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Innovative banking options: why choose Nevis

10/10/2023 8:00:00 AM
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Choosing Nevis for banking abroad is a good call, especially if we compare this jurisdiction with other alternatives. All in all, Nevis has everything a business center must have and more. That’s why it’s interesting to peek at its background. Why choose Nevis and how did it become a powerful banking jurisdiction?

Caribbean islands like Nevis, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Cuba, and Puerto Rico witnessed an important part of history. All of them were visited by Colombus in his trips to the Americas, back then a newly found continent. 

History taught us that when two cultures find each other, the outcomes are not always the best. This is what we can learn from history in a case like the conquest of America, which, coincidentally, began in the Antilles. Five centuries later, some of these islands offer a new set of opportunities for people from the old and the new continent.

Why is Nevis a business hub: Nevis and its history 

Christofer Columbus visited Nevis on November 12, 1493, and named it after Saint Mary of the Snow (“Nieve” in Spanish, “Nevicaro” in Italian). The territory was disputed by the French and the British throughout the years, being the target of attacks, especially in the 17th century. 

Nevis became a part of the Saint Kitts and Nevis Federation when it joined the said island in 1983. To our day, Nevis remains a part of this federation despite some attempts at independence like for example, the 1998 referendum. 

Why is Nevis a business hub? Being a part of the Saint Kitts and Nevis Federation, the island enjoys the benefit of the citizenship by investment program. Naturally, St Kitts and Nevis business environment doesn’t depend on the program, but it certainly benefits from it. 

The federation was a pioneer in these types of initiatives, being the first jurisdiction to establish a CBI program in 1984. Thus, it offers a unique possibility to acquire a second citizenship relatively easily and fast. 

This attracts investors, fosters cultural blends, and paves the way for other financial services to thrive. Choosing Nevis allows you to establish a trust and helps you fulfill your objectives of banking abroad.

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Since Columbus’s times, Nevis has grown and developed, and now it’s a modern nation with the charm of the Caribbean. By charm we don’t only mean white-sanded beaches, we’re talking about a unique place for living and doing business. In this regard, banking becomes an important part of the equation. 

Moreover, Nevis offers excellent opportunities for banking abroad as it has business-friendly policies and interesting tax options. For example, it doesn’t tax assets derived from abroad. 

Also, if you open an account in Nevis, you should also consider establishing a company, since these two fronts are closely related. At Mundo, we consider St Kitts and Nevis business opportunities to be among the best, and the Nevis company to be the perfect fourth step of your five-flag structure. 

Why choose Nevis? Here you can find an excellent environment for offshore banking in a reputable, white-listed, CRS jurisdiction that still protects clients' privacy. Another advantage of banking abroad is the possibility of accessing new opportunities. This translates into more currencies, new markets, and simplification of international transfers.

Why choose Nevis and Mundo

In a post-covid world where everything is changing rapidly, where uncertainty seems to be always around the corner, it’s important to have a strong financial plan. But more important still is to find the right team to support you in its implementation. 

In this regard, choosing Nevis is a great option due to the island’s long history as a business hub and its combination of tax-friendly conditions and a reputable, compliant environment. 

At Mundo, we have close connections with the Federation and can help you open an account in Nevis on your path to citizenship, and to establishing an account or a trust.

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