A Top Family Office Investment In Dominican Republic

$ 6000000 USD

The Dominican Republic is on the lips of many investors in the United States and China due to its booming economy and covid proof tourism industry. Real estate prices are flying through the roof and many Americans are seeing the opportunity to invest in a very robust economy with returns that were only possible thirty years ago.


However we are delighted to bring you something even more special . A Shopping center in one of the best locations , close to the Punta Cana airport and with unusually high ROI (return on investment) .


The Family Office investor will have the opportunity to invest in a shopping mall with the following benefits :

1. Fixed construction price to be built by the most reputable building company in DR.

2. At least 40% returns after construction.

3. Huge capital gain for those that wish to hold as property prices are booming.

4. This project is located in the heart of the Dominican Republic touristic zone, Punta Cana, just a few meters from the famous Bavaro Beach.

5. Investment amount: 6 million .

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However, the project developer is also able to accept a pool of investors starting from $600,000 to purchase a minimum of 520 m2 pre construction price with a clear post construction price of 840,000 dollars per m2 giving immediate gain of 40% on investment.


Another way of gaining a profit is leasing commercial space. Paulista is the only shopping center in Punta Cana where you can BUY spaces now. All others offer only RENT!

The average price of rent is $25- 50 per m2 / month. So your investments, which amount is about $1,150 per m2, will pay off in about 2 years of lease.


Investors' money is safely transferred to an escrow bank account. They will be available to the developer only after accumulating the full amount of $ 6,000,000. Bank control helps to avoid misappropriation of funds and exclude unnecessary subcontractors or identify intermediary goals. If, for any reason, the developer does not finish construction, the shareholder can not only return his own funds, but also receive a penalty.


The icing on the cake is that all investors that enter this project will become eligible to obtain permanent residency in the Dominican Republic, and after a year, will have fast track towards citizenship in this paradise on Earth. Investment does not get better than this.

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Why is the Dominican Republic the hottest investment zone in the Caribbean?

The Dominican Republic is the ideal place for Family Offices seeking to invest their patrimony in hot jurisdictions. There’s a rapid growth for tourism and business in this country, and the economy is greatly supported by the ongoing modernization and the booming real estate sector.

The government was democratically elected and has very strong ties to Europe and the United States, plus they enjoy an environment filled with political stability. Investing in the Dominican Republic is highly sponsored by great infrastructure such as roadways, electrical grids, airports and much, much more.

In a nutshell, we will give you some reasons on why you should invest in the Dominican Republic:

  • A long dated political stability, something uncommon in Latin America, a region plagued by socialist leaders seeking to destroy private property. In the Dominican Republic you won’t see this. Both left and right parties are engaged with democratic and liberal values.
  • This country is the largest Caribbean island and is considered a popular tropical destination within the Atlantic Ocean. It can be accessed easily from most countries around the world.
  • In the Dominican Republic, there’s great weather all year round, and the trade winds only add a comfortable living situation for excellent sports such as water-sports, golf and an equestrian lifestyle.
  • There are multiple flights daily to modern international airports that are strategically placed around the Dominican Republic. 
  • This country is the main destination in the exotic Caribbean and in the top 5 in the Americas, receiving about 5.5 million tourists every year.

Investing in the Dominican Republic

Most investors and corporations enjoy great tax incentives such as tourism zones with tax benefits, free zones for corporations and even more attractive opportunities for retirees looking for a place to retire under the sun.

There’s equal treatment for both local as well as foreign investors, and there’s minimal investment restrictions plus free access to foreign exchange in the local banks. They also offer up to 90% Loan –to-Value. This is actually for both Dominican as well as US banks.

The Dominican Republic has been the hottest country for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the last few years, as it received in 2019 up to 3 billion USD in FDI, almost half of the FDI in the Caribbean region. Even though the COVID-19 pandemic hit the island economy, we expect a strong rebound in the near future, when vaccination around the world consolidates and the global flight industry restores travel.

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The Paulista Trading Center 

This is a building plot of approximately 5255 m2 and located only 500 meters from the Punta Cana Airport, a terminal where hundreds of thousands of tourists come every year to enjoy the wonders of this Dominican destination. 

Also, this Trading Center has a 44 meters extension of the Federal Highway entrance to Bavaro Beach, one of the most famous beaches in the Punta Cana region, a location visited by hundreds of thousands -if not millions- of tourists every year. All cars that come to Bavaro must pass that intersection. 

This strategic location creates the perfect conditions to open a popular business, such as a classy hotel that overlooks the airport runway (What a wonderful Opportunity!)

This center is also perfect for a spa or clinic that has views of green spaces, and the local shopping center in Punta Cana has no restriction for brand stores if that is what you are interested in. The other places do have strict requirements for brands.

Our Proposal

This beautiful Real Estate Investment Property - The Paulista Trading Center goes for $1,400,000, and the investor has granted the right to buy out the land before construction starts or a Joint and shared ownership of the land at the shopping center after the completion of the construction project.

Investments go via Mundo and the Initial Investment will be $600,000 USD.

The Construction Process

  • Stage 1 - $950,000: 5 Months
  • Stage 2 - $1,950,000: 5 Months
  • Stage 3: $1,500,000: 3 Months
  • Stage 4: (Finishing Work): $200,000 1 month

Investment Summary:

  • Total Construction cost = $4,600,000
  • Total Time: 14 months.

The Return on Your Investment

Acquiring the land and building it takes a total amount of 6.000.000 USD. However, our experts have estimated that the selling price is at least $ 8,400,000, representing a profit of $ 2,400,000, about 40% of profit in just 14 months!

The Mundo offer

At Mundo we are always looking for new investment opportunities around the world. The Dominican Republic is one of our favorite destinations because of its extraordinary economic potential and business-friendly climate.

This latest investment opportunity – The Paulista Trading Center offers the most perfect opportunity to enter the Business World of the Dominican Republic. This projects represents a highly profitable investment opportunity at a really low risk, as it is the perfect location for a hotel, a mall, spa etc.

The Initial Investment with Mundo starts at $600,000.

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