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Why a Nevis company is the perfect 4th flag for international investors

6/1/2023 8:00:00 AM
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When it comes to managing global wealth, savvy investors are looking beyond the traditional Western jurisdictions. Instead, they are harnessing the potential of popular yet small investment havens like the Caribbean island of Nevis. Doing business in Nevis has become a thrilling prospect for the entrepreneur that looks for international solutions. If you are not yet aware of Nevis’s potential, here we tell you why Mundo thinks it fits perfectly into your 5-flag theory plan as the fourth step toward ultimate freedom. 

What is the 5 flag theory?

The 5-flag theory is a concept popularized by investors who travel the world believing in personal and financial freedom as their main philosophy. The theory encompasses five key aspects of personal well-being which are called “flags”, in reference to the necessity of establishing structures in different nations. These flags include citizenship, residence, asset safekeeping, business base, and investment. So, to sum up, the 5-flag theory focuses on diversifying your life and finances across different jurisdictions for optimal freedom and security.

In Mundo we consider ourselves passionate followers of the five flags, this is why we created a package called: Forever Free

Nevis and the 5-flag theory

Nevis, as a part of the St. Kitts and Nevis Federation, fits in exceptionally as the 4th flag: the business base. Boasting optimal financial services, favorable tax laws, and political stability, the island presents an opportunity that you can’t let slip through your fingers: doing business in Nevis.

Why Nevis and the 5-flag theory make such an appealing pair starts with Nevis's compelling business framework. The Nevis Business Corporation (NBC) Act is a robust legislative model that provides attractive benefits, including ease of company formation, stringent privacy laws, and no local taxation on worldwide profits. Moreover, Nevis doesn’t apply personal income tax. 

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Advantages of establishing a company in Nevis 

This Caribbean paradise also shines in providing ironclad protection for businesses and individuals. In the era where wealthy people are more exposed than ever, a protective trust is imperative to protect one’s assets, and for this, the Nevis trust is one of the best tools in the world. Check out one of our latest entries on Nevis trusts

Moreover, setting up a business in Nevis is a breeze. The process is relatively straightforward, requiring minimal paperwork and offering a swift turnaround. Here you can register by sending digitalized copies of your documents. The fact that you don’t have to face courier costs to establish a company in Nevis is definitely a plus. It only takes 3 to 7 days to register your structure, as long as your documents are neat and correct. Finally, thanks to Mundo’s connections you can access a company in Nevis at much lower costs than through other options. 

Furthermore, Nevis has kept its reputation unscathed despite the recent crackdowns on offshore jurisdictions. This can be largely attributed to the country's commitment to upholding international regulatory standards, making it a reliable and reputable choice for establishing a Caribbean business and planting your 4th flag.

Disclaimer: This article intends to show the benefit of establishing a company in Nevis, however, establishing and running a business takes time and effort. Although this jurisdiction has tax benefits, to access them you should consult with a tax expert both in Nevis and your country of origin. Keep in mind that establishing a Caribbean business or a business abroad can have tax consequences in other countries where you have citizenship, residency, or other businesses. Before establishing a company, make sure you assess all the benefits and risks with a professional consultant. 

Make Nevis your income machine

While the 5-flag theory is about protecting your assets, the company, i.e., the fourth flag, is the lung of your structure. Experts have described the company as the best investment ever since, if run efficiently, can bring more profits than any other. Naturally, we recommend not leaving other options behind as they can bring another kind of value to your portfolio. However, through a company in Nevis, you can run a Caribbean business and combine it so that it generates the type of returns you need. Other investments, your passport, your tax residency, and your trusts will function as protective layers to what your company produces. 


Investors who weave the 5-flag theory into their financial strategies understand the importance of a diverse, international approach. A Company in Nevis seamlessly integrates into this theory, offering a compelling mix of privacy, security, and freedom that is hard to find in traditional jurisdictions.

As you navigate the international business seas and chart your course according to the 5-flag theory, consider Nevis as your 4th flag. The unparalleled benefits of doing business in Nevis could pave the way for a profitable and enjoyable journey, setting the stage for ultimate personal and financial freedom.

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