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Dominica or Antigua? Mundo compares two of the most popular CBI programs for 2024

12/28/2023 8:00:00 AM
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The possibility of getting a second citizenship in 2024 is still viable, especially in Caribbean countries. Many people are wondering “how to move to the Caribbean with my family”, and luckily, there are many choices for them. Dominica and Antigua present some of the most popular programs for investors, perpetual travelers, and nomad capitalists around the world. This is why, to wrap up 2023, Mundo brings this Dominica vs Antigua comparison.

Become a Caribbean citizen through the most popular programs

There are plenty of ways to become a Caribbean citizen or virtually a citizen of any country in the world. Recently, at Mundo, we've shared an article about the three standard paths to migration. This encompasses different ways to acquire residency or citizenship in a country including naturalization by descent, working visas, study permits, and other traditional alternatives.

On the other hand, one of the most popular citizenship paths is what is called citizenship by investment, and this is exactly what this Dominica vs Antigua comparison shows. We're talking about two countries with dreamy landscapes and outstanding possibilities for those interested in international business and personal freedom.

Why get a second citizenship through the most popular citizenship by investment programs

First, let's point out the importance of having a second citizenship. If you want to become a Caribbean citizen, you will access many benefits that go beyond your economic status. A second citizenship means a whole new lifestyle for many people as they choose this method to obtain personal and financial freedom. In our view, freedom depends on many factors and it’s an ideal that's hard to achieve. However, through the most popular programs in Caribbean countries and other parts of the world, it is possible to be closer to freedom.

A clear though sad example became evident during the COVID-19 pandemic. Travel restrictions were implemented resulting in people not being able to travel freely from one country to another. Only those who had legal residency, or a local passport were able to enter certain countries.

Fortunately, such events are rare, but they happen and programs like the ones of Dominica vs Antigua can help you to get the right to citizenship much faster, also providing you the right to live and enter the country whenever you want.

Why citizenship by investment? The main advantage of such an option is that it allows you to become a Caribbean citizen much faster than through traditional methods, however deep down the essence is the same. By making a contribution to the government’s fund or by investing in the country's economy via real estate or real estate developments, the applicant becomes eligible. What does this mean? In simple terms, it's not about paying and getting citizenship but about making a contribution and obtaining the right to citizenship. After that, the applicant or applicants will have to undergo all due diligence processes, interviews, and everything required by the law.

How to move to the Caribbean with my family? Dominica vs Antigua

In Dominica, there are approximately 73 040 inhabitants according to 2023 reports. One must not mistake it with Dominican Republic which is a whole different country also in the Caribbean. Actually, both countries have different official languages. While in the Dominican Republic people speak Spanish, in Dominica, a former British colony, people speak English or Creole. 

Regarding Antigua, on the other hand, here live 94 298 people, according to recent statistics. The island country is characterized by its amazing architecture that can be found near the capital, St. John’s, for its carnival festivities and people's taste in metallic percussion and music styles like reggae or the calypso.

In both cases, these countries offer you the chance to become a Caribbean citizen through some of the most popular programs in the region, of which we prepared a simple yet useful Dominica vs Antigua comparison.

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We chose the main aspects of any citizenship program which include minimum investment stipulations for the donation or the real estate option, the government fees, and the dependents. The reader should keep in mind that the minimum donation may vary from one single applicant to a family of four, that's why we clarify that point in the following comparison.

Minimum donation thresholds

  • Antigua - single applicant: 130,000
  • Antigua - family of four: 130,000
  • Dominica - single applicant: 100,000
  • Dominica - family of four: 175,000 (+25,000 for additional dependents younger than 18 and 50,000 for dependents older than this age)

Minimum real estate thresholds

  • Antigua: Minimum 200,000 with 5 years before resell 
  • Dominica: minimum 200,000 with 3 years before resell 

Adding relatives

  • Antigua: Wife and two children 
  • Dominica: Wife and two children (Possibility to add dependents older than 18 years of age) 

Government fees 

  • Antigua: 50,000 (up to four persons, 15,000 + for each dependent after that number)
  • Dominica: 35,000 (up to four members, 25,000 for each additional dependent) 

Disclaimer: this article presents only general information about Dominica vs Antigua and does not replace a formal legal consultation. The minimum donation thresholds, fees, and requirements here described are meant to provide a general picture of the program but may not be updated. For updated information about the most popular citizenship programs please consult with a registered agent or a certified professional.

Dominica vs Antigua: final thoughts

From this comparison, we can quickly see that Antigua is a better option for a family of four members, especially if one chooses the donation path. On the other hand, if the applicants prefer a real estate investment, then both countries present similar numbers. Nonetheless, in Dominica, it's possible to sell before (three years against five). When it comes to adding dependents older than 18 years old, Dominica is the best option if one is ready to pay the extra fee.

At Mundo, we are in contact with experts, agents, and professionals from all our jurisdictions including, of course, Dominica and Antigua and Barbuda. As a portal based on Ayn Rand’s philosophy and the libertarian lifestyle, we love personal freedom more than anything else. This is why our articles intend to show options for people who choose this way of living.

Naturally, as you can see in our Forever Free article, the second citizenship is only step one in a financial freedom plan. Ideally, you'll need at least a company, an international bank account, reliable investments, and a convenient tax residency.

Mundo understands that freedom goes beyond money, accounts, and that it doesn't depend on how many citizenships a person has. In our view, the concept of freedom is personal and to be forged by each person individually.

What we can do as a portal and as a bridge between you and the world of experts is to offer options to achieve this freedom when it comes to traveling, investing, and doing business at a global level. Do you have any questions? The Mundo team is right here for you.

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