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High-ROI Investment in a Shopping Center in Punta Cana

calendar 8/30/2021 8:00:00 AM
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The Dominican Republic is one of the best destinations to visit and do business in the Caribbean. Millions and tourists come every year to its white-sandy beaches to relax and have great vacations.

In fact, tourism is the main economic activity in the Dominican Republic. The main hub is Punta Cana, a zone located in the eastern part of the country, known as the ultimate touristic destination in the Caribbean, a place where luxurious resorts and casinos stand in the landscape, creating an unique environment that would make you feel like you were in Macau.

Punta Cana beaches attract millions of tourists every year, creating a thriving industry stimulated by a business-friendly environment and a government that respects private property. In that location, foreign tourists can enjoy an unending list of recreational activities, such as wading into the water, surfing, scuba diving and going to the casinos.

This thriving industry has also attracted foreign investors that want to build and overhaul the infrastructure in order to have great returns thanks to the growing demand. In fact, dozens of hotels, resorts, casinos and malls are being built right now.

However, any foreign investor would need a deep knowledge about the local market in order to know that a potential investment project is a safe bet. If this is not the case, the investor may be exposed to serious risk.

However, you don’t have to worry. In Mundo we have partnered with a longstanding consulting firm, led by some of the best advisers in the local market, people that can offer great advice by filtering and selecting the most profitable potential investment project.

In this article you will see one of their recommendations: A booming project that is located just a few minutes from the Punta Cana International Airport, the ultimate business opportunity that has come into Mundo’s radar.

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An Overview of the Paulista Trading Center

The Paulista Trading Center is a project located just outside the Punta Cana International Airport and in the intersection at the entrance of the Bavaro Beach, one of the most famous beaches in Dominican Republic.

This project offers great potentialities, such as:

- An unique location. It is near the airport and in the intersection of one of the main beaches in the Dominican Republic. Every tourist has to pass the intersection in order to get into Bavaro.

- A modern and stylish architecture that will highlight among other nearby trading centers.

- A 44 meter extension along the federal highway at the entrance of the Bavaro beach

- A paid parking that can allow up to 100 cars, something not possible at the Punta Cana airport.

The plot for this project is a 5,255 m2 terrain, located in a strategic position in the Punta Cana tourist industry. Acquiring it would cost USD700,000.

The Project 

The Paulista Trading Center is a project composed of four stages and it would take up to 14 months to complete. 

- The first stage refers to the preliminary steps, the acquisition of the concrete, steel and other materials and general ground movement. It would take five months to complete.

- The second stage would take another five months. It refers to the construction of the frame, foundations, waterproofing and payment to the facade materials, floors and coatings.

- The third stage would take another three months to complete and it is about the installation of the floor, coatings, painting, elevators and finishing the facade of the building

- The fourth and last stage is when the building is completed. I would require acceptance of the agreement with the contractors and the beginning of the commercial use.

The whole project would take up to fourteen months to complete.

Our Investment Proposal

The Paulista Trading Center is a great investment project located in the heart of Punta Cana’s touristic industry. Here, we will tell you how much would cost to invest in this great business opportunity:

- Stage 1: USD950,000 (5 months)

- Stage 2: USD1,700,000 (5 months)

- Stage 3: USD1,370,000 (3 months)

- Stage 4: USD280,000 (1 month)

In overall, the construction of the Paulista trading center would cost you USD4,300,000 in a period of 14 months. Adding the USD700,000 for the plot acquisition, total investment would be USD5,000,000.

Our estimations have put the potential sale price at USD9,000,000. That means that this project can offer you up to an 80% profit.

What can we do for you?

In Mundo, our main objective is to find the best business opportunities for our clients. That’s why, thanks to our partnership with the best providers, we have developed a wide network of experts on a set of destinations.

In the Dominican Republic, our partners are a longstanding firm composed of some of the best advisers in the field, consultants that have a deep knowledge of the Dominican market.

Our last investment opportunity is the Paulista Trading Center, a project located in the heart of the main Dominican touristic hub. This project has a potential profit margin of 80% and can be completed in just 14 months.

This is one of the best potential investments you can make in this paradisiac country. 

To get a detailed presentation of the project, register here FOR FREE!

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