Life of an Expat in New Zealand

In this section of our Country Focus, you can read a first-hand experience that will make you see the advantages of deciding to go and live in New Zealand as an expat to protect yourself (and your assets) from the growing anti-business and anti-freedom policies that are appearing with increasing frequency in most countries around the world.

One of our oldest friends decided a few years ago to move to New Zealand and agreed to share his story with us as long as we protect his identity. To maintain his anonymity, we have exchanged the names of our friend and his wife in this section on living as an expat in New Zealand.

Robert and Miranda are an Argentine couple who have worked hard to achieve a prosperous economic status for themselves and their families. Our friend, Robert, is an investor and entrepreneur who has known more about economic crises than anyone should. And Miranda is a digital entrepreneur who runs several six-figure online businesses.

The life of our friend and his wife was relatively quiet, although they never felt comfortable with the fiscal policies of Argentina, whose tax burden has been rising for several years now. But even with the very high tax burden, Robert was still able to afford a good standard of living, although things changed a little over a year and a half ago.

In early 2020, the global coronavirus pandemic paralyzed most of the world's economies, including Argentina. And with the health crisis came a worsening of the economic crisis. In these cases, the government only knows how to do one thing: trample on freedoms.

Thinking of their children's future and of protecting their hard-earned wealth, Robert and Miranda concluded that the best way to stay free was to find a safer and more prosperous place to live.

He began the search for a new destination in which to live and conduct his various businesses.

Robert and Miranda began to compare different options: going to the United States or trying their luck in some European countries were their first choices, but it was enough to do a little research on the internet to understand that the governments of almost all the world are turning their policies towards a particularly dangerous place for those who want to live being free and disposing of their money as they wish.

That's when they expanded their horizon and stumbled upon New Zealand, one of the best jurisdictions in the world to live and do business in.

If you would like to know in much more detail about New Zealand's options for foreign investors, please feel free to review the other sections of our Country Focus.

Going to Live in New Zealand

If, like Robert and Miranda, you are a person who puts safety and freedom above all else, then New Zealand is the place for you.

Our friends told us that one of the first reasons why they were convinced that moving to New Zealand was the best alternative for them was that the country is one of the freest in the world and also, compared to their home country, crime in New Zealand was practically non-existent.

Before making his decision, Robert needed to answer some questions and learn more about the realities of New Zealand. Since he could not travel (his country had suspended all airline and flight activity), he contacted our team to connect with some of New Zealand's top legal experts in immigration and commercial issues.

And while Robert was asking questions of our team of experts, his wife Miranda was becoming more and more enamored with the idea of moving to one of the most lushly landscaped jurisdictions in the world.

After a couple of emails and video calls, it was clear to Robert. The three reasons he and his wife took their children and went to live in New Zealand were as follows:

-Residency programs: While New Zealand does not have a citizenship by investment program like some other jurisdictions, it offers pathways to citizenship through investor visas. In addition to having visas that he could apply for, Robert was excited about the idea of being able to get his residency in a very short time and by doing the paperwork online, thanks to the New Zealand government's robust digital platform.

-Economic freedom: when Robert and Miranda found out that New Zealand has been in the top 3 of the easiest countries to start a business for more than 15 years in a row, their eyes sparkled for a moment. Our friends managed to make a considerable amount of money with their business in Argentina, one of the countries with the highest tax burden in the world. Imagine the possibilities offered by a country where starting and operating a business is practically a frictionless process with the state.

-Quality of life: the reason that finally convinced them to move to New Zealand is the quality of life that is enjoyed in this jurisdiction. New Zealand has a first-class infrastructure, a very, very low poverty rate, and a natural diversity that makes anyone feel like living in the Garden of Eden.

The Adventure Began

Once Robert and Miranda made the decision, it wasn't long before they got down to work. 

By mid-2020, Robert and Miranda had already contacted our experts, and shortly after, they were approved for an investor visa which allowed them to move to New Zealand with their children.

Now Robert, who has been living in New Zealand for just over a year, only has to wait a little longer to obtain permanent residency that will lead him and his family to New Zealand citizenship.

Leaving one of the most heavily taxed countries in the world and entering one of the most economically free places was their only culture shock, and it was a good one. At all times, they have felt at home in New Zealand, and none of them regret making the right choice over cheaper options.

With the emergence of new variants of the coronavirus, the restrictions are worsening at a worrying rate. Still, Robert and Miranda are no longer affected in the same way, as the New Zealand government has managed to handle this crisis without compromising the freedom of its citizens.

New Zealand is one of the most popular destinations for international investors who want to protect their assets and do business in a stable country with a deep respect for private economic activity. If you want to know how to start your process of living as an expat in New Zealand, contact us!

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