Attractive-ROI Investment in Cyprus Villas with Financing Option

$ 230000 USD

At Mundo we have teamed up with one of the most respected real estate developers in Cyprus to offer our distinguished readers the opportunity to access a real estate project that not only promises great investment returns from rental income, but also allows foreign investors to obtain Cypriot permanent residency.

This real estate investment project in Cyprus has attracted the attention of several investors already, as it offers a set of advantages very difficult to find elsewhere and for an entry price of €495,000, a relatively affordable amount when talking about a luxury property on the Mediterranean coast.


Our job at Mundo has always been to find the best investment opportunities for our readers to take advantage of before anyone else. That search has brought us this time to one of the most high-profile jurisdictions in the world. We are talking, of course, about Cyprus.

This island paradise in the Mediterranean Sea is one of the best places to invest in Europe, and also one of the few European jurisdictions that still has opportunities in the real estate market.

Real estate investment in Cyprus remains one of the most solid plans for high-profile investors wishing to venture to Europe, and this time we teamed up with the real estate developer of one of the most luxurious and profitable projects you can find on the island.

About the Project

Our project in Protaras is an incredible real estate development project whose value proposition is very difficult to ignore. This project offers the opportunity to get a private villa through which investors can also gain access to Cypriot permanent residency.

The project consists of sixty luxury villas, each with a private pool and garden. The project's units were designed to accommodate the needs of the most discerning buyers, offering three-bedroom configurations to create the perfect home experience in one of the most beautiful locations on the planet. 

If you are inquiring about the details of the units, they are as follows:

  • bedrooms: 3
  • bathrooms: 2
  • covered area: 175 m2
  • private pool
  • construction end date: 31/07/2022

Project Location

Protaras is a tourist center in Cyprus, as it is where several of the most popular beaches of the whole island are concentrated. Most of the tourists who come to Protaras do so to visit its most famous beach, known as Fig Tree. This place attracts tourists from all over the world all year round, and today it is one of the most exclusive diving destinations in existence.

Today Protaras enjoys a thriving life in its streets, full of pubs, hotels and gastronomic establishments that boost the tourist market of Cyprus. 

Some points of interest that are located in the vicinity of Protaras are:

  • Serena Bay
  • Paralimni New Marina
  • Kalamies Beach

Investment Cost

To enjoy one of the private villas in Protaras, the entrance fee is only €495,000 + VAT. 

Usually, when talking about luxury properties such as villas near the sea, one is prepared to hear prices above one million euros as a matter of course, but surprisingly the real estate investment market in Cyprus still offers opportunities of the same level at a lower price. 

And it is not only the price that has attracted the attention of most of our readers to this project, but also the possibility of obtaining financing through a local loan with the help of our allies in Cyprus.

Here are the details of the different financing possibilities:

  • deposit: 40% of the total contribution: Є198.000
  • restant: a loan for 60% of the value of the total contribution: Є279,000.

Loan repayment terms:

  • interest rate: %2.3
  • payment of the loan (years vs installments):
  • 20 years with monthly installments of Є1,545.
  • 15 years with monthly installments of Є1,953
  • 10 years with monthly installments of Є2,773

In short, with this payment method you can get a luxury property for Є198,000 + VAT and pay the rest in the installment plan that best suits your preferences.


Return on Investment

The developer in charge of this real estate investment opportunity in Cyprus has made profitability projections that put the finishing touch on this real estate project. With conservative calculations, the rate of return on investment from renting one of the units at Protaras is 3.2% by 2022, and 3.7% per annum from 2023 onwards.

Obtaining Permanent Residence through Real Estate Investment in Cyprus

The Cyprus government allows investors who bring at least Є300,000 into the Cypriot economy to apply for permanent residency in this jurisdiction. Real estate investment in Cyprus falls under this policy.

With the purchase of one of the units you would even exceed the amount needed to qualify for the permanent residence application. But in order for you to comply with the regulation of the permanent residence by investment program in Cyprus, the Є300,000 must come from abroad. 

Since in this case the real estate investment exceeds Є300,000, you can finance the remaining amount locally and would still be eligible for permanent residency.

One route it is possible to take is to finance Є300,000 with a loan originated in a jurisdiction other than Cyprus, and finance the remaining Є195,000 locally. Feel free to contact us to learn more about your financing options for this and other projects in Cyprus.

Questions & Answers 

Q. How reliable is the developer and what is his history?

The developer commenced operations in 1986.

By 1996 the Group managed to secure significant quality certifications: ISO 1400 and 14001 and Health and Safety 18001, the first company on the island to obtain all three IS0 Certifications. 

By 1999 the Group was ranked among the top largest land development companies on the island by the respected “InBusiness” magazine. 

In 2016, the Group celebrated its 30-year anniversary. The developer is currently delivering high-end developments in several South East Coastal resorts and villages. 

Q. Why is it good time to invest in Cyprus right now? 

Many opportunities arise because of: 1. High rental yields. Many people are turning to self-catered properties instead of hotel facilities because of covid, and therefore, driving up the demand for rental villas. 

2. Capital growth due to the many developments in the area such as the Ayia Napa Marina, Paralimni Marina, Golf Course, University, Training Camps, Underwater Museum etc.

Q. What are the property laws in terms of the investor’s protection and how is the title acquired? 

Title deeds issuance is a procedure carried out by the developer right after the construction has been carried out. As soon as the contracts of sale have been finalized, and at least 30% have been paid, the developer and lawyers will deposit the contract of sale to the land registry office in the name of the client. 

In addition to this, the developer will ask for a stage payment, only after the said works have been finalized. This means that If the developer does not finish for any reason the property, the owner may use the remaining of the amount to finalize the construction.

Q. What are the evident advantages of this project?

Great location: 700 meters to the beach, highly rentable area with very high rental yields especially for short-term rentals, strong capital growth as it falls in a about 1km radius from the upcoming Paralimni Marina.

Q. How does the project compare with other projects in the area in price and value for money?

Lower prices, better location, higher quality of finishing (class A constructions) mainly due to economies of scale as the developer is the market leader in this area.

Q. Can you buy it with crypto and if so how? 

No, you cannot.

Q. Can you acquire residency with the purchase and if so how?

All this developer’s projects qualify for the permanent residency permit. Based on the scheme requirements, a minimum of EUR300,000 must be brought from outside the country (local loans are not eligible) in addition to other requirements such as keeping an amount of EUR30,000 euro in the bank for at least 3 years, clean criminal record, etc.

Q.What is the developer’s special offer to our readers?

Please note that until 31.01.22, the Protaras Villas will be offered at the further reduced price of €475,000 + VAT (instead of €495,000 + VAT). 

Furthermore, all villas will include a 3m x 7m swimming pool, usual cost of €10k as part of the special offer price!

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