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Real estate investment in Costa del Este: Living in the city under a new concept

7/26/2022 8:00:00 AM
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Many people contact us because they want to buy a condo in Panama, and we encourage this type of inquiry. Panama City condos bring great advantages both for residents and foreigners because they open a world of possibilities when it comes to rental income and market appreciation. 

As an international investment publication strongly connected to Panama, we offer a variety of opportunities including condos on the beach in Panama, real estate investment in Costa del Este, and apartments in the city. However, on this occasion, we bring a project that goes beyond all this. We present you with an innovative living concept that can change your life.

Why invest in a condo in Panama 

There are many investment possibilities in Panama that combine a series of advantages including interesting returns. But let's not forget one important aspect of buying real estate: you get a second home.

There are many foreigners living in Panama thanks to the various residency programs available. In part, this is why the real estate market has boomed in the past few years: it simply found a great demand for accommodation concerning this immigration flow.

However, immigrants can get lonely even in a place like Panama where there's a wide gastronomy offer, excellent entertainment options, and a rich cultural mixture. 

This is why we like to promote projects like this one, where real estate ownership is only the first step. If you buy a condo in Panama as a place of residency, you'll want to have the best amenities and opportunities to socialize. 

We offer a real estate investment in Costa del Este, one of the most beautiful and popular neighborhoods in Panama. Here, you'll find a unique environment away from the city center but with everything you need right around the corner. This includes ocean views, jogging trails, supermarkets, schools, ice cream shops, health care centers, laboratories, and various stores.

But location is not the only thing that makes this project special. Keep reading and you'll find out that it comes with a special program so that you can keep yourself healthy while you connect with those around you.

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Innovative real estate investment in Panama

The project comes with an innovative model that includes a specialized administration for condo suites. Through a mobile app, residents and hosts will be able to enjoy different social activities and cultural events coordinated by dedicated community managers. In this sense, when you invest in a condo you access a whole new community.

One of our favorite features of this project is that it works great for both residents and visitors. With all the corresponding licenses in place, the project offers a program called “no complications”, with the premium option to manage our clients’ units. Thus, you can have housekeeping services, long-term and short-term rentals, digital marketing on the best rental and travel websites, and personalized reports.

Only a few steps from the Town Center in Costa del Este, you can be part of a unique and prestigious community. But this is not it, you'll be able to do many things like relaxing, exercising, and enjoying different entertainment options managed by the platform. If you want to work, visit the coworking sector for a quiet environment.

About the project

- Infinity pool

- Sun deck

- Modern huts

- Meet and greet lounge

- Outdoor theater

- Jogging track

- Gaming center

- BBQ spaces

- Coworking lounge

- Common laundry

- Room for multiple uses

- Sky pool

- Sky bar

- Yoga studio

- Wellness center

- Athletic Club

The apartments

The condo suites are delivered fully furnished, thus providing a turnkey solution. If you want to invest in a condo but don't have much time to decorate or buy furniture, this is an excellent option. Choose apartments with 53, 58, 59, and 65 square meters.

Price: from $265,000

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Real estate investment in Costa del Este

We have partnered with the best real estate developer in Panama and are thrilled to be at the forefront of the real estate market. If you want to buy a condo in Panama with premium services and the possibility to belong to a community, contact our experts and find out about your financing options. Your dream of living abroad is possible and you can do it in Panama. Start now!

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