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The next outstanding investment of your life: The Pardus Fixed Income Bond

1/27/2022 8:00:00 AM
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Among investment instruments, variety abounds. However, one of the options that usually stands out for its benefits is a fixed income bond. With them, the client usually knows in advance what the return on investment will be, as well as the type of interest they will receive. Also, you get a more diversified investment portfolio, and if that is what you are looking for, then here is the ideal option for you: The Pardus Fixed Income Bond. 

Since Pardus's foundation, they have successfully executed a strategy of well-managed and sustained growth, both in their business and across the investment portfolios of all their clients. In a nutshell:

- Pardus assets under management (AUM) remain on bank deposit under the control of the company with oversight provided by and independent regulated security trustee.

- This bond offers 1% (gross) interest rate per month, paid quarterly.

- This bond is listed in the Frankfurt Stock Exchange July 2020.

- The provider serve as a Collateral Manager for the issuer, as at April 2020, it showed net assets of 130m pounds so approximately meeting the bond liabilities of 3:1.  

Why should you consider the Pardus Fixed Income Bond?

The first bonds were issued in early 2019, and since this time, clients have seen their bonds mature every month. Some are redeeming their investment although the vast majority are reinvesting. 

One of the main reasons to consider this bond is that it offers investors a coupon rate of 1% per month, which is paid quarterly, over a 24-month term. For doing so, the Pardus Fixed Income Bond uses a set of strategies beloved in the institutional space for years but is usually not easily available for everybody: the provision of extending a credit line to Tier 1 banks to help fund global but sustainable infrastructure and social development projects. That is how it generates lucrative income/profits.

The credit lines when extended, allow tied agents based at Tier 1 banks to trade using pre sold agreements similar to a contract arbitrage transaction.

This type of trading simply put, mitigates risk. It is the simultaneous purchase and sale of an asset (the asset is pre-sold before it is bought so a trade can't go through at a loss) and the profit is generated from the price difference.

These strategies have been available since the end of WW2 and at that time were created and controlled by the Federal Reserve - Medium Term Notes (MTNs) or as they are now known, Private Placement Programs (PPPs). They have obviously improved and developed over time. Trillions of US$ per day are still traded in this manner BUT it remains a space open to only a handful of the most experienced and qualified individuals. Why? Because participation in this space usually requires a minimum stake of US$100m hence the majority are not even aware it exists. 

Simply put, Pardus provide a credit line to tied agents based at the main Tier 1 banks and every time these agents trade, Pardus receive an associated fee.

All trading is done within the risk parameters set by these banks.

Unique benefits offered 

Besides what was mentioned before, the Pardus Fixed Income Bond has other unique benefits for any investor. These are: having a security trustee, offering guarantee and indemnity agreements to the bondholders as well as having a registered debenture. 

First, Pardus Capital Holdings Plc has instructed a globally-recognized Security Trustee to act on behalf of the bondholders. In that sense, the funds may be used as collateral to enable the issuance of letters of credit. In each case the money remains blocked in accounts in the name of the Collateral manager. 

Secondly, the Collateral Manager contractually guarantees to indemnify any loss incurred by the issuer and its bondholders. For added comfort to any investor, Pardus has partnered with a major Security Trustee and a Collateral Manager who holds a registered debenture to indemnify any loss incurred by issuers and bondholders. A very prestigious firm of City lawyers introduced the G&I agreement primarily to focus on the role of the Trustee who acts solely in the best interests of the bondholders. To be more specific, Sections 2.1 and 2.2 establish:

The Guarantor (Pardus Wealth) as principal obligor and as a separate and independent obligation and liability from its obligations and liabilities under clause 2.1 agrees to indemnify and keep indemnified the Trustee as trustees for the Bondholders (Pardus clients) in full and on demand from and against all and any losses, costs, claims, liabilities, damages, demands and expenses suffered or incurred by the Trustee as trustee for the Bondholders arising out of, or in connection with, the Guaranteed Obligations not being recoverable for any reason or failure of the issuer to perform or discharge any of its obligations or liabilities in respect of the Guaranteed Obligations.

Finally, the registered debenture confirms that the full and first charge of the assets of Pardus Wealth belongs to bondholders. As with the G&I agreement, this document was drafted by the lawyers and signed for by Pardus and Woodside Security Trustee. In other words, the Security Trustee holds a fixed and floating charge in favor of the bondholders.

All of these benefits make Pardus Fixed Income Bond a mid-to-high risk investment, with security in place to mitigate risk. 

About the numbers and figures

The Minimum Investment for the fixed income bond is £100,000.00, or equivalent in US$ and € (minus the initial 2% fee). Meanwhile, the return on this investment, over the 24-month term, would be £121,520.00. 

The profits from the trading generate coupon returns. All coupon announcements are now issued via the LSE (latest link here). All coupon and fee payments have been made on time, every time, since launch. 

The full audited accounts of Pardus Fixed Income Bond plc are now available in Companies House as are the abridged accounts for Pardus Wealth UK Ltd. 

An invitation

The Pardus Fixed Income Bond is one of the top investments for Family Offices that our experts will present in the upcoming Mundo Conference on March 3rd 2022.

If you wish to attend this extraordinary Conference, INQUIRE HERE.

Welcome to the next great decision of your life: Pardus Fixed Income Bond!

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