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Bank for Sale in Puerto Rico

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“There is a saying in Tibetan, 'Tragedy should be utilized as a source of strength.'
No matter what sort of difficulties, how painful experience is, if we lose our hope, that's our real disaster.”
― Dalai Lama XIV

Many years of connections and working with agents, experts, and clients from different parts of the world has helped us, the Mundo Offshore team, create an exceptionally wide network of fellow business people, investors, and, most importantly, friends.

Thanks to this network that we built throughout the years we have access to incredible investment deals that otherwise wouldn’t be available for us, and we want to make this available for our readers as well. Our hope is that under this investment section we can offer our followers the immense advantage of accessing important deals, investment projects, developments, and other great opportunities that they would not be able to easily find by themselves.

A very important part of our philosophy is to help our readers achieve their financial goals and personal freedom while at the same time creating a protective asset structure. And in this respect, our responsibility towards them is to offer the best investment deals and hottest opportunities.

Today, we are featuring an incredible opportunity in Puerto Rico, which is a banking institution available for sale at an incredibly good price. 

Puerto Rico – source of strength

I decided to open this article with a quote by the Dalai Lama to honor a land that has learned how to utilize tragedy as a source of strength. And, in these difficult times we are living in, with a major global recession before us, I believe this quote couldn’t be more right.

Puerto Rico has suffered the strike of Hurricane Maria in 2017, after which the island was completely destroyed and out of power for weeks. This is sadly a common threat for the Caribbean islands, which find their economies devastated after these unfortunate events.

Luckily, Puerto Rico has been able to make an opportunity out of this tragic situation and created very interesting conditions in order to attract investors.

Puerto Rico is officially a territory of the United States, but it´s not a state. Since 1952, when the commonwealth of Puerto Rico was created by Congress, Puerto Rico residents do not pay US federal income taxes. Moreover, in the year 2012 the government passed 2 laws (acts 20 and 22), which state that, if you are a US citizen and move to Puerto Rico, you will pay 4% on earned income and 0% on dividends only from Puerto Rico sourced income. Thanks to such measures, the Puerto Rican government was able to attract many investors, mostly hedge funds and equity funds people, to the island. These types of measures help small island economies to compensate for their not very developed industries and to also soften the consequences that natural disasters have in these economies. 

With this, Puerto Rico becomes a very special place, actually the only place on earth where you can hold a US passport and pay 0 income tax, but only on locally sourced income. This is why many Americans have decided to move their businesses here, which has resulted in the creation of new work positions and the improvement of the economy in general. 

Moreover, other US citizens are tempted to move their place of residence to “la Isla del Encanto” because of other advantages such as a highly-skilled and bilingual workforce, great schools, fantastic weather, laidback Caribbean lifestyle, and rich culture.

With the idea of turning Puerto Rico into an alternative for Singapore, the Puerto Rican government implemented these measures in order to boost the economy and, especially to protect it against natural disasters like Hurricane Maria.  This also worked very well for wealthy Americans, who can now live in a warm low-tax paradise and at the same time hold their American passport and still be a short flight away from major US cities like New York, Miami or Chicago. 

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Why invest in Puerto Rico? 

Besides its tax benefits, Puerto Rico has other investment and business advantages. It is part of the US and has a privileged location, close to important business centers like Panama, Miami, or Belize.

Also, and especially after the hurricane, Puerto Rico has improved the conditions, offering better residency application processes and adopting the ROI methodology to measure the effectiveness of all the incentives, thus making sure they bring benefit to the people of Puerto Rico.  

Also, “la Isla del Encanto” offers incredible opportunities for investment in areas such as innovation technology, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries, and they are constantly seeking suppliers for these industries. 

The reason why I call Puerto Rico “La Isla del Encanto” (Spanish for “charming island”) is because this is how people call this beautiful place.

Puerto Rico has a rich culture, friendly locals, and beautiful landscapes. Old San Juan, which is a neighborhood in the island’s capital, has beautiful colonial and colorful houses near the sea. Taking a walk here means to truly experience the rich culture of the Caribbean and its colonial past, being similar to Panama City´s Casco Viejo.

In the city of San Juan visitors will also find a vivid street called Fortaleza, where colorful umbrellas are installed, giving a unique atmosphere to the whole place. 

For those who love nature, Puerto Rico has the only rainforest in the US called El Yunque and it´s one of the oldest reserves of the western hemisphere where many animal species live and thrive. If you enjoy hiking, then El Yunque is definitely a place you want to visit as there are many trails to explore. 

One of the most amazing places you´ll ever see in Puerto Rico, and probably in the world, is “Las Salinas” in Cabo Rojo. This is a unique beach where the seawater is pink due to the big number of shrimps that live there. This place also holds great historical value because legend has it that it was named by Christopher Columbus himself.

There are many more reasons why Puerto Rico is called “la Isla del Encanto”. This is a popular touristic destination and a great place to live.  The list is long, and we invite you to find out more about this territory and appreciate the beauties it offers.

Bank for sale in Puerto Rico

Mundo, thanks to its connections, has the opportunity to offer a bank for sale in Puerto Rico. The bank has no negative information nor liens or judgments against it, which means you can rest assured that you won’t encounter any unsolved legal issues with your bank. Also, the strategy of the bank was to gain private banking clients referred from various other related businesses, a strategy that can still be implemented by the bank´s new owners.

The assumption was to generate passive income and management fees from anticipated Venezuelan deposits, however, due to the global politico-economic situation and the sanctions imposed on Venezuelan businesses, this did not materialize.

A great opportunity

The Federal Reserve is again taking applications for FED Master Account.

The bank has an excellent CORE system whose fees are quite expensive but are fully paid.

We strongly recommend this investment because, with a change in strategy target, it could be converted into a revenue-generating banking institution. 

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  • Sale Negotiation. 

  • Development of new business strategy. 

  • Application for new operative permissions based on a new strategy. 

  • Overhaul of the current compliance program. 

  • Potential reshuffle of staff. 

  • Re-launch/Rebranding.

  • Improvement of Correspondent providers. 

  • Short-term management and operation of the bank until client benchmarks are met.

Investment overview

Jurisdiction: Puerto Rico 

Permissions: Banking, Deposit-taking, Global Clientele except for PR residents 

License type: International Financial Entity 

Regulator: OCIF 

Deposits: 12.5 Million USD

Correspondents: Western Union, Euro Exchange 

Clients: 15 

Investment Accounts: Pershing, Interactive Brokers, Charles Schwab

Staff: 7, 4x PR Residents required by law

We have an incredible amount of knowledge and experience specific to the operation, strategy, and compliance of digital and offshore banks. We can bring this bank from its current state to that of a profitable global institution.

You can be the owner of a banking institution with a high success perspective and with many possibilities of financial development. 

If you want to invest in a US territory and settle your business here, this is an undoubtedly unique opportunity, especially for US citizens who can benefit from the tax exemptions, if they are willing to officially move to the island.

For those who don’t have American citizenship, this investment could be a good way to enter the US market and operate here.

If you want to know more details about this incredible investment opportunity, then please contact us and get in touch with our experts.

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