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A Fantastic Business Opportunity in Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico is a paradisiac island located a few miles from Florida, United States. It is commonly known as the “Isla del Encanto” (Spanish for the charming island) because of its extraordinary beaches, sunsets and tropical vibes.

This island has been part of the United States since the last century, being the ideal place for thousands of American temporadists who want to have unique vacations just a few hours from home.

In a nutshell, Puerto Rico is great because:

-It is a U.S. territory, meaning that U.S. citizens don’t need a visa or even a passport to travel there.

-Tax rates are substantially lower than most States in the United States, as the government has introduced a series of tax incentives aimed at fostering investment and exports.

-Real Estate prices are lower than most touristic zones in the continent, such as Florida or the Colombian Atlantic Coast. A stunning beachfront house could cost you in Puerto Rico a fraction that it would cost you in Miami.

-A paradisiac climate and the unique Caribbean food and culture.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about a fantastic business opportunity to make money in Puerto Rico’s thriving tourism industry. 

Our offer is aimed exclusively at Family Offices looking for great returns at a really low risk. It is about a fantastic business opportunity with the main marina operator of Puerto Rico: the Grand Caribbean Marina.

A Co-investment opportunity among a Marine giant.

Above the skyline of the Fajardo coast looks like it would have countless yachts and boats in its docks. In fact, this puertorrican town serves as the hub for the Grand Caribbean Marina, the main marina operator in the Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

Gran Caribbean is also the 6th largest owner and operator of marinas in the United States and a proven leader and regional consolidator in the marina industry. It includes four facilities in PR: Marina Puerto Chico, The Reserve, Marina Sardinera and Renaissance Villa Marina.

The Grand Caribbean Marina is part of the Bacalia Group, a Family Owned Holding Company, which has owned it since 2015, giving the company a solid-as-rock financial stability as it is controlled by a wealthy touristic holding. In a nutshell, Grand Caribbean Marina has:

-4 owned marinas

-More than 1,400 dry storage

-More than 600 wet slips

-8 years average tenure

In early 2021, this company consolidated as the main Marina company in the island when they acquired Villa Marina, a dock located just 40 minutes from San Juan, the PR capital.

With the now-renamed Renaissance Villa Marina, Gran Caribbean now controls more than 2,200, consolidating among the top 5 marina owners in the U.S.

They expect to invest from 50 to 100 million USD in the next 5 years to develop the complex and create new experiences for tourists.

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The opportunity: The Renaissance Villa Marina

In early 2021, the purchase of Villa Marina by GCM was a key milestone in the company’s aspiration to consolidate as one of the main Marina operators in the US. The complex is composed by the following:

-236 wet-slips

-510 Dry-stacks

-159 covered drystacks-VIP

-A shopping mall

-Two gasoline stations

-A boardyard repairs facility

-Six restaurants

-Touristic amenities (kayak, fishing trips, catamaran, etc)

This complex is just a few minutes from the Watford Astoria El Conquistador Resort, which is known because of its golf courses and even a private island.

The Renaissance Villa Marina is located in Fajardo, a blessed town just 60 minutes from Cayo Icacos, the Culebra Island and Isla Palomino.

The investment proposal

The actual equity value of the Grand Caribbean Marina holding is 35.2 million USD. A growing demand and a limited supply will ensure investors a constant cash flow in the next few years.

This is an ideal project for Family Offices thanks to its highly potential profits at a really low risk. Target dividend yields at 4-5% per fiscal year and projections estimate that it may arise to 7-8% in the future. After adding capital gains, it is projected to give the investors up to 15% + IRR.

GCM has got 20 years of experience in the marina management business in Puerto Rico and overseas. Thanks to its investment and the favorable conditions, the company expects to grow its revenue by 10% over the next few years.

Investing in the Grand Caribbean Marina would take a minimum commitment of 100,000 USD per investor, which matures in October 30th 2029.

About our partners

In Mundo, we have developed a wide network of experts from all over the world. One of our partners is a Panamanian-based company that operates in many countries in the Americas.

Our partners offer legal, corporate, investment management and financial counseling services, which will help you secure your patrimony and achieve financial freedom.

What can we do for you?

In Mundo, its clear that our core value is freedom: freedom to move, freedom to say what you want and, specially, freedom to invest.

That’s why on our long relationship with NTL Wealth we have developed a wide network of experts around the world, which are always looking for new opportunities of investment worldwide.

Regarding the GCM investment, our partners are a Panamanian-based firm composed of world-class consultants, who have tons of experience in investment management, especially for Family Offices.

They will help you in every step of the process so your Family Office can invest in this unique investment opportunity that offers extraordinary returns at nearly zero risk.

Invest in the Grand Caribbean Marina with Mundo. Contact us now!

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