although it's great geographical distance from the West might scare some, let us tell you that this great country can be the path to your and your family's success.

Australia has several visas for both investors and qualified personnel wishing to relocate to this country to work. We have previously applauded the commitment and constant pursuit of merit that Australia has set as a flag, so we assure you that you will move to an environment that promotes development and advancement.

The Permanent Residency or the PR Visa

This is one of the programs offered by the Australian government to those who wish to relocate their life to Australia. This visa will be renewable and will have a duration of 5 years from its issuance. Once you receive it, you will be able to move to Australia to live with your family.

With the Permanent Residency permit, according to the Australian government, you will be entitled to:

-Remain in Australia indefinitely

-Work and study in Australia

-Enter the Australian National Health scheme

-Apply for bank loans to buy property

-Sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residence

-Work in New Zealand

This program, along with the different types of visas it includes, is the first step in your immigration process to enter Australia. You should apply for it if your stay is indefinite, and even more so if you are going to the country to work or study. It is primarily aimed at skilled labor personnel who can bring benefits to the Australian economy, and we will ensure that you are aware of each type of visa and the requirements of each.

You will be able to choose the visa you wish to apply for according to your interests and the reason for your move to Australia. The three main reasons for application are:

-Family-stream permanent residence visas

-Work-stream permanent residence visas

-Business or investment-stream permanent residence visas

We recommend you to contact us to obtain from our team of experts, all the advice you may need when deciding which visa is the best for you, and which one will give you the best benefits. There are many sectors of the Australian economy looking for qualified personnel and you could be one of the beneficiaries.

Thinking about what we just said, we’d like to talk to you about the visas you can apply for if you are considering moving to Australia.

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-Work-Stream Permanent Residence Visas

a. Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (Subclass 482)

This visa program was born in 2018 and is aimed at allowing Australian employers to "sponsor" a foreign national to work as their employees in Australia. The key to this and many of the other existing work visa programs in Australia is that the employer is not able to find an Australian employee with sufficient skill for the work to be performed. This type has two subtypes, which are: Short-Term and Mid-Term Visas; and the Labour Agreement Stream.

b. Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189):

This visa allows invited workers with skills required by the Australian government, to live and work permanently anywhere in Australia. This type of visa is probably the more desirable given its flexibility and good chances of approval

c. Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190):

This visa lets nominated skilled workers live and work in Australia as permanent residents. An important issue about this type of visa is that you only can apply if you have been nominated by a State or territory government.

d. Skill Work Regional Visa (Subclass 491):

This is a provisional visa. It is for skilled workers who want to live and work in regional Australia. This visa has a duration of up to 5 years. Just like in other types of visas we have talked about, you’ll have to be under 45 years old and having an occupation on the Occupation Lists. You’ll have to be either sponsored by an eligible relative or by the State or territory government agency. 

To apply to any of these visas, in general terms, you’ll need to:

-Be under 45 years old

-Get at least 65 points on the immigration test

-Have an occupation on the Short, Medium, or Long-term Skills Lists 

-Receive an invitation to apply

-Have a good command of the English language, with documents to prove it.

-The Golden Visas

But if instead of going to work or study, you are an investor looking for your next project, Australia is also positioned as a more than favorable destination for you. Its excellent economy, international recognition, business quality, and commercial allies make the largest island in the world an important "one to watch".

If you are interested in entering the Australian business world, these are the visas you can apply for, and what each one requires:

-Business Innovation Visa 188A:

This visa is thought for business owners who have an overall successful business career and are seeking to establish business operations in Australia.

To apply for this visa, according to Australian law, you’ll need to:

-Be under 50 years old

-Have combined net business and personal assets of at least AU$1.250.000

-Provide proof of your business success

-Score at least 65 points on the Business Innovation and Investment Points Test

The Investor Stream 188B:

This is a 4-year temporary visa. Once the applicant has maintained an investment in Australia for that long, they may apply for permanent residence. The requirements for this type of visa are these:

-To be nominated by a State or Territory government to invest at least AU$2.5 million if you were nominated after 1 July 2021.

-Score at least 65 points on the mentioned test

-To have at least 3 years of experience managing a qualifying business.

-To have a net business, investment, and personal assets of at least AU$2.5 million

-Significant Investor Visa 188C:

This provisional visa is for people who invest at least AUD5 million in Australian investments that meet certain requirements and maintain investment activity in Australia. To apply for this visa, you must:

-Be invited to apply

-Be nominated by the State or Territory to invest at least AU$5 million, and have the intention to hold that investment for the whole visa’s life

-Have the intention to live in the State or Territory whose government nominates you

Premium Investor Visa 188D:

This provisional visa is for people who are nominated by Austrade and who invest at least AUD15 million in Australian investments and/or philanthropic contributions. To apply, you must:

-Be nominated by Austrade

-Be invited to apply

-Invest at least AU$15 million in Australian investments and/or philanthropic contributions that meet certain requirements 

-Have a genuine intention to hold the investment for the whole period of the visa (except any part of the investment that is a philanthropic contribution)

Family-Stream Permanent Visas

This stream was thought for the spouse/partner, children, or parents of an Australian Citizen or permanent resident. With this option, you will be able to migrate to Australia if a close member of your family meets the above requirement.

Although the Australian administration gives preference to spouses, dependent children, or parents, it also provides the chance to other family members dependents of the permanent resident to move to Australia. With no doubt, Australia has its doors open.

Australian Citizenship

To apply for Australian citizenship, you must first have obtained a permanent resident visa and have met each of the requirements of your visa. You must also meet the following criteria to be eligible for citizenship:

-Have passed a Citizenship test (only for those under 60 years old)

-Be a permanent resident at the time of the application and at the time of the decision

-Satisfy the resident requirements

-Be likely to reside in Australia

-Be of good character

Once you have met these requirements, and your citizenship has been approved, you will enjoy these rights:

-Live in Australia

-To apply for an Australian passport (The world’s 8th most powerful according to Henley & Partners.

-Register as an Australian citizen by descent any of your children born overseas after you become a citizen

-Vote in the elections and much more!

Getting your Australian permanent residency is the first step to a new life and the first link on the road to Australian citizenship. Being part of this country is certainly conducive to a good and successful life, so contact us today to start your immigration process!

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