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Enjoy freedom in Panama: an opportunity to start a new life

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Panama has been on the side of innovation from the very start. We're talking about a country that has been home to the Panama Canal since 1914. A country that established a healthy financial environment allowing people from all over the world to do business and grow professionally. 

In a one-word description, Panama would be freedom. This is a country that's based on the principles of free commerce and capitalism where people of all ethnicities are welcome.

For more about buying property in Panama to get real estate residency keep reading.

Panama in the avant-garde environmental movement

If you want to buy real estate in Panama, you want to be sure that this country has your back. Luckily, Panama is not only at the top when it comes to financial services but is also one of the leading countries in sustainability including 65% hydropower. 

This month, Janaina Tewaney, secretary of foreign relationships, presented an endorsement of two treaties that reaffirm the leadership of Panama as a green and blue country worldwide. The first project seeks to place Panama in the International Solar Alliance. This is a huge step that will allow cooperation opportunities at the global level and will boost the country, especially in the sectors of renewable energy. 

This initiative is based on the cooperation of nations. Thus, those countries that are the richest in this type of resource must help developing countries produce 1,000 million megawatts of solar energy.

Another project has been presented to endorse the Convention on the Protection and Use of Transboundary Watercourses and International Lakes. This will help protect the transboundary watercourses that Panama shares with Costa Rica and Colombia.

When it comes to the construction sector there is also good news. The council approved an extension till 31st December 2023 for the import rate of hydraulic cement, establishing it at a 30% rate. With this measure, the government supports the production of cement and contributes to the economy. Faithful to its modern vision, the government knows how to protect the real estate in Panama and all the benefits it brings.

Panama migration through investment

If you're wondering what advantages real estate in Panama can have, the answer is many. We have written plenty of content about the financial advantages of the “bridge of the world”. In a booming real estate market, investments are always a plus since you can have a valuable asset that will only increase in value.

The topic of this article is focused on Panama migration and the possibility to obtain a visa by buying property in Panama. In other words, Panama has its own “golden visa” called the Qualified Investor Visa. This allows foreigners permanent Residency in Panama.

Why the Panama investor visa is the best of its kind

While Panama has lots of visa options (it's actually one of the most advanced countries in this regard), nothing compares to the Panama Investor Visa (qualified investor). Firstly, this is the only option that grants Panama permanent residency right away. 

The Friendly Nations Visa used to grant this too, however, the legislation recently changed. Now citizens of friendly countries get a 2-year permit before obtaining their Panama ID.

Mundo recommends the friendly nation’s option because it’s straightforward and doesn’t require any investments. The largest amount that you have to deposit is $5000 as proof of solvency, but as soon as your residency is approved this money is released back to you. It all sounds very good but there's a catch: only citizens from 50 chosen countries can access this type of visa.

The Qualified Investor Program, on the other hand, is open to all citizens of the world. It requires a property purchase of a minimum $300,000, which will increase to $500,000 in 2024.

Ask our experts

Panama country real estate: an opportunity to live freely in a new world

All in all, Panama presents a unique opportunity for people that want a better future. It's no secret that the world is struck by poverty, overpopulation, war, and recession. So, Mundo offers the chance to get out of a conflictive environment and enter paradise by buying property in Panama. 

We invite you to a country with a unique atmosphere. You won’t only find tropical landscapes but also an exciting place with a cosmopolitan vibe. With the Panama Investor Visa, permanent residency is right around the corner, and you'll also have a beautiful place to live or a valuable asset that will bring you income.

If you want to get Panama citizenship you can do so after five years of living in the country as a permanent resident. But before this, you'll have the same right as natural citizens except for suffrage. 

Advantages of real estate in Panama 

  • Freedom in a new world and welcoming culture
  • Nonconflictive environment
  • Low crime rate
  • Tropical Landscapes
  • Natural Beauties in many Government Preserves
  • Beaches
  • Cosmopolitan vibe

Buying property in Panama with Mundo

Mundo has close connections with the country's best developer. Our CEO is actually a highly qualified Panama realtor that works directly with this company. 

Offering projects all over the city, this developer has found a solid place in the local real estate market. Moreover, our alliance allows us to offer the perfect properties for those same people that open a bank account or register a company through us.

You can choose to live on the beach and yet 50 minutes away from Panama City. You can live in a building with a special program for retirees. Many projects include rental management services so that you can make the best out of your investment. Besides getting Panama citizenship in five years, and Panama permanent residency right away, you can live with luxury and comfort. Ask our experts about one of our projects, which comes with a short rental license which is extremely hard to get in Panama.

Here are the advantages of buying property in Panama with Mundo:

  • Complete package of assistance from viewing to closing
  • Close relationships with major developers
  • Live in a city or on a beach
  • Luxurious and comfortable homes throughout the country
  • Possibility to get short rental licenses available in one of our projects

There's not much left to say except that real estate in Panama presents a unique opportunity for international investors and offers a new home for those who have been disappointed by their governments. If the leaders of your country make poor decisions, you're not obliged to live with them. Make your move and relocate to Panama. The Panama investor visa offers you an easy way out and a one-way ticket to freedom.

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