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Mundo is meeting new partners at the Bosco conference in Istanbul

11/2/2023 8:00:00 AM
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After having participated at the Bosco conference in Azerbaijan on the 30th of October, today Mundo presents its favorite country in the conference's new edition which will be held in Turkey. 

Finding business opportunities at the Bosco Conference

Since 2011, the Bosco conference has been an event that gathers investors, entrepreneurs, bankers, and agents from different parts of the world. Thus, it provides an excellent path to finding business opportunities and meeting like-minded people. In such an environment, it is more conducive to create partnerships and, why not, develop friendships too.

We all want to access innovative business opportunities and events like this are a great way to find the right partner, the perfect deal, or the most suitable audience. This November 2nd, the Bosco conference will take place in Istanbul, Turkey, presenting an excellent opportunity to get new contacts. Statistics indicate that, on average, entrepreneurs at Bosco establish 70% of their Business-to-Consumer (B2C) connections and 30% of their Business-to-Business (B2B) contacts.

When it comes to meeting new partners from different parts of the world, the Bosco conference constitutes a solid platform. Professionals can share their ideas, exchange knowledge, and find the latest information on different countries, services, or areas of business. Thus, Bosco meets all the requirements for a top international business conference:

  • Enhance communication with colleagues
  • Meet new partners
  • Expand client network

Today, in Istanbul, attendees will have the opportunity to present their companies and every aspect of their products. Especially this is interesting for professionals in the areas of taxation, asset protection, wealth management, banking, and economic migration.

Mundo is present at Bosco: meeting new partners and promoting innovative business opportunities in Panama

We're proud to say that our CEO and friend, Liliya Soboleva, will be presenting the advantages of investing in Panamanian real estate. Being a successful businesswoman and the creator of the company Be Happy Now, Liliya is not only in charge of the Mundo Group but also one of our experts in real estate, particularly in beautiful Panama.

Since she has worked as a realtor for the most renowned developers in the country, she knows her way around and can find the right investment for anyone. Luckily, thanks to Liliya’s advice, we’ve published an overlook of Panama's real estate projects available today.

Should you be in attendance at today's Bosco conference, you will have the opportunity to acquire international business information about real estate directly from the source.

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Who is attending the Bosco conference?


If you are eager to establish a corporate structure for your business, you'll need all the advice you can get. At this international business conference, you'll be able to get important insights about the necessary procedures. Incorporating a company is a complex path which includes knowing the structures, understanding which legal entity is right for your business model, and opening bank accounts. Moreover, if the incorporation is conducted abroad, you'll need advice on foreign corporate law. 

Corporate Lawyers

If you're on the other side of the river, then you have other challenges. As a corporate lawyer, you will also find that meeting new partners in an international environment will be beneficial. This is why many experts in corporate law attend the Bosco Conference each year for education and network development.

Private Investors

When someone decides to invest abroad, there are virtually limitless opportunities. The biggest challenge is not only to choose one type of product but also to understand how to invest correctly.

Let's not forget that investing is more than depositing, buying, and signing a deed. Through investment, it's also possible to get a new citizenship where one can access a better life as well as new financial and business opportunities. Thus, private investors have a special place at Bosco since they come here to keep themselves updated and informed on the investment news and citizenship/residency by investment programs. 

Consultants, advisors, registers, and bankers

Generally, these professionals find an excellent client pool at conferences like Bosco. Their clients are also Bosco’s attendees which creates an interesting web of potential networking in all directions.

Mundo at the peak of its game at Bosco

For us, it's important to be present at this international business conference. However, our goals encompass more than meeting new partners and finding business opportunities. 

As representatives of Ayn Rand's philosophy and as ambassadors of the nomad capitalist ideals, we support those events that present innovative business opportunities and Bosco is one of them. Versatility is another word to describe the conference as the speakers will touch upon several topics. For example, which are the most profitable industries to invest in in 2024, or how to open a bank account abroad.

For those who prefer real estate, this sector will also have an important place this November 2nd as there will be lectures on how to choose the right real estate investment. Our CEO, Liliya, is one of the experts who will shed some light on the international real estate options available in Panama.

Asset protection, CBI programs, and wealth management, all seen from a modern perspective, will have a fundamental place throughout the event. Each speaker will provide valuable information and advice. At the same time, they can establish the right connections so that they can provide and receive help from other players. All in all, Mundo is present at every opportunity regarding financial services for the ultimate freedom, and the Bosco conference is no exception. 

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