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How to protect my money from inflation and other contingencies

11/23/2023 8:00:00 AM
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Inflation issues, in one way or the other, concern us all. One of the most common apprehensions of a businessperson is how to protect money from inflation, high taxation, potential claims, or any other unforeseen risk.

It seems like, when we ask ourselves “what can make me lose money”, there's no right answer as the risks seem fathomless and impossible to predict. But are they really? It was not in vain that many eminent figures in the business world and experts in asset protection have taught us their secrets over the years. Such experts have explained what are the key factors for a solid structure that protects one’s estate in perpetuity.

How to protect my assets from contingencies

Mundo recommends a product based on the five-flag theory, a concept that began as such but soon became a philosophy and way of living. As with any other similar strategy, it's based on investors' favorite word: diversification.

Do you want to fight inflation or protect your assets from tax erosion? Luckily, personalities like Baron Rothschild, the creator of such a theory, have already put much thought into this matter.

Thus, the five-flag theory proposes a structure that's spread over five different jurisdictions, each one with specific characteristics to cover determined purposes. This not only helps to avoid inflation erosion but also makes your assets much harder to reach by any person who may want to harm you. Unfortunately, with wealth comes risk, however, this doesn't mean that we should refrain from the former. Instead, we should learn how to correctly address the latter.

How to protect my finances from inflation, claimants, high taxation, and contingencies

Mundo introduces a package called Forever Free that's been tailored for the modern entrepreneur and geared by experts in each of its pertaining fields. Calling this strategy “simple” would be naïve as it must be implemented thoughtfully and cleverly based on the right planning. Despite the effort, when it's already settled, it's an ideal way to fight inflation and other potential issues that might jeopardize what a person has worked so hard to achieve.

Now, let's delve right into the question that concerns us: The Forever Free package consists of five different products put together for a common goal.


Do you want to avoid inflation erosion? Start with citizenship in the right place. Why citizenship, the reader may wonder, and they wouldn't be wrong. When one thinks “what can make me lose money” citizenship is not the first thing that comes to mind. However, the Forever Free package is based on Mundo's philosophy and commitment to achieve ultimate freedom, a concept that goes way beyond financial benefits.

This is why the package starts with getting a second citizenship which will open your possibilities to invest, access new currencies, and enter more easily into several countries depending, of course, on each particular case.

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Residency in a territorial tax country

The second step is key to the structure. The advantage of territorial tax countries is that they only tax you on domestic income, which gives you a free path to establish your investments and businesses abroad on whose derivatives you won't pay a cent of taxes. A vital note must be made: the reader should bear in mind that this is not a zero-tax structure because the person will have to pay tax for money generated and received domestically. Aggressive zero-tax advertisement often forgets to say that, in general, one needs to live at least six months a year in a place to become a tax resident. Among other things, this means that the person will have expenses and will have to receive money within the country's borders. This is why the Forever Free package doesn't aim for zero tax but for a healthy reduction of the overall burden.

For those wondering “how to protect my assets from contingencies” and “how to avoid inflation erosion” among other risks, the second step in this package will be quite useful.

Establish a company and keep it running for a constant cash flow

One of our dearest experts taught us that a company is the best investment one can make. While stocks and bonds don't offer high returns unless you're willing to go out on a limb and risk a little bit more than the average person would, and while real estate is quite demanding in terms of management, maintenance, and local conditions, a rightly established company is an unstoppable money machine.

In the early stages, market research and settlement of the different aspects presents a huge challenge. However, once the company is running, it brings a smooth cash flow that you can use to complement your other investment vehicles.

Avoid inflation erosion and other potential risks with a solid trust

The trust or the foundation is the key to your freedom structure. Among their many advantages, such structures will allow you to safely safeguard your account, your company, your properties, and your investments. All these assets will be owned by the trustee or the foundation and usufructed by the beneficiaries that one appoints.

Naturally, jurisdiction means everything when it comes to trusts. So, if you choose a country like Nevis, you'll find that your assets will be protected against foreign rulings, potential claimants, and other threats like ex-wives, spendthrift relatives, and so on.

Looking after investments

You wouldn't think that investment would be out of the question, would you? Through real estate, stocks and bonds, and gold one can put together a portfolio to fight inflation and avoid inflation erosion. Your investment advisor will recommend you allocate your assets according to your risk profile, i.e., what level of risk you are willing to face.

For those wondering “how to protect my finances from inflation”, a healthily balanced portfolio might be the right way to go.

Risk tolerance usually depends on age, responsibilities, marital status, and personal goals. A clear illustration of such a point is the difference between a married couple that has to raise young children and a nineteen-year-old tech geek who’s about to launch his/her first ICO. When it comes to avoiding inflation issues and other types of risks, a good advisor will probably propose two entirely different strategies for both these cases. 

Disclaimer: the package presented here depicts a general philosophy when it comes to asset protection and how to fight inflation. However, these concepts need to be analyzed together with a professional. This article does not replace a legal, formal consultation on investment, finance, or taxation.

Mundo helps you make your financial dreams come true

Thanks to our highly qualified team of experts and partners around the world we can help you reach a combination of tools. They will allow you to set your financial plan in motion while protecting your life's work. In the world of business, everything is obtained through hard work, research, commitment, and perseverance and we can't afford to lose everything overnight. This is why Baron Rothschild created the five-flag theory in the first place, eventually becoming a symbol of asset protection, wealth management, and financial freedom. Contact Mundo to open bank accounts, establish trusts, incorporate companies, and for getting your second citizenship. We are one click away from becoming your companions in this exciting journey.

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