Real Estate Investment in Belize

Mundo is dedicated to maintaining the best information on offshore investment and structuring opportunities available in each country we review. That is why we are very careful only to be the information partners of only the very best and reputable developers and Real Estate opportunities. If it doesn't fit our high investment standards, we simply don't write about it.

Because we are locals and registered in Belize, we are particularly careful to offer you only the opportunities we know are the Rolls Royce of quality and value for money.

There is only one place in Belize that you, as a foreigner, should live. That place is an island 30 minutes by ferry from mainland Belize and with an ever-growing community of expats living and working there permanently and with hundreds of thousands of tourists flying in each year. We call it the Ibiza of Central America because it is full of amazing activities and opportunities, including great dining, diving, fishing, coral reef snorkeling, and general water activities.

There is an endless number of family activities, as well as great island nightlife. The island is only 30 minutes by boat to the most famous diving spot in the world (The Blue Hole) and surrounded by the second largest coral reef in the world. The beaches and the sunsets are to die for.

That island is called Ambergris Caye, and its capital is San Pedro. What still amazes us is that Ambergris Caye isn't considered among the best touristic destinations in Central America and the Caribbean. It is, for sure, at least, the most underrated.

We work with the best real estate developers in Belize to offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for avid investors that see Ambergris' potential.

Mundo readers are being offered a one time offer of a promotional package which can only be redeemed through us, which includes the following:

       ·    An investment tour of San Pedro and Belize, where you will meet the owners, be shown the nightlife, diving, and tourism and investment opportunities of the island absolutely free (the price will be deducted from your lot purchase) plus a stay in the luxury villas or hotels of Mahogany Bay.

      ·  The option to buy lots, houses, or Canal and beachfront land in San Pedro, starting at only $40,000 per lot and terrific financing options for Mundo readers.

       ·      You'll have a Belize company or trust included in the package to own the land without cost and fees of a Belize lawyer to finalize the conveyance of title.

       ·      And, of course, a full residency package (provided you can show a monthly income of $2000). 

This package is available for a limited time, while the lots are still available. The island isn't large, and many lots will go away quite soon, so we urge you to visit Belize and have the experience of a lifetime.

Secrets about Belize Real Estate

Only at Mundo, we dare to tell you some little-known secrets about Belize Real estate that you will not hear anywhere else:

Secret 1

San Pedro and Ambergris Caye are one of the safest places in the world. There is no crime whatsoever because criminals find it too difficult and too expensive to get to the island and further have no way of getting back without being caught. Further, the island has excellent security, you can literally leave your children unattended on the beach, and the only risk is getting too much suntan.

How is it that this paradise is only 30 minutes away from Belize City where there are criminals and gangs? Well, just look at Miami. There are some suburbs (you simply would not even take your dog and some others where it is perfectly safe. Belize is the same; you need to know where to live. And the best we can suggest is San Pedro in Ambergris Caye.

Secret 2

There is only one development in San Pedro that is built to the highest international standards, has a five-star luxury hotel, shopping, and restaurants, and is the best value-cost relationship in the Caribbean and Latin America. That development is owned by one of the largest landowning families in San Pedro and, therefore, has pockets deep enough to maintain the highest standards. Mundo looked long and hard at all other developments, and there is nothing like this.

This is why we agreed to become their informational partners. The development is called Mahogany Bay, and here, you can acquire a beachfront luxury property with access to the best beaches in the world, built to high international British standards starting at $150,000. Property like this would cost you over a million dollars in Australia, over $500,000 in other places of Latin America, and we won't even mention how much it would cost in Miami. You won't find better and cheaper anywhere else.

Secret 3

Mundo has partnered with Mahogany Bay's owners to bring family offices and investors to participate in an even bigger secret called secret beach. This beach owned by the same family is being designed as an eco-city with organic greenhouses and based on the upcoming models of a free city. Investors can buy beachfront lots through Mundo, starting at only $40,000. If you buy this for your family as soon as development starts, these lots will rise exponentially.

Secret 4

The National Sustainable Tourism Master Plan (NSTMP) endorsed in 2012, had the goal of achieving 556,000 overnight arrivals by 2030. In 2019, more than 90% of that goal had been accomplished. And Belize isn't still considered a top Caribbean destination. Just to name an example, Grenada, which has a fifth of the Belizean population, has similar visitor numbers. That means there's still a ton of room to grow for Belize.

Mahogany Bay

The residence in Mahogany Bay Village brings a new style of Caribbean playfulness and sophisticated luxury to Belize. Here you will discover impeccable craftsmanship infused with sleek interior design infused with today's most sought amenities, curated by a collective of creative visionaries. These waterfront properties revel in an unabashedly modern spirit—homes filled with enchantment, elegance, and cutting-edge design.

Mahogany Bay Village is a deluxe coastal living community, which is also home to a Hilton Curio Resort. The project allows individuals to invest and maintain private estates, or generate rental income in one of the region's most sought after destinations, which is one of the last affordable luxury real estate investment possibilities in the Caribbean.

As the only gated and master-planned community in Belize, the development honors the Caribbean allure and style while featuring an integrated canal system. Mahogany Bay's classy properties come with unrivaled design and a spectacular display of amenities, within a mere 10-minute drive from the San Pedro Airport.

Mahogany Bay Village is located on Ambergris Caye, the home of most expats in Belize and just one mile south of San Pedro Town, the most famous tourist destination in all Belize. With a deluxe design, vibrant local culture, and the unforgettable beauty and comfort of Ambergris Caye, Mahogany Bay is an extraordinary combination of art and functionality.

The residences at Mahogany Bay are an exciting new enclave of tropical island design. The aesthetic of the homes will reflect a specific architectural style found in the Caribbean.

These luxurious homes allow owners to live, love, dine and play around Ambergris Caye. The ownership allows for personal use while also providing owners the option for professionally managed nightly rentals.

Mahogany Bay's potential

The tourism market is still considered "emerging" in Belize by travel and tourism companies. This is because the country generally, and Ambergris Caye specifically, do not currently have the facilities available to meet current demand and to accommodate large-scale charter tourism. Established Caribbean destinations depend on their thriving tourism industries. Private residences within the larger Mahogany Bay Village development would help to ease this supply constraint and move the market closer to meeting demand.

Not just in the United States, but around the world, the baby boomer generation is fast approaching retirement. This generation in the United States controls most of the net worth in the country and accounts for 40% of total consumer demand. By some estimates, they also stand to inherit 7.6 trillion dollars during their lifetimes. As they begin to wind down their working lives, many will begin to travel more with their families, and many will seek second and third homes. Others, who may not be as well off, will also look for locales where their dollars will stretch to accommodate their increased life expectancy.

As a group that currently adds 10,000 members daily to the population age 65 and older, at a pace that will actually increase over the next two decades, they have limited retirement location choices that allow for ease of travel to visit family, friends, and medical facilities along with a familiar culture. But that's what Belize provides. It's an English-speaking country, has a strong expat community, and it’s just two hours away from Miami (and also has direct flights from Denver, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Newark, and Chicago).

Moreover, Belize has started growing as a tourist destination. The tourist rental demand has increased 44% in the last five years, but the increase of monthly or nightly rentals hasn't been proportional to the demand. And that, of course, has increased returns for property owners and investors.

And, if we hadn't said it, almost 75% of tourists that visit Belize, go to Caye Ambergris, which has a peak occupancy rate of 71.5%. This means we're offering a high-return possibility, for an amazing price, at a top tourist, ever-growing, destination.

What can we offer for you?

Our partners have a wide array of different properties. We have homes ranging from three bedrooms to one-bedroom, larger, multi-family units for those looking for bigger investment projects, and even townhomes.

You might be asking about specific return numbers. Just to name one example, a three-bedroom property that costs around $350,000 can generate an annual rental income of more than $120,000, meaning you'll recover your investment in a mere three years.

But our partners also have many different options to suit all kinds of investors, strategies, and pockets. We're offering more than 30 different projects in Mahogany Bay, where you can invest.

Secret Beach

The other amazing opportunity our partners have to offer is Secret Beach.

One common question regarding real estate investment is what is the best time to invest? The answer is simple: At the pre-developed stage. It is wise to invest when prices are low, the potential is untapped, and there's room to grow. Purchasing land at this stage is like purchasing wholesale, and purchasing developed land is like buying retail.

Now, how can you identify a land project with a ton of potential? You need to look at different essential factors, such as demographics, housing patterns, economic growth, geographic considerations, and public/private investment patterns.

And Ambergris Caye checks all the boxes. The West Coast of the Caye is known as the Secret Beach, which has become a top location for locals and tourists. You have idyllic Caribbean beaches, with white sand, no seagrass, otherworldly sunsets, and much more. But there's still a lot of work to do.

It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

25 years ago, Ambergris Caye was largely unknown but has developed dramatically. Nevertheless, most of the development focused on the East Coast of the island, meaning there are still incredible opportunities for land development on the West Coast. But you must also consider that almost half of the Belizean lands are not available for investment because they are under environmental protection. For this reason, Land Banking on the West Coast of Ambergris Caye (The Platinum Coast) is a very limited opportunity due to the availability of the finite amount of lots that do not require environmental protection.

With the exponential expansion and land rush taking place in Belize, and especially in the West Coast of Ambergris Caye, land values can potentially triple in the next half-decade. Does this seem unrealistic? That's not the case as it's already happened in the past.

Secret Beach was almost completely uninhabited some years ago, but now it's begun to rise. It has dozens of bars, restaurants, and commercial developments, but residential real estate is still somewhat underdeveloped. Only in 2018, the first handful of residential real estate projects started developing, meaning there's still a ton of potential to exploit.

Through our partners in Belize, you will have access to a network of investment properties, lots, large land parcels throughout Ambergris Caye, and in the top-performing sub-divisions of the West Coast, better known as the "PLATINUM COAST" and for a good reason. Our partners have sold millions in land banking real estate in Ambergris Caye Belize and are poised to make history with the current volume of their investment property sales. At the same time, they still seek to offer personalized attention to their clients.

Now it's the best time to invest in Secret Beach. New road and utility plans are soon to be executed, which will likely increase the land lot prices. There's also a huge need for developments in the West Coast, because most land in the East is already occupied. In only eight years, the land lot costs have soared from $9,000 to more than $40,000 and still have room to grow. In comparison, right now, they already cost about $53,000 on the East Coast, while they are still poised for significant growth.

What can we do for you?

Simply put, through our partners, we offer the safest way to land bank and buy property in Belize. We provide the simple title, freehold interest, clear property ownership rights, and unencumbered titles just like in the United States.

We will guide you through your entire Land Banking Investment Real Estate transaction, ensuring the process is done legally, safely, and securely. Each transaction is guided by an Englishspeaking closing agent who will guarantee the integrity of your deal all along. Our partners oversee every closing to make sure everything is done properly.

Your money is kept safe until the title is transferred to you. We work with local experts that have plenty of experience dealing with the local laws regarding ownership of real estate in Belize and will put this knowledge to work for you to secure your investment. We only work with the best of the best, and our partners are the most trusted real estate name in Belize.

In particular, for Mahogany Bay, we can offer our investors unmatched financing options that will allow them to secure a property for only a fraction of the total land and development cost. You can secure a property for as little as $30,000. We can even offer professional property management for your property at a fair split so you can rest easy that your investment is in good hands and generating profits for you.

Contact us right now and start earning with the amazing real estate possibilities in Belize!

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