Investment Options in Portugal: Two Renowned Hotel Properties

$ 326000 USD

At Mundo we have teamed up with one of Portugal's most prestigious real estate developers to bring our distinguished readers the best investment opportunities in the jurisdiction where property prices are still relatively affordable and the return on investment is profitable.

For as little as €280,000 you can invest in a renowned real estate project in Portugal, and for those who want to go a step further, there is the possibility of investing in properties that allow you to obtain permanent residency.


Why Portugal?

Portugal has long ceased to be a discreet and underestimated jurisdiction in Europe. This country, after surviving one of the worst economic crises in history, is now positioned as one of the most attractive opportunities to make inroads on the European continent through its Golden Visa program.

Buying a property in Portugal is one of the most common ideas among international investors who are looking for a migration program in a respectable jurisdiction that does not have problems with regulatory agencies such as the OECD. It is a plus that Portugal is generally going through a good moment of economic recovery after having suffered for years from the effects of the 2008 crisis.

If you are thinking of investing in real estate in Portugal but still need a couple more reasons, here you will find them. 

These are some of the advantages you will enjoy buying a property in this jurisdiction:

1. Quality of life with European standards: Portugal is among the safest countries in the world. It has excellent literacy rates and service coverage, and also has one of the best banking infrastructures in Europe. If you decide to buy a property in Portugal you will enjoy the best of European quality of life but at a fraction of the cost, as it is still a cheap country within the Eurozone block of countries.

2. Doing business in Madeira: Madeira is one of the most thriving economic zones in the whole continent. There you can establish companies and only be taxed with a 4% corporate tax, not bad for a company operating from the European Union.

3. Versatility to open trusts: many foreign investors decide to land in Madeira to establish trusts, as Portugal is one of the few civil law jurisdictions that allows individuals to register trusts according to the laws of the investors' choice. 

4. The Golden Visa program: this is for many the best investment residency program in all of Europe. 

We will go into it in more detail in a moment, but this program allows someone who is not a citizen of the EU, the European Economic Area or Switzerland to invest in real estate in Portugal and obtain a permanent residence permit.

About the Projects

The projects that we present to you this time as an investment opportunity in Portugal are of the highest level. 

The first is a five-star hotel located in themost beautiful area of Porto, the second largest and most important city in the country. 

The second project is a beach resort, located at the west boundary of the city of Lagos.

Let's take a closer look at the two real estate investment opportunities in Portugal.

Option 1: Apartments integrated in a serviced hotel

Total project value

EUR 7.6 million

Number of investors


Opening date

summer 2022

Reservation deposit

EUR 10,000

Investment amount per investor

EUR 350,000

Qualified for the Golden Visa program


Estimated ROI

5% from 2nd year

Ownership Conditions

  • Free stay of 7 days per year;
  • Possible sale at any time, after horizontal property is complete;
  • Property with Lease Agreement included, without opt out option;
  • Lease Agreement foresees the possibility of a longer stay (more than 7 days), in exchange for monetary compensation.

Option 2: Beach and Sports Resort in Lagos

Total project value

EUR 98 million

Number of investors to date


Start of operations

Summer 2023

Call for investors

until December 2021

Amount of investment per investor


Qualifies for Golden Visa program


Estimated ROI


*Guaranteed Buy Back: after year 6


Golden Visa as Part of the Investment Opportunity

Portugal's Golden Visa is an immigration program that has been very successful since it was launched, to the point that today it is considered the best program of its kind in all of Europe. 

In very practical terms, the Portugal Golden Visa allows any citizen who is not from the European Union, the European Economic Area or Switzerland, to invest a minimum of €280,000 in real estate in Portugal and in return obtain a permanent residence permit for the investor and his or her immediate family.

This permanent residence in Portugal would allow you to enjoy some benefits such as follows:

1. Free mobility in the Schengen zone: with the Golden Visa in your possession, you will be able to move freely within the Eurozone bloc. This allows you to gain access to more and better business opportunities and generally enjoy the European lifestyle to the fullest.

2. Apply for citizenship five years after obtaining your permanent residence: if you keep your permanent residence permit for 5 years, you can upgrade your immigration status and become a citizen of the European Union.

3. The possibility of including family members in the application: within the application you can include immediate family members such as your spouse, children under the age of 18, dependent children under the age of 26 who are unmarried, parents or your spouse's parents up to the age of 66, or siblings up to the age of 18.

4. Very simple permanence requirements: the permanence requirements of the Golden Visa are very simple to comply with. Basically, you must spend seven days in Portugal during the first year, and from the second to the fifth year you must spend at least 14 days in Portugal, whether consecutive or not.

If you want to know more about how to take advantage of these two real estate investment opportunities in Portugal, do not hesitate to contact our team of experts to evaluate your case as soon as possible.

Questions and Answers

Q. Tell us about the developer and its history.

The company is a pioneer and leading Golden Visa company in Portugal. It has successfully launched 14 rehabilitation projects in Portugal. Five hotels will open this year (2021) with seven more next year. Many of the projects are flagged by renowned international hotel companies, such as Hilton, Sheraton, Marriott, Holiday Inn, etc.

The Group has become the largest property developer, having 50% of the Golden Visa under rehabilitation category. It is helping about 2,000 investors and their family members navigate Golden Visa through the projects.

Q. Why is it good time to invest in (country) right now?

Well, depends on what project you invest. From January 1, 2022, the Portugal Golden Visa program will change. It may be too late if you invest in the properties in Lisbon/Porto, or high density coastal cities as it will not qualify for Golden Visa scheme. However, if you invest in rehabilitation projects like ours at 350,000 or 280,000 Euro to serve hospitality purpose, it is a good time to invest now.

Actually, Portugal has the best Golden Visa program in Europe. Affordable investment amount, simple process and 3 generations allowed in one application are the GV attraction. The most attractive point is that it only requires spending 7 days per year, total 35 days in 5-year time to qualify for an EU passport.

Q. What are the property laws like in terms of investor protection and how do you acquire title?

Basically, the lawyers that clients hired will be on their behalf to purchase the property from the developer, and will acquire the title deed after the purchase.

With the title deed under investor’s name, he/she will be eligible to apply for GV. This will be done through our legal department.

Q. Tell us some of the advantages of this project. 

The advantages of our projects are: 

  1. It’s a worry-free platform for investors to acquire GV towards Passport/PR;
  2. High value projects but low cost: 280K/350K to acquire GV towards EU citizen or PR;
  3. Not affected under the new GV regulation commence Jan. 1, 2022
  4. The largest developer of Rehabilitation projects for GV in Portugal;
  5. Attractive track records to demonstrate big achievement and trustful developments;
  6. Most hotel projects are flagged by renowned international hotel companies, such as Hilton, Marriott, Sheraton, Holiday Inn.
  7. Investment with annual return of 3%, with an experienced hotel management company
  8. Strong professional team to walk through with investors from A to Z
  9. All projects are in great location

Q. How does it compare with other projects in the area price and value for money?

Low costs but high value, worry free, 350K’s investment with annual return of 4% and over most projects won’t be eligible next year as regulation for GV changed and commence in January 1st, 2022.  Rehabilitation will be the only eligible program for280K/350K next year.

This is significant difference.

Q. Is financing available?

There is no financing in our project investment; our structure is buyback and its safe and secure. 

Q. Can you buy it with crypto and if so how?

No crypto allowed

Q. Can you acquire residency /citizenship with the purchase and if so how (only for projects that offer this)?


Q. What is your special offer to our readers? 

We would lower our charge of legal fee if subscribe for the program before the end of this year.