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Saint Kitts nationality and Grenada CBI program: The most common reasons why HNWIs choose to acquire a second citizenship

6/21/2024 8:00:00 AM
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At Mundo, we're proud to present the Grenada investment visa which grants citizenship eligibility. Programs like Grenada or St Kitts and Nevis citizenship cost a couple of thousand dollars, but they bring benefits.

One may wonder why this kind of investment is so popular among global citizens and perpetual travelers when there are other alternatives available. However, the Grenada CBI program or the possibility of obtaining a St Lucia or Saint Kitts nationality are some of the most solid options out there despite their cost.

The Mundo team decided to pen this piece on citizenship explained through a migration point of view analyzing the reasons why people choose to relocate.

Citizenship explained: Diving deeper into the logic of migration

Why will somebody get a golden visa, Caribbean citizenship, or a second residency? Migration has existed since the very dawn of mankind. It seems to be in our essence, and it's defined as a “change of residency” and applied to all societies. Moreover, many developed countries were built on migration like the United Kingdom, France, Australia, Canada, Spain, and the United States. But what drives somebody to leave everything behind and start over? 

Citizenship explained: typical causes for migration

Natural causes: in some cases, people are forced to emigrate due to natural disasters.

Political causes: political persecution has been one of the main reasons for migration throughout history.

Economic reasons: this constitutes the main emigration cause in developing nations or countries undergoing profound economic crises.

The fourth option: citizenship for personal and financial development 

However, there's a fourth migration cause that's not precisely in the book. In the past two decades, concepts like nomad capitalists, perpetual travelers, and global citizens have gained weight and with them golden visa, Caribbean citizenship, and investment residency initiatives. 

In general, these programs offer eligibility for either citizenship or residency in exchange for an economic contribution. It's worth noting that the final say on the matter will depend on the due diligence and background check. Nonetheless, these contributions get you into the game, unlike traditional migration paths which can take years of bureaucracy and uncertainty.

Mainly focused on HNWIs, alternatives like Saint Kitts nationality or the Grenada CBI program bring the migration world to a whole new level providing ample opportunities for global citizens.

Why would somebody choose a citizenship program or a golden visa: Caribbean, migration, and global citizenship

Under this new category fall what we know as global citizens. A relatively modern concept, it describes those who decide not to depend only on their country of origin. For whatever reason they become holders of several citizenships, and this defines their lifestyle.

Programs in the Caribbean, Vanuatu, and Europe offer comprehensive solutions. Taking the Caribbean as an example, we can see that St Kitts and Nevis citizenship cost was raised a few months ago, and other countries seem to be following after signing the MoA. Nonetheless, the country and the region remain competitive as they offer something that most countries don't: a straightforward path to a second citizenship.

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Citizenship explained: five reasons why HNWIs decide to emigrate

To decide what program is best, it’s a good idea to point out what drives HNWIs to emigrate in the first place. After that, it’s possible to pinpoint the best alternative which can be a Saint Kitts nationality or a Grenada investment visa (in other words, the CBI program).

Reason 1: finding a better quality of life

The quality-of-life standard considers a country's possibility to provide citizens with everything they need to lead a comfortable and fulfilling life. This includes a variety of factors including education, healthcare, environmental quality, infrastructure, and access to luxury.

Reason 2: security and safety

Safety is one of the primary motivators for migration and this applies to global citizens as well. When it comes to choosing the Grenada CBI program, the Saint Kitts citizenship, or the St Lucia alternative, HNWIs will choose those places with low crime rates and that protect against disorder and instability

Reason 3: global mobility

With one single passport, possibilities to travel and stay in different countries are limited. How limited they are will depend entirely on the country of origin. Nonetheless having more than one citizenship opens a wide area of alternatives as it allows you not only to enter the territory but also to live, study, and conduct business in the countries in question. In some cases, and due to agreements between nations, this advantage can be enhanced even further.

Reason 4: citizenship explained through business and investment opportunities 

By being a citizen of different countries, investment and business opportunities are considerably expanded. Citizens face less red tape when it comes to investment and incorporation and usually have more benefits than foreigners.

Reason 5: ultimate freedom

Financial freedom is the number one concept for global citizens. Based on Ayn Rand’s work and the libertarian movement their ultimate goal is to achieve financial freedom, which is not possible when tied to one single country's rules and conditions.

Thus, a country with a good financial freedom index is one that provides a stable business environment with healthy regulations for conducting business and holding assets. 

Mundo’s picks on the best CBI countries for HNWIs: St Kitts and Grenada CBI program

Getting to know the land of spices: Grenada

Among its many advantages, Grenada is the only Caribbean country offering an E2 visa agreement with the United States. The good relationship between these countries is in large part supported by Saint George's University which is one of the main sources of first-year medical residents in the US. 

In Grenada, you can apply through a co-investment, a real estate investment, or a donation. There's access to state-of-the-art developments that promise a safe and profitable investment.

HNWIs like Grenada because of its outstanding investment opportunities, safety, stable environment for businesses, and flexible conditions when adding dependents to the application.

The king of investment citizenship: St Kitts

Another island paradise opens its doors to global citizens who want a secure second home. You can become eligible for Saint Kitts nationality through the typical path (investment and donation). It constitutes a safe choice for HNWIs with ample business and asset protection opportunities, particularly through the Nevis LLC and the Nevis Trust. For followers of the five flags, the Federation, and particularly the island of Nevis, can fit perfectly in their financial development plans.

Disclaimer: this article is merely informative; therefore, it doesn't replace a professional consultation on investment, investment migration, or migration in general. Before making any important lifestyle and financial decisions make sure to consult with a certified advisor.

Citizenship explained through Mundo's top picks

There may be different reasons why someone chooses to emigrate. In our days, thanks to initiatives like the Grenada CBI program or the Saint Kitts nationality through investment, it's possible to have several citizenships.

This means many things but especially a wider freedom range and a unique lifestyle. For HNWIs, safety, investment opportunities, quality of life, financial freedom, and global mobility are key aspects, and programs like Grenada and Saint Kitts are among the top solutions.

Luckily, Mundo has connections in various jurisdictions including these two countries and many more. Write to us and find out about our corporate options in Panama, Canada, and Seychelles, our residency opportunities and real estate options in Panama, our Nevis trust, and ample solutions for banking abroad. Book a consultation right now and find out exactly the piece that's missing from your financial plan.

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