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Investment tours to Panama: Your ticket to permanent residence

6/5/2024 8:00:00 AM
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Panama, with its stable economy, favorable business environment and delightful tropical climate, is attracting more and more attention of investors from all over the world. For those who want not only a profitable investment, but also to obtain permanent residency (Permanent Residence), Panama offers a unique opportunity - real estate investment. We at Mundo Expert organize special investment tours that allow you to get acquainted with the best properties from the country's leading developers. These tours are your ticket to permanent residence in Panama, providing a full range of services from the selection of the object to the execution of all necessary documents.

What is an investment tour?

Investment tour is a unique opportunity for our clients to get acquainted with the best properties in Panama, which meet the requirements for obtaining a residence permit. We organize trips during which you will be able to see the property in person, assess its potential and choose the most suitable investment option.

Our real estate tours are designed to meet the individual preferences of each client. We offer a full range of services: from booking flights and accommodation to professional support at all stages of the tour. You will be able to get detailed information about each project, ask questions to the developers and familiarize yourself with the infrastructure of the districts where the objects are located.

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How does an investment tour work?

Our investment tours are designed to best meet the needs of our clients. We offer different levels of services, from booking and purchasing airline tickets to organizing accommodation and simply escorting you around the properties.

The tour program includes:

  • Organizational support: We take care of your comfort, starting with booking your flights and accommodation so that you can fully concentrate on choosing your property.
  • Property visits: During the tour you will have the opportunity to look at different models offered by certain developers, or trust our professional opinion and get acquainted with the most attractive offers of the season.
  • Meetings with developers: We organize meetings with representatives of construction companies so that you can ask all your questions and get detailed information about each project.
  • Consultation and support: Our specialists will accompany you at all stages of the tour, providing professional advice and helping you to choose an object.

For clarification and selection of the most suitable tour option, please contact us. We will help you organize a trip that will best meet your requirements and expectations, ensuring the comfort and efficiency of your investment tour.

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Conditions for obtaining permanent residence through real estate investment

Obtaining permanent residency in Panama through real estate investment is an attractive and affordable way for those who want to not only enjoy life in this beautiful country, but also have a stable basis for business and personal wealth.

Legal Requirements

According to Panamanian law, the following conditions must be met in order to obtain a residence permit through real estate investments:

  • Minimum investment amount: The investor must invest a minimum of $300,000 in real estate. It can be one property or several, the main thing is that the total amount of investment must meet the established threshold.
  • Property type: The investment can be for the purchase of residential or commercial real estate. We offer a wide range of properties that meet these requirements.
  • Period of ownership: The investor must own the purchased property for a certain period of time in order to retain Permanent Residence status. We advise in detail on all aspects and requirements so that our clients are fully informed.

Advantages of obtaining a residence permit through investment

  • Right to live and work: Obtaining a Permanent Residency gives you the right to permanently live and work in Panama without the need to renew your visa.
  • Family residence permit: Your close relatives can also obtain a residence permit with you. This makes Panama an ideal choice for families looking for a new place to live.
  • Tax benefits: Panama offers attractive tax conditions for foreign investors, making real estate investments even more lucrative.
  • High standard of living: With a residence in Panama you can enjoy a high standard of living, quality medical care, excellent educational institutions and magnificent nature.

Our properties

Here are some of the most popular projects in Panama that can be purchased for permanent residency. These properties are carefully selected for our investment tours and offer unique opportunities for those looking to invest in luxury real estate.

1. The Regent

The Regent, located in the prestigious Costa del Este neighborhood of Panama City, represents the pinnacle of luxury real estate. This prestigious complex offers a wide selection of apartments ranging from 95 to 202 m². Each features stunning design, modern amenities and stunning ocean or city views. Apartments include two to three bedrooms, modern kitchens and spacious balconies, as well as up to two parking spaces. The complex is equipped with all the necessary amenities for comfortable living, such as swimming pools, sports fields and recreational areas .

2. Arcadia

Arcadia is a modern residential tower strategically located in a sought-after area of Costa del Este. This project offers apartments ranging from 70 to 76 m² with magnificent views of the Central Park. Residents have access to first-class amenities such as an elegant lobby with concierge, covered terrace, gym, yoga studio, squash court and wellness center. The complex provides an ideal environment for living, working and relaxing.

3. Royal Palm

Royal Palm is located in the picturesque Playa Gorgona neighborhood, just 50 minutes from Panama City. This residential project, consisting of two towers, offers apartments ranging from 70 to 135 m² with panoramic ocean views. The complex is equipped with a variety of amenities including swimming pools, gym, sauna, children's playground and direct access to the beach. This is the perfect place for those who dream of living by the sea with access to all modern amenities.

4. Nogal

Nogal is a 41-storey residential tower offering exclusive apartments ranging from 100 to 131 m². Each apartment is equipped with modern amenities including spacious living rooms, dining rooms and open plan kitchens. Residents can enjoy swimming pools, Jacuzzi, covered terrace with bar, gym and spa center. The complex is also equipped with 24-hour security to ensure the safety and comfort of living .

Special offer

We appreciate your trust and strive to make the process of obtaining a residence in Panama as comfortable and profitable for you as possible. Within a month after you complete the investment tour with us, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of our special offer.

What does the special offer include?

  • 10% discount on our services: We offer a 10% discount on our Panama residence permit services. This means that you will receive professional support and guidance at every stage of the process at a reduced price.
  • The right to choose any property: You will be able to choose any property that was presented to you during the investment tour. This gives you the flexibility and confidence that you will find the most suitable investment option.

Our special offer is valid for one month after the end of your investment tour, giving you ample time to think and make a decision. We are confident that this will help you to take the first step towards obtaining a permanent residence in Panama with maximum benefit and comfort.

Contact us to learn more about our special offer and to sign up for an investment tour. We are ready to help you on your way to your dream of living in Panama.

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