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What is the best offshore company in 2023?

3/1/2023 8:00:00 AM
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Mundo is always ready to help those people that want to establish an offshore company. What you can get from these structures is quite appealing, especially if you're trying to set up an international structure for asset protection.

We help many clients when it comes to offshore company formation with bank account and without, always looking after their clients’ interests. This is why, as the second month of the year is practically gone, we don't want to waste another day without writing about the best offshore company in 2023.

Best corporate options in 2023

Who is interested in offshore company formation services?

When you decide to expand your horizons and establish an IBC or LLC abroad, you need the best help you can get. There are two types of readers: those who are very familiar with the topic and have read plenty of literature about offshore incorporation, and those who are only reading their first articles. 

The former usually know quite a lot about how to establish an LLC or any other structure and in general they know what the best corporate jurisdiction is for them. These readers usually know what they want and sometimes they reach out to our experts to clarify some doubts. They may need a little push to the decide which way they'll go. Then, they need quality offshore company formation Services so that their company is fully compliant not only at registration but also throughout its lifetime. 

The latter are different kinds of readers. This is the person that has the need to establish a business abroad and is only starting to research on the subject. Understanding offshore incorporation in detail takes years. Even if you're not a professional, you can learn a lot from publications like this one, but the learning process takes time. The good news is that we can help these types of readers because our editorial team and our professional staff, composed of lawyers and certified agents, have plenty of experience on how to establish an offshore company. 

At the writing and editorial team, we've been close to the topic for years and our professional consultants have plenty of experience working with different countries. Since they've incorporated in the best business centers in the world, they can surely give you a hint so that you can find the best corporate jurisdiction for you.

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Open an offshore company in 2023

No matter to which group you belong, a good review is always necessary especially when you want to know about the best corporate options in 2023. 


Seychelles is famous for a reason: it's a top-class financial center. It comes with plenty of tax advantages like exemptions. Transfer of shares is not taxable, and the general tax burden is much lighter than in other places. The information of the company's officers is 100% confidential and the only information that appears on public records is the memorandum and articles of association. With minimum paperwork and low costs, you can be part of one of the best corporate options in 2023. Although it sounds like a tax haven, Seychelles is far from being one. While it is one of the most cost-effective jurisdictions it has substance requirements that you need to comply with. Visit our article “A substantial benefit” for more information about substance in Seychelles. 


If you want to establish an LLC, The United States is a great place, especially if you're not a citizen/resident in this country. You can choose whether your company is taxed as an S or a C corporation. With the S corporation you turn your LLC into a pass-through tool, which means that, instead of paying corporate tax, you declare your company earnings in your personal returns. The C corporation faces tax as a regular company, i.e., it pays corporate tax. Moreover, an LLC in the US is easy to run and brings tax benefits for those who don't reside in the US or hold a passport from this country.


Nevis is famous for its trust. The trust is quite a protective structure per se, but it offers extra asset protection in Nevis. If properly structured, a trust here can't be set aside by creditors, ex-spouses or even the IRS. Keep in mind that the keyword is “properly”. This means that you need a good lawyer to help you out and Mundo can provide you one.

If you're looking for the best corporate jurisdiction, take a look at Nevis because it has everything: fast incorporation, privacy, business friendliness, and low costs.


The history of offshore incorporation in the BVI is quite interesting. It started because there was a double taxation treaty between this country and the US. Nowadays the BVI are one of the best corporate options in 2023 and Mundo recommends it if you want to establish a business abroad. The result of this long history of offshore company formation services is a flexible jurisdiction with plenty of tax advantages. It doesn't apply several taxes that most jurisdictions do. Registration can be done in as little as three days, efficiently and fast. One of the best reasons to establish an IBC in the BVI is that its government works closely with the corporate sector in full collaboration.

Cayman Islands

If you're interested in offshore company formation with bank account, ask our experts about our services in the Cayman Islands. Establish a business abroad and choose the best corporate jurisdiction to really lead your business to success. In the Caymans you have plenty of low tax advantages and flexibility while being in a whitelisted country. 

Mundo’s favorite: the best offshore company in 2023

From these five jurisdictions, Mundo recommends Nevis. Since we are registered agents, we can offer the best prices in the market and the fastest registration. Nevis doesn't apply corporate tax and keeps directors and shareholders under strict confidentiality. 

One of Nevis’s best attributes is that you can speed up the offshore incorporation process since you can register with scanned copies of your documents. Not having to send them via international courier is a huge relief and saves you money.

Contact your Mundo expert now and establish an offshore company in 2023 in the best place possible: the island of Nevis.

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