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One People, One Journey, One Future: a young country that welcomes investors from all over the world

3/6/2024 8:00:00 AM
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Why not find the best citizenship to have in a young country like Grenada? Having only turned 50 this February, such a beautiful island constitutes one of the best citizenship-by-investment options available today.

Since we love Grenada, we couldn't miss the chance to remind our readers of this Caribbean paradise that's known for more than producing spices: it has gained a solid reputation among those who want to get another passport and find a new home.

With the motto One People, One Journey, One Future, Grenada has half a century of history and is ready to start the second half proudly and innovatively.

Grenada: find the best Caribbean passport in a young nation

If you think of the Caribbean as you close your eyes, you see a colorful environment and hear lively music, and Grenada lives up to this reputation. The country's independence is celebrated on February 7th, but celebrations start one day earlier. On February 6th, 2024, Citizens gathered at the Grenada Houses of Parliament on what they call National Color Day, wearing the colors of the flag, to celebrate Grenada’s 50th Anniversary. 

Such celebrations honor the Grenadian people's long and hard journey towards constituting a solid position as a democratic nation on which neighboring countries, and even the United States, can rely.

While in Europe one can find the best golden visa programs, in the Caribbean it's possible to get another passport safely and legally. Mundo likes to stress the fact that passports are not for sale, instead, in exchange for a contribution, the applicant gets the right to citizenship and only will achieve it by passing all due diligence processes and corresponding interviews.

On other occasions, we've already discussed the high-end projects available through citizenship by investment in Grenada. When walking down the CBI aisle, people want nothing less than the best Caribbean passport unless, of course, they prefer an option like Vanuatu or Turkey.

However, today we wish to see Grenada from a new perspective as the joy of a people who are proud of their country is something that deserves recognition.

Celebrating Grenada's 50th anniversary of independence

On February 7th, the Cricket Stadium was the perfect scenario for Grenadian people to express their gratitude and pride. The richness of the local culture was represented by an unforgettable show and a picturesque military parade. 

The parade started from Melvin Street at 2:00 PM and continued toward the National Stadium where the ceremony took place. During the afternoon, some of the most popular performers entertained the audience which included important personas such as the president of Ghana, Nana Akifo-Addo, and Grenada's prime minister, Dickon Mitchell. The evening ended with a drone display and fireworks. King Charles III congratulated all the Grenadian people for their 5-year-decade run in building an outstanding nation.

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Get the best second passport: Grenada's 50th anniversary also celebrated in other countries

A Grenada delegation visited The United States to celebrate the country's golden anniversary. Led by H E Tarlie Francis, The US ambassador in Grenada, the delegation was constituted by Christine Francis (ambassador's wife), Rafael Michael Brizan (Grenada general counsel in New York City), and Christine Noel-Horsford, sales director at the Grenada Tourism Authority.

The anniversary was only one of the reasons for such a gathering as recently a new nonstop flight from Boston to Grenada was launched. Since November, tourists and residents can travel from the Boston Logan International Airport to the Maurice Bishop International Airport on a flight that's available year-round. Undoubtedly this will help constitute the relations between both regions. Actually, Grenada is already on good terms with the US since it's part of the E2 visa agreement and is responsible for a wide number of medical residents in the US thanks to the advanced program at the Saint George's University.

Furthermore, this event was a perfect opportunity for delegates to engage in important discussions concerning tourism, education, healthcare, trade, and the enhancement of bilateral relations between both countries.

Consider Grenada when choosing the best citizenship by investment

The best citizenship to have when you want to get another passport depends entirely on your needs and tastes. All in all, Vanuatu and the Caribbean offer options that constitute an opportunity to enhance travel freedom and access convenient investments. Investing in the best second passport brings advantages from different perspectives improving a person's or a family’s chances to access new currencies and more advanced investments. It also opens the path to other perks like tuition programs, cultural experiences, and new, refreshing environments.

In Grenada, applicants find two options: real estate investment and government donation. The contribution to the national fund is always cheaper but doesn't bring any returns or the possibility of getting the funds back. This path is available for $150,000 for one single investor or $200,000 for an investor and family. The real estate option is accessible for $220,000 and it's mandatory to maintain ownership for at least five years. It's worth noting that these numbers don't include legal fees, government fees, or expenses but they do provide a glance of the general cost.

Disclaimer: this article provides general information about Grenada, its celebrations, and its best citizenship by investment programs. The numbers stated here are an overview and this article doesn't intend to replace a professional consultation. Before deciding to get another passport make sure to assess the risks and benefits and to get updated information through a certified professional.

Do you want to get the best second passport? Mundo is here to help you

How can Mundo help you get the best Caribbean passport? When making such an important decision it's vital to understand what you're doing. There are various programs available that can provide the best citizenship by investment for your particular case. At Mundo, we are closely connected with agents in Vanuatu and the five Caribbean islands that provide such programs. This is why we can help you decide the best alternative and walk side by side with you until you and your family have a brand-new nationality to enjoy.

Moreover, we help global investors, nomad capitalists, and perpetual travelers achieve their financial goals through comprehensive strategies and a variety of tools that range from foreign accounts to tax residency, company registration, and real estate acquisition. For those who want to get another passport legally and safely the journey can be challenging but it is 100% worth the effort. Fortunately, having a team like Mundo right beside you can make the difference between a tiresome process and a smooth journey toward your goals.

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