You Best Investment: Vitae Patrimonial Fund

$ 50000 USD

This is one of our most popular investment vehicles. It is a multi-asset vehicle that allows our investors to enjoy advantages such as:

A focus on asset allocation: this allows you to reduce volatility by combining various uncoralated types of assets. The opportunity to have such an investment vehicle is crucial to the health of any investment portfolio. 

Dynamic and flexible portfolio management: the multi-asset and flexible nature of this vehicle make it a perfect diversified base on which we can add more specific and agressive investment opportunities.

Access to exclusive investment opportunities: Due to its size and professional manager, the fund has access to exclusive and high minimum amount investments that could not be accessed by the regular investor.

Daily liquidity: No lock up, or redemption period so your capital stays available whenever you need it.

Minimum Investment Requirement

Perhaps one of the greatest advantage of Vitae Patrimonial Fund is the minimum investment amount. In this case, we are talking about only $50,000, which allows any investor to access a sophisticated, highly dynamic investment vehicle.

For this type of investment vehicle, an entry of $50,000 is difficult to find if you take into account the investment performance that this product has historically maintained, issues that you will see below.


Return on Investment

The ROI of our Vitae Patrimonial Fund is one of the best in its class since we opened this product six years ago.

The return since the inception of this fund has been 32.3%. On an annual basis, we are talking about an ROI of 5.1%. These are undoubtedly favorable rates of return considering the very safe risk profile of the fund. When all markets fell by more than 30% during the global pandemy including bonds, this fund only lost 3.8%.

The Vitae Patrimonial Fund is the perfect vehicle for those with a relatively conservative investment profile but still want to enjoy a good investment return while having dynamic wealth management.

Why This Investment Vehicle Is Profitable

The secret behind the rates of return we have just reviewed is quite simple. Our Vitae Patrimonial Fund utilizes asset diversification that allows investors to reduce their risk exposure while maintaining a more than attractive rate of return.

We mentioned that this product is a multi-asset investment vehicle. In that sense, the asset allocation is as follows:

  • 20% in Bonds: in this case, we allocated 3% in convertible bonds, 4% in emerging, 3% in U.S. bonds, and 10% in global bonds;
  • 15% in Hedge Funds: 5% long/short and 10% global macro.
  • 25% in Private Debt: distributed 11% in direct lending, 6% for bridge loans, and 8% factoring.
  • 29% in Equity: 15% for U.S. market, 9% for foreign markets, and 5% for emerging markets.
  • 4% in Private Equity.
  • 3% in Commodities.
  • 4% in REITS.

This distribution is, of course, completely dynamic and flexible in order to adapt the portfolio to any given macro economic situation.

The Vitae Patrimonial Fund gives you considerable versatility while reducing your risk exposure.