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Agora Crypto Investment Offer

1/11/2022 8:00:00 AM
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One of the main strengths that skilled investors have is the ability to invest early in an asset whose potential value is incredibly large while keeping risk relatively low. Most investors today fail in this regard, especially in the 21st century, where conditions and opportunities change in a matter of seconds.

For this reason, many investors turn to wealth managers to access strategies that allow them to manage risk in a better way while raising important amounts of capital. 

Currently, one of the most highly attractive assets in the world are the cryptocurrencies. called by some experts “the most extreme market in history”, as fluctuations are extreme and difficult to predict.

Mundo's partner offers an interesting portfolio to get involved in this niche that allows the client to make a profit with as little risk as possible. 

What is it all About?

Mundo's partner is an offshore asset management company whose speciality is the crypto market, digital assets and blockchain technology, being a gateway for investors who want to play it safe in this matter. 

This company happens to be one of the first in Europe to develop within the cryptocurrencies while being an asset management company, which positions it as an avant-garde company in a market as important as the European one. 

One could say that the company's slogan would be something like "protect and grow the client's capital" as its service seeks to exploit the volatility in the fluctuations of cryptocurrencies and digital assets in the best possible way, with risk management strategies developed by the company's team. 

The advantage of this service is that they use a fairly comprehensive method that combines technical analysis and fundamental analysis for both sell and buy options, allowing the client to profit one way or the other. 

It is worth noting that the biggest difficulty of the cryptocurrency market is precisely the volatility of its assets, so a client can make a lot of money or simply lose it all in the blink of an eye. 

However, the wide portfolio of Mundo's partner can drastically reduce the risk assumed in each transaction or each order executed in the market. 

How Does Mundo's Partner Operate? 

The objective is simple: to achieve medium-term profits by trading within the main cryptocurrencies on the market, using risk-calculated strategies to protect the client's capital. 

For this, there's a systematic process that makes a combination between fundamental analysis and detailed technical analysis with multiple tools developed over the years.

However, to achieve its objectives, the company develops rigorous quantitative strategies that use statistical and historical analysis to identify market entry opportunities in one asset or another. Estimated time to significant gains range from weeks to months. 

How to Get Onboard?

There is a free private channel where you can watch a live stream of how the team operates the fundamental and technical analysis, to consider when you start using their services.

However, to get started with this company's services only requires the purchase of bitcoin. If the customer already owns bitcoins, all he has to do is transfer them from wallet to wallet.

Why Invest in Crypto? 

The world is facing an era of groundbreaking transformations. So on,it is crucial for investors to have on their side an expert who advises them before taking any step.

Mundo's partner service is precisely this, a capital management company in this world of cryptocurrencies where a huge space in the global economy will be developing in the coming decades. 

Due to the volatility and explosiveness of its assets, operating in this market is not something to be taken lightly, as this can lead to huge losses. Rigorous methods ensure that the client's capital is in safe hands for as long as the service is required and used. 

Within this company they understand the importance of planning for the future, whether it is to build a solid wallet of assets for the medium-term future, to open a cryptocurrency-based business or to build wealth for future generations.


1. Why is crypto an interesting investment strategy?

Blockchain technologies and digital assets represent a paradigm shift towards a new digital economy, which in our opinion presents the biggest investment opportunity of recent times.

Younger generations who are more crypto savvy are currently seeing the lion’s share of benefits in the crypto revolution. As older investors scoff at and wonder about the value of bitcoin and other projects, cryptos have been a bright spot in what is in many ways, an overall bleak economic climate for young people.

Regardless of the client or institution's savviness to technology or the crypto space it's possible to get both education, consultancy and access to the exciting and lucrative sector.

2. What are the risks of this investment product?

The biggest risk to investors right now is price volatility and market speculation. A modern crypto portfolio such as that offered here allows investors to access the space with managed risk in a robust and flexible manner, helping mitigate the potential for capital losses.

3. What are the rewards?

Managed access to the crypto space and consistent 3 figure gains over the last 3 years

4. How do we see the crypto market in ten years?

As a whole we believe that the Crypto industry is here to stay and will contribute to one of the largest wealth transfers in history.

The impact that blockchain technologies and decentralise ledger technologies (DLT’S) will have on the legacy financial system cannot be understated, nor overlooked from an investment standpoint.

Software is revolutionizing money and the way in which users transact value globally. In the 90’s/00’s software revolutionized the communications industry via smart phones and the internet. Blockchain technologies are about to disrupt the “money markets” in the same fashion.

We are about to live through the largest monetary shake the world has ever seen. Being part of that journey and capitalizing on capital growth via some of the future's biggest companies is both exciting and profound.

5. How can clients invest?

By either a transfer or BTC or ETH over to the company for onward management or for larger clients they can facilitate the exchange from FIAT to Crypto.

6. What is the minimum amount of investment?


7. Why not just simply buy crypto on exchange what makes your fund better or safer?

A buy and hold strategy provides no protection against market volatility when prices are falling, from a “buy and hold” prospective investors are solely reliant on the perception that the purchased coin or token will increase in value indefinitely.

Active risk management is key to both capital preservation and growth within the sector. As the industry grows your portfolio should be able to adapt to changing market conditions in order to reduce risk and generate profits. As the Crypto markets evolve so should your portfolio.

While your above questions have focused on the investment side of the business the other key area and opportunity that cannot be disregarded is that of the tax and wealth management function. 

The Wealth Management department allows both in-house investors and new clients with existing and future gains to maximize their retention and efficiently redeem and manage their wealth. Structuring can either come in the form of newly established company structures for clients new to planning or can link in with existing structures for established investors.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice or recommendations. Investing in financial products or cryptocurrencies involves risks, and you should be aware of the potential risks involved before investing. The content on this website is not intended to be a solicitation or offer to buy or sell any financial products or services. The information provided does not take into account your specific investment objectives, financial situation, or needs, and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional financial advice. You should seek independent advice from a financial advisor or other professionals before making any investment decisions. Please be aware that the legal status of cryptocurrencies and other financial products may vary in different jurisdictions and may be subject to regulation. It is your responsibility to ensure compliance with any relevant laws and regulations governing the sale and marketing of financial products and services in your jurisdiction.

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