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Private secure vault & safe deposit box storage in Panama

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Mundo brings a unique opportunity in one of our favorite jurisdictions: Panama. Here you can not only register your company with incredible tax benefits, set up a foundation and acquire permanent residency in a few months, but you also have excellent options for buying and storing precious metals.

Our partners offer the best private and most secure storage facility located in Panama Pacific Special Economic Zone. This facility is privately owned and it´s a unique option as it offers a wide range of services and advantages: storage, privacy, security, and insurance.

Using ultra-modern technology, clients can rest assured knowing their assets are 100% secure. The facility has 24/7 off-site monitoring, contracted third-party oversight and insurance underwritten by Lloyds of London. All clients hold their assets directly on an allocated and segregated basis and stored valuables are held with an off-balance sheet approach reflecting a bailor/bailee relationship.


Concierge level service for your gold in Panama

Mundo offers its readers a complete range of ultra-secure storage options including Class III or Class II vaulted storage, safe deposits, and industrial storage.

In our facility, we can offer allocated, segregated vaulting with an option of different vaults to choose from. We have bank-level UL3 and UL2 vaults and safe deposits. With Mundo and its partners, you can get access to a wide range of services regarding the storage of precious metals.

In Panama, private storage is unregulated, which means your assets held under it are not reported. This provides a great level of discretion and security protecting you from possible threats like kidnapping and crimes against you or your family.

Clients will obviously have to comply with KYC & AML regulations and provide basic documentation such as ID and utility bills. Besides this, the client´s information is completely confidential.

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Safe deposit boxes: the highest level of confidentiality

In one of Panama´s best special economic zones, Panama Pacifico, we offer an excellent deposit box storage solution for your valuables. If you want to safeguard important and valuable objects like Gold, Silver, jewelry, cash, important documents, family heirlooms, or anything else then the best place to do so are our deposit boxes.

Here you will find two aspects that we consider to be key when it comes to precious metals storage: security and confidentiality. With our partners, we offer great confidentiality because we don´t have reporting agreements with the government. For this reason, our offer constitutes an excellent solution for wealthy families.


Opening an account

The process of opening an account with our partners is easy and straightforward for individuals, businesses, trusts, and foundations. By having an account, you´ll have access to various storage locations, the purchasing and selling of Precious Metals as well as our Gold Loan Program.

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Why to store your gold with Mundo


International Vaults: send your metals straight to Panama in a confidential way


Mundo is proud of having the best experts in financial and immigration services and with gold storage this is not the exception.

Buying and storing gold with us gives our readers unique advantages. The facilities have been built according to a world-class standard.

Our partners have the only safety deposit facility in Panama to offer “Customs Bonded” safety deposit boxes. This represents a unique advantage as clients can ship their precious metals in a “custom bonded” way, meaning the metals will arrive directly to our facilities in the Panama Pacifico trading zones without going through the nationalization process. With this, the assets you receive won´t be disclosed in any public records on the customs website as usually happens in Panama, thus protecting your privacy 100%.

We can´t say this enough. Our storage option in Panama offers a unique mixture of security, flexibility, and anonymity.


Purchase your gold, we take care of the shipping

At Mundo, we are committed to the concept of financial freedom. This includes many things starting from a second passport through a company and a gold storage in a safe jurisdiction. You can know more about how to be financially free forever in this article.

For this reason, our services include everything you need for the protection of your wealth.

Thanks to our partner we can offer not only a wide variety of quality metals, silver, platinum and palladium, coins, and numismatic coins, but also you have access to all benefits and savings that are normally only available to commercial partners.

When you purchase your precious metals, you can choose whether to ship directly to our partner’s vaulting facilities in Panama or to your door in your country of residency.

Creating strong relationships with the best suppliers can take years, and we are proud to say that we have these relationships. We have the most reliable partner with the highest reputation, and through us you have access to buying metals of the best quality possible.


How to purchase precious metals with Mundo

Our partners are constantly looking to improve and expand the services they provide in order to make the process simple and efficient. We know time is the most valuable asset and we don´t want to see you wasting it. You can leave it all in our hands. And we offer you three different ways through which to purchase your metals.

You can either purchase directly through our own precious metals dealer, FK Physical Assets, or through one of our industry partners.

To place your order today contact us.

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Why buy with Mundo´s partners

  • Worldwide Transportation and logistical arrangements.
  • VIP Airport Service, with customs and immigration on site.
  • Transportation with or without personal protection.
  • Underwritten by Lloyds of London Insurance.
  • Located in Panama Pacifico Free Trade Zone.
  • Various International Vaulting and Safe Deposit Box options.
  • Easy access by car, boat, aircraft (including private).
  • No Reporting Requirements.
  • Help with Foundations and Trusts.
  • Only full-service facility in Central and South America including both Safety Deposit Boxes and Vaulting Services.
  • Geared towards Private and Institutional Investors.
  • Ability to accept payments in Cash, Cryptocurrency, Gold and Silver, or other Precious Metals.
  • Flexibility. We create solutions for each special case.
  • Store your vault inside our vaults for peace of mind.
  • Have your own biometric access and monitor your assets if you want to.
  • Keyholding services offered by recommended Attorneys.
  • Logistics service for Private Jet arrivals and departures.
  • Private Security and Bodyguards.
  • Storage and Supply of Bug Out Bags, Armored Vehicles and anything else you may need for your personal and financial protection.
  • Luxurious, Comfortable, Private Waiting Rooms and Viewing Areas.

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Why buy and store with our partners


Our partner´s facility meets the highest standards of security for precious metal storage. They have multi-layered security measures in order to safeguard your assets in UL3 and UL2 rated vaults, security doors, biometrical engaged flow system and use of steel and concrete throughout the entire facility.

Your metals will be watched 24/7 with onsite and offsite camera and alarm systems distributed across three geographically separated security companies. Our partners are located only 3 minutes away from the police station.


Like we pointed out before, private storage is unregulated in Panama, thus offering a great confidentiality level. There is no inventory on personal details and clients only have to provide basic AML documentation in order to prove the legality of the assets, but after that, your private information will be 100% protected.

Vaults, however, employ third-party professionals to audit and monitor the operations and to keep an inventory control. Customs inspections on our bonded inventory are a third measure of governance, thus providing the level of oversight expected from Best-in-Class private custody operations.

By storing your assets with us you’ll be in control. The assets are allocated in such a way in which the client maintains ownership and control and they are not in our partner´s balance sheet.


Customs bonded storage in one of the free zones

Our partner´s vaults are located in an area that is legally designated as a special economic zone: Panama Pacific. Our partner is licensed as a duty-free tax-exempt facility. Thanks to this, our clients can benefit from the great advantages and incentives of the Panama special zone and from our customs bonded box rental options.

Since there are no duties reflected on rental invoices, complete anonymity when transporting cargo in the country is maintained. Thus, you can directly ship your metals to the Panama Pacific Special Zone in a confidential way and your assets and name won´t be listed on the custom´s public website.

Panama has many other special economic and trade zones which offer unique advantages. After all, there is a reason why this country is constantly visited by foreign investors and talented ex-pats. We describe Panama’s free zones in detail in our Country Focus.

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Insurance: protect your assets

Our partner´s Vaults insurance policies are all underwritten by Lloyds of London. Verification certificates are available upon request.

Our safe deposit boxes are offered with complimentary 10,000 USD insurance coverage and higher limits are available. If you prefer vaulted storage, then full insurance coverage is included on all the inventory.

Insurance against political confiscation is also available upon request.


Why store your gold in Panama

When you decide to store your precious metals there are several things that matter but one of the key factors for successful storage is choosing the right location. We choose Panama because it´s one of our favorite jurisdictions and there are many reasons for this.

Usually, keeping your assets in Panama is a much better choice than keeping them in your home country.

We present some of the reasons why Panama is one of the best jurisdictions for assets protection:

  • Stable banking system and democratic government.
  • Strategic location and known as the hub of America for hundreds of years.
  • Friendly tax structure within the country.
  • The facility is in a protected duty-free zone.
  • Only 2.5 hours from Miami, 4.5 hours from Houston and Newark, and 6.5 hours from lax.
  • Rigorous privacy laws.
  • First-world infrastructure.
  • Safe and secure.
  • High-end hotels to choose from.
  • Beautiful city nightlife, restaurants, beaches, and mountains

You can read more about Panama as a business center and its lifestyle in our articles:

Financial licenses in Panama

Dreams come true in Panama (live in Panama as an expat)

Banking in Panama

Company in Panama

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Why invest in gold

Assets that are not tied to a particular currency

In the global economy, many currencies are tied to another. Even the strongest currencies such as the euro or the dollar are subject to devaluation and, if you keep your assets tied to these currencies, your portfolio may very well collapse and you may lose everything or a good part of your wealth. Gold, on the other hand, is not tied to any currency, meaning that you can store it and you will always be able to sell it and it´s the best investment option in the long run.

Steady returns on investment

The value of gold, like any other assets, fluctuates according to the global conditions, the markets and the economy. However, gold has a history and it shows a clear rise in the last few decades.

Over the last decade, gold has been able to generate impressive returns that surpass even the average stock market investments.

If you decide to invest in gold you are likely to receive a steady return on this investment and with a much lower risk than with other assets.

Rising demand

Some mining experts say that gold is a limited resource and that is one of the reasons for its high value. When the demand rises, then so does the value and this is where investors can really profit from their gold investments. Huge world powers such as India and China are increasing their demands for gold which indicates a possible raise in the price.

Gold is definitely an asset that every investor wants to have in its portfolio.

Today, Mundo offers excellent storage options with high security and confidentiality.

The location in one of Panama´s special zones adds a layer of asset protection and personal security which is difficult to find in other countries.

If you want to invest in gold for returns or for long-term wealth planning, we have the solution. Contact us now and ask for a consultation.


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