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How to Increase Your Capital and Hedge Risks

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Since the beginning of humankind, successful societies have had only one main type of organisation: leaders and followers.

From small villages to the mighty Roman Empire, there has always existed a small elite that led the army, administered resources and concentrated wealth.

In the 21st century, this elite is infamously called the “richest 1%”, which is composed of businessmen, athletes, artists, actors and a handful of individuals that have managed to succeed in life and create fortunes.

The main task of any elite is to maintain its position of preeminence, and the best way to do it in 2021 is to increase the zeroes in the bank account. However, it would not be humanly possible to personally manage a patrimony after a certain threshold.

Imagine the case of Elon Musk, currently the richest man in the world. Musk is worth more than 200 billion dollars. If his patrimony was a country, it would be among the top 50 biggest economies on the planet.

Successful people often need expert advice in order to manage and keep increasing their wealth, because if you own a fortune, then you may have worked really hard to create it in the first place, so it's indispensable to create forms and ways to increase returns, minimize expenses and maintain it secure for your children and grandchildren.

There are many legal firms and structures that can help you to secure your patrimony from potential lawsuits, divorces and creditors while optimizing taxes and offering extraordinary returns.

In this article we will tell you everything you need to know about the ultimate form of wealth management: Multi Family Offices.

What is a Multifamily Office?

Family offices, which are private wealth management advisory firms that cater to ultra-high net worth investors, offer comprehensive services to manage the entire wealth of an individual or family. 

Their main difference from traditional wealth management firms is that they offer a complete outsourced solution for all financial and investment concerns of their clients. 

So on, what is a Multifamily Office? While Single-family offices serve just one individual or family, multi-family offices take on a small number of families for economies of scale that allow cost optimization among the clients.

These are some of the services that a that a conventional family office offers:

-Financial planning

-Investment advice and risk management

-Multi Generational wealth management


-Tax advisory

-Insurance management 

-Estate planning 


Some of the additional services a MFO may offer are:

-Secure your patrimony against a wide range of events such as potential lawsuits, creditors and other legal issues.

-Overseeing luxury items, such as wine or art collections

-Estate planning 

-Property management

-Family education and mentoring

Multifamily Offices are financial firms designed to offer solutions to affluent families which serve, providing world-class advice to a full range of financial and management needs.

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Your legacy in the best hands in the market

Multi-family offices provide a full range of services in order to cover affluent family’s financial needs. Some of that benefits are:

-Coordination among the management among a wide range of assets the family may have.

-Ensuring privacy and confidentiality to the beneficiaries

-Optimizing the investment strategy, offering good returns at a low risk

-A personalized and expert advice to the beneficiaries

-Family members are freed for the responsibility of managing their wealth. Their main task will be to enjoy it.

-An unbiased financial advice thanks to a deep knowledge of the type of assets, responsibilities, risk profile, etc.

-The family members don’t have to deal with banks, creditors, lawyers, etc. Those responsibilities are centralised to the MFO.

-The costs of managing the MFO will be shared among the member families, so it will be less expensive than a Single Family Office while still having a world class service.

In a nutshell, the Multi-Family Office is an efficient model specially designed for affluent families seeking to achieve financial freedom.

How does a MFO increase your capital?

We have talked pretty much about the safety a Multifamily Office will bring to you and your family. However, there is a key issue: returns.

Having your money in a bank account may offer you some annual interest at zero risk. However, this is not how capitalism works. The only way to raise your capital is to invest it somewhere.

Here is where the Multi Family Offices do their magic. Their staff is often composed of a handful of legal, tax and financial advisors, as well as investment managers, who will help you to diversify your portfolio in highly profitable investment opportunities.

A MFO invest like the big institutionals (pension funds, endowment funds, sovereign funds) in a mix of traditional assets (stocks and bonds) and nontraditional assets (private debt, private equity, specialty real estate)

Bonds, stocks, oil, coltan, real estate in Chipre, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, a newly formed startup in Silicon Valley that could become the next Facebook in a decade… Any potential investment that may offer acceptable returns in the future will be evaluated by that team of experts from a financial, legal and administrative perspective, offering your capital the chance to skyrocket to the moon at an acceptable risk level.

MFOs personalize investments to fit the risk profile and the needs of your family. 

About our partners

In Mundo, one of our partners in the field is a consulting firm composed of some of the best experts in the market. They offer the following type of services:

-Trust Services

-Legal Services

-Investment Management Services

-Corporate Services

-Real Estate Services.

Our partners manage a Multi Family Office specially designed to wealthy families across the globe. Their main task is to preserve and protect your wealth.

The MFO has an aligned interest with its client, since they charge a % of the asset, it is in their interest to make these assets grow. Private Banks make money on commissions which reduce performance, meaning that they make a profit whether their client makes money or not.

What can we do for you?

In Mundo, our main goal is to preserve your wealth and maximize profit. That’s why in our long-standing relationship with our parent company, we have developed a wide network of experts across the globe.

One of our partners is a Panamanian-based financial firm that runs a Multifamily Office. Some of the things they offer you are:

-Access to top tier private banks globally with discounted conditions

-Access to nontraditional investment opportunities like private debt, private equity, specialty real estate

-Higher potential profits than a retail investor which invest in stocks and bonds, as they pay high fees to banks and may end up not making money

-They have unique access to co-investment opportunities, as other family offices often invite them to invest alongside them in exclusive business ventures.

Multi-family offices offer services only to the chosen individuals who want to secure its legacy and achieve full financial freedom.

Try our MFO platform with Mundo. Contact us now!

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