Supporting Australia’s FinTech Sector

The Morrison Administration has been in charge of boosting the business system and fintech solutions in the country, seeking to considerably increase investments, and thus create new jobs in Australia.

The Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment, Dan Tehan, stated that, as a result of different treaties with countries in the region, as well as with the United Kingdom, Australia has become more than an attractive destination for investors in a wide variety of areas, especially in the fintech solutions sector. 

For the Australian government, the implementation and empowerment of this type of business have opened the doors to innovation and evolution in business, with the many benefits that this entails. The trend points to a continued growth of these businesses, which will boost Australia's online presence in a wide variety of businesses.

Singapore-Australia Green Economy Agreement

Australia and Singapore are working on the development of a Green Economy Agreement (GEA), which will help both countries transition towards a green future. One of the main points of this agreement is that it will generate a large number of jobs in both countries.

The GEA will seek to promote investment and the exchange of green and sustainable technologies, as well as the review and elimination of certain mandatory charges. Australia has positioned itself as one of the main sponsors and promoters of green energy, so the implementation of this treaty could provide an important boost to the commercialization of green energy in the region.

Despite the fact that negotiations only started last September 21, this is a topic to take into account when considering the next destination and area of your investment. The GEA will not only create new jobs but will also open the doors to a large number of investments from all over the world.

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Joint Indo-Pacific Economic Meeting

After a meeting with New Zealand Minister for Trade and Export Growth, the Singapore Minister for Trade and Industry, and the US Secretary of Commerce, the Australian Minister for Trade, Tourism, and Investment, Dan Tehan said that the four countries are in discussions to explore opportunities to expand economic cooperation relationships in the Indo-Pacific region.

This meeting served for the countries involved to reaffirm their commitment to the development and economic growth of the region, promoting new investments, the promotion of emerging economies, green technologies, the achievement of climate change goals, and, in general, the economic prosperity of the region.

It could be expected that in the coming months, different plans and programs will be implemented in order to strengthen and fulfill the above-mentioned objectives, so the investment opportunities in the region will be worthy of your attention. Once these opportunities appear, our team of experts will be ready to provide you with the best attention and guidance for your project.

Australia-Pacific Cooperation to Grow Agricultural Trade in the Region

The Australian government has decided to team up with other Pacific countries, as well as with different organizations to boost and grow agricultural trades with the Pacific Islands, and to enhance biosecurity, according to the Minister for Agriculture and Northern Australia, David Littleproud.

This boost, among other advantages, will bring a notable improvement in the quality and quantity of products from these islands, which are currently prey to various pests and other problems related to local agriculture. The objective is to open the doors of these small countries to new markets and higher incomes, as well as, clearly, to limit the scope that any of these pests may have.

Farmers and workers in these small islands are to be given access to newer and better production methods so that they can offer better and safer products, with the Australian and New Zealand markets as their main targets. 

Australia is confident that once these programs gain further development and reach, and the region begins to see the fruits and results, the country itself will benefit greatly while maintaining its commitment to economic recovery from the severe damage suffered as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Promoting Australia as a Travel and Investment Destination

Australia will be promoted as a world-leading travel and investment destination at Expo 2020 Dubai. This will strengthen international trade and investment ties. According to the Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment, Dan Tehan, Australia’s participation in this event will “target business opportunities in key industries including food and agribusiness, advanced manufacturing and space, mining and resources, education, healthcare, infrastructure, and digital technology”.

Australian participation in this event will be used primarily to promote a large number of new Australian businesses, as well as to attract the attention of different international investors looking for a destination for their next investment. Thanks to this event and the ties formed with the UAE, the contracts that these companies get with their partners in the Emirates, are around $170 million, distributed in areas of construction, architecture, software, logistics, and many more.

This event will be held until March 31, 2022, and in which Australia hopes to maintain the great performance, and above all, the benefits of recent years.

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